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  1. OldFedIsOld

    2012 Kirschbaum Playtest - Super Smash Orange 17

    Tension used for playtest: 56lbs, one piece strung Regular string set up: Solinco Tour Bite in mains, Gosen OG sheep crosses Racquet brand and model used for test: ProKennex Silver Ace 90 Power of test string: Average on groundstrokes, it would have been more powerful if I had dropped a...
  2. OldFedIsOld

    2012 Gamma Prototype Playtest!

    Tension used for playtest : 54lbs Regular string set up : Solinco Tour Bite and Gosen OG Sheep Racquet brand and model used for test: Wilson K-Factor 90 Power of test string: It's a poly string so I didn't expect too much in the power department. However it felt less powerful than other poly...
  3. OldFedIsOld

    2012 Luxilon 4G Playtest

    Full set or hybrid Full set Tension used for playtest 52 lbs Regular string set up Gosen Micro OG and Pro Supex Big Ace Racquet brand and model used for test ProKennex Silver Ace 90 Power of test string The power was about average, nothing too powerful yet not underpowered. I had to take a...
  4. OldFedIsOld

    Hit The Center!

    1. I wouldn't be 5 feet behind the baseline unless of course you hit an overhead, because I take every ball early by or inside the baseline. 2. I'm tired of this back to back battle for who is right, since you obviously have 16,000 posts and the majority of it must be from the Tips/Instructions...
  5. OldFedIsOld

    Hit The Center!

    I never said to only look at your opponent, you obviously have to look at the ball sometimes, which is why I put 40%. Whatever, I'll keep sticking to what works best for me and you do whatever works best for you.
  6. OldFedIsOld

    Hit The Center!

    "Nobody focus's or looks at the opponent after he hits the ball." -After you hit the ball you know where that is going to go, you need to know if your opponent is going to either run around it or whatever, that's why I mainly look at my opponent and focus less on the ball. "Good players...
  7. OldFedIsOld

    Gosen OG Sheep Micro 16 crosses

    ^This. White/crystal feels a lot more crisper for some reason, I suggest getting the 17g if you don't break crosses as fast as mains.
  8. OldFedIsOld

    Hit The Center!

    I only look at the ball maybe 40% of the time. I focus more on keeping my eyes on my opponent and track the ball with my peripherals. I only concentrate mainly on the ball when my opponent serves, makes contact during a groundstroke, or when the ball is coming to me with some depth. I rarely...
  9. OldFedIsOld

    video: open player practicing with nalbandian

    Pulled from past forum about Johny Blaze Valenti Dat leaned back forehand :)
  10. OldFedIsOld

    video: open player practicing with nalbandian

    Guy in yellow/gold has to be 4.0 max, might travel around and play 4.5's sometimes. :) Needs some help from the TT professionals if he ever wants to make the big 0.5 move up. Could be this poster:
  11. OldFedIsOld

    Hit The Center!

    If your generally going to hit more flat shots, I suggest working on on the rise shots and trying to hug the baseline. It's a lot more effective with flatter shots, though there are sometimes when you want to brush a lot as well.
  12. OldFedIsOld

    Hit The Center!

    You hit directly on the sweet spot for only some shots, for regular ground strokes you want to aim it so the leading edge contacts first to maximize the brushing effect and racquet head speed use.
  13. OldFedIsOld


    Another year older, but another year wiser!
  14. OldFedIsOld

    Achievements for Players at 2012 U.S. Open

    What happened to Fred Perry being the last British man to win a slam?
  15. OldFedIsOld

    Rafa's new racquet?

    When does Babolat update? I know the Pure drives are like every 3 years or so but what about the others?
  16. OldFedIsOld

    Poly is it worth it?

    Well you were using forten nylon, which has terrible tension maintenance. If you decide to switch back get Gosen Og sheep micro or Forten sweet for your synthetic gut, these strings have good tension maintenance
  17. OldFedIsOld

    Poly is it worth it?

    I wouldn't say hybridizing is a bad idea for you, if you ever feel like a full poly is lasting only a few weeks and costs you too much to continue or you start feeling pains in your wrist or arm, come back to the hybrid side. If you do hybrid again just go 15g for the synthetic gut and 17g for...
  18. OldFedIsOld

    Trick shot-please explain

    Hawkeye would confirm it going in, Federer on the other hand would disagree :)
  19. OldFedIsOld

    Nishikori & Wilson

    Couldn't fit enough players on the page, but gulbis is????!!!! Same for player's stick. Edit: Saw that there are some sticks that have up to 3 photos, so I'm guessing it's because Nishikori's stick is sold at different specs. I remembered seeing his pro stock sticks going for sale on a...
  20. OldFedIsOld

    Pacific X Feel Pro 90 Vacuum - is anyone playing with or has demoed it? TW did a review on it some time ago, there's also a video as well. Never tried it, might if I can get some more feedback.
  21. OldFedIsOld

    Looking for a 95 sq. in. racquet with 18x20

    Have to say the 200 Aerogel model is probably the best feeling racquet of the 95 sq 18x20 in family. Also it's $79 and if you get another you get $10 off!!!
  22. OldFedIsOld

    Trick shot-please explain

    [/IMG] From this angle and in 720p HD it looks like the patch where it landed on was clear, but we might never know. I'm still sticking with the forward downward swing theory.
  23. OldFedIsOld

    Drug tests catch Olympic athlete eight years late

    What exactly happens to this Tsikhan guy? Will he be forced to give back his medal? Belongs in the Odds/Ends forums, just a heads up.
  24. OldFedIsOld

    Poly is it worth it?

    Only if you have either have naturally "weak joints" or you use bad technique. Most people can use full poly if they don't string it too high and make it too stiff. Just use a less stiff racquet and you won't have as much problem with it. Edit: Gosen Polylon is one of the stiffest strings on...
  25. OldFedIsOld

    The pro stock to end all pro stocks: The Fed racket

    Nope, used 85, then 90. May have played around with 93 or 95, but never changed from 90.
  26. OldFedIsOld

    lead tape rusting?

    Lead DOESN'T RUST, it's non ferrous(meaning it doesn't contain Fe2+ which is IRON). It can be oxidized when water or some sort of chemical strips electrons from it, but usually for things like lead pipes it happens at a very low rate. The brown/ dark gray color is just discolorment from a...
  27. OldFedIsOld

    Djokovicfan4life Serve

    Why are you landing with your right foot? If your opponent returns it back to you with pace you won't be able to get into ready position as easily as you would landing left foot.
  28. OldFedIsOld

    Trick shot-please explain

    Have you ever hit a smash from the baseline and you wanted to play it safe so you gave it a little bit of slice to keep it in? That's sort of the same thing, except instead of brushing up and to the right, its to the side and downwards. You can see some shots by pros where they sort of squash...
  29. OldFedIsOld

    Trick shot-please explain

    I edited it, posted wrong directions. It was a mishit, you can see the ball hitting below the sweet spot. He moved forward with the forehand drop shot so it gave it a left bouncing spin. racquet moving: --------> + | | | v Usually only backhand slices are moving this direction, but you...
  30. OldFedIsOld

    Trick shot-please explain

    If your Right handed: Backhand slice will aways bounce and curve to the left Forehand Slice will always bounce and curve to the right. You hit it a little differently because it was a drop shot, so it bounced to the left. Not really a trick shot, just a regular drop shot. Though I would try...