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    NEW TopSpin game from 2K - teaser.

    After a long wait - it’s happening, there is a new TopSpin game in the making and 2K is behind it - so we will probably get yearly sequels. TopSpin 1 with Sampras’s exact serve motion and TopSpin 4 with Fed had been great tennis games, I hope the new ones capture the essence of tennis as it did...
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    POLL: How should Roger have retired?

    Play Wimby 2022 - beat the faker to reach final. Nadal must not be injured - reaches Final. I’ll take whatever result.after Final retirement speech out of nowhere. That would have been epic af.
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    Players with the "prettiest" game - ATP/WTA

    Ugly is fugly - no matter how you try to spin it. :) post is about prettiest game, and i standby my point helmet-head has top ten fugliest game. :)
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    Players with the "prettiest" game - ATP/WTA

    Problem is you see a drugcheat pusher win all the time - you lose ur braincells and try to redefine to yourself what beautiful is, djokovic’s game is ugly, will be ugly, has been ugly. Take a look at the video and tell me which part of this clumsyjerk looks beautiful to you ? Plz explain :
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    Players with the "prettiest" game - ATP/WTA

    A great pusher will never be a great looker.
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    Will Federer send his congratulations to Djokovic after 2022 Wimbledon final?

    Fed don’t have time for proven criminals…
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    The eagle has risen again

    More like a vulture….
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    Why Sampras would completely own the so-called Big 4 poseurs at Wimbledon

    Amazing analysis, I could not have put these pretend goats at wimby in a more surefire way. I knew Pete would crush these - but your analysis cements the notion by how much, much respect. Very objective analysis. So well done.
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    BOMBSHELL: Nadal starts his training sessions for Wimbledon!

    With that draw ? thank you for the reminder, yes I was wrong. :)
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    And this is why slam H2H is not the be all end

    But that one trick is a show-stealer when it’s 14-7 in slams Rafa vs Novak… 2:1 ratio. That’s just undeniable.
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    How many Fedal fans rooting for Djokovic over Kyrgios?

    I’m always rooting for eggs pharmacist - that guys is overworked and needs a raise….
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    The ultimate slam distribution hypothetical

    Sure, but whoever it is - it’s worth more to win a RG over and over again, it’s the toughest one.
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    The ultimate slam distribution hypothetical

    You don’t mean it, each RG is harder to win than others - you have been around long enough to agree with me on this one, come on now.
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    The ultimate slam distribution hypothetical

    14RG - most atrocious slam and physically taxing , 1RG==2 of other slams.
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    This weather was made for the bull.

    I was thinking the same. We miss him in our hearts.
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    Genuine, emotional press conference of Elena Rybakina :)

    The best thing about her is that she does not grunt - the crosscourt forehand flies by opponent making a bullet noise… no fist pump no grunt jo BS. Just good tennis. She is scary becaz the effortless power… no net game ? That can be taught. I love her, might actually start watching wta.
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    Will we see the 1st Wimbledon finalist to be disqualified?

    Yes…. after egg is screened for substance abuse.
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    Rafa's fans all hate Nick Kyrgios?

    Rafa fans are humbalitos, we don’t know the meaning of the word ‘hate’ , it’s not in our dictionary. If nick wins …. Cool, egg wins… alright. If Rafa was healthy - we all know how it was going to be.
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    Does Kyrgios have any over-40 fans?

    He has 9yr old army of fans….
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    Can we all agree that if Djokovic wins on Sunday, he is the 2nd best man ever at Wimbledon?

    Sure… but IF he loses let’s also agree that he is a pathetic representation of a goat losing to a mug like Kyrgios who has zero experience in big stage finals, if egg loses to him and ends up having a 0-3 - as nick put it : he can’t be goat, he already overachieved…
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    Rafa has Withdrawn from Semi’s - heartbroken

    I saw ur ‘talk’ about RG, glad Rafa put u and ur idol in due place - on one leg. I’ll be laughing at that for a good yr now. Lol
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    Rafa has Withdrawn from Semi’s - heartbroken

    I know , losing faith in tennis day by day. Saw some really pathetic posts for past 3hrs then this. They don’t have the backbone to apologize for it.
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    Rafa has Withdrawn from Semi’s - heartbroken

    You can breathe a little bit better now.
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    Rafa has Withdrawn from Semi’s - heartbroken

    I’m devastated - Rafa should think about scheduling less matches in 2023, I mean seriously.
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    A mesage to Nadal!

    I am Rafa Nadal and I approve this msg….
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    Cam Norrie is not really British..

    Hmm…very interesting info on Norrie, i’d like to know his toilet situation - like when he takes a ****… does he do it in an egg-shaped bowl ? Does he often take a dump on egg ? Like when it’s dod-doo time does he think about a djoking face… he’s british after all ….hey hey I can do this all...