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  1. Nadalfan89

    Soderling: the most hated man on tour?

    Soderling has never won a single grand slam. Who cares about him?
  2. Nadalfan89

    Most undeserving Slam winner in the past 20 years,and best player never to win a Slam

    A professional athlete taking crystal meth - the most destructive, sports irrelevant hilly-billy drug on the planet. If that's not considered undeserving then I don't know what is.
  3. Nadalfan89

    Most undeserving Slam winner in the past 20 years,and best player never to win a Slam

    Andre Agassi's French Open win. He was tested positive for drugs and then LIED about it to the ITF.
  4. Nadalfan89

    Remind Ourselves of Federer's Greatness

    He truly is the second best player of all time. Such a great athlete.
  5. Nadalfan89

    Nothing against ferrer but...

    Name one person in the top 100 who actually plays your version of "attacking tennis".
  6. Nadalfan89

    Nothing against ferrer but...

    That would be called "losing" tennis.
  7. Nadalfan89

    Nothing against ferrer but...

    So when Ferrer is running back and forth across the baseline barely getting his racquet on the ball while Nadal blasts corners without having to move...that's not attacking?
  8. Nadalfan89

    Sampras's Grip

    Sampras used an eastern grip.
  9. Nadalfan89

    Nothing against ferrer but...

    Ignore BreakPoint. The guy has almost 34000 posts on an online message board.
  10. Nadalfan89

    Best Overall Backhand Ever

    Richard Gasquet has the best backhand of all time
  11. Nadalfan89

    Murray will win Wimbledon

    Murray is going to win Wimbledon this year. I never really noticed how skilled he was until Nadal lost and I was forced to endure watching other player's matches and the only player who really showed promise is Murray. He's ending points a lot quicker than he ever has and he's serving like a...
  12. Nadalfan89

    Fan tells Troicki how to beat opponent...he listens...wins point

    A guy yelled at Murray to stop hitting dropshots in the match vs Ferrer. I actually love this new trend where players interact with fans during a match. Feels like a comic book character breaking the 4th wall.
  13. Nadalfan89

    Why don't they just leave the roof closed?

    Wimbledon is an outdoor tourament.
  14. Nadalfan89

    Shriver: Nadal pulling out short from his bum:Annoying!!!

    Roddick had to stand there after the most devastating loss in his life and watch Federer parade around in a jacket with a golden 15 on it. Then in the speech, Fed had the audacity to console Roddick with a "I know the feeling" remark.
  15. Nadalfan89

    Shriver: Nadal pulling out short from his bum:Annoying!!!

    Act all childish? Federer cries when he wins AND when he loses. The guy wore a golden "15" that was made before he even won the 15th GS and constantly gives ridiculously backhanded compliments that Fed fans seem to ignore. Don't throw rocks in a glass house.
  16. Nadalfan89

    The Murray hype growing...

    Murray will win Wimbledon.
  17. Nadalfan89

    Shriver: Nadal pulling out short from his bum:Annoying!!!

    Pam Shriver is possibly the most incompetent sports commentator in the world. Never before has a commentator been so abrasive that an athlete told him/her off WHILE IN A MATCH.
  18. Nadalfan89

    Is it just me, or tennis player do get old faster?

    Try travelling over 100,000 miles a year, playing constantly in the sun, having to answer stupid and redundant media questions and dealing with idiotic fans and you'd look older than you are too.
  19. Nadalfan89

    Golden-Set 'Hypothetical' ...................

    If he stood on the service line then I'd just hit a fast serve and get a free point as it hits him in the foot. He wouldn't hit winners off my dropshot because I'm not the typical geriatric TTer and I'd pass him all day long if he served and volleyed. I would honestly probably take a game off...
  20. Nadalfan89

    Wimbledon now a indoor tourny

    Uhh no? You must be mistaking me for some other intelligent individual.
  21. Nadalfan89

    Golden-Set 'Hypothetical' ...................

    There is no way Fed would win 24 consecutive points against me. I would underhand every serve, drop shot every ball and stand 15 feet back and tee off on every serve. He would give at least 1 point and then I'd buy an Audi R8.
  22. Nadalfan89

    Wimbledon now a indoor tourny

    I'd like to thank the good folks at All England Club for turning the most storied and prestigious tournament in the world into an indoor tournament. Sampras should come back seeing as he would have a legitimate chance of winning now with the new conditions.
  23. Nadalfan89

    Nadal does his thing again. ATP should do something about it

    Shouldn't you be at a soup kitchen while begging Germany for a bail out?
  24. Nadalfan89

    The Nadal-Rosol underlines one thing

    Umm....Nadal apologized profusely.
  25. Nadalfan89

    [3] R Federer vs J Benneteau

    Sad day for tennis if Federer falls this early too. I sense a changing of the guard.
  26. Nadalfan89

    Nadal does his thing again. ATP should do something about it

    You people are so dramatic. One player slightly nudged another player in a competitive sport. I invite you to go watch any of the big 4 sports.
  27. Nadalfan89

    Now Now Nadal - Keep Your Class!!!

    To be fair, Rosol has had complaints against him for the moving before a serve before. He hops back and forth just as the server is tossing the ball.
  28. Nadalfan89

    Here's something I don't get about wimbledon on suspended matches

    Why are you defending the All England Club so much? It's common knowledge that they're incompetent at scheduling. The other 3 majors take place in major metropolis' and they're used to having to accomodate a lot of people even when there aren't tournaments going on. Wimbledon is some tiny...
  29. Nadalfan89

    Equal Prize Money - Which final would attract more crowds ?

    Grandslam finals are sold out before the draw is even announced. It does't matter who plays, it's going to be full.