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    Looking for Adult Tennis in San Diego

    I sent him the link to this post...thanks
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    Looking for Adult Tennis in San Diego

    A friend, whom is a former D1 college player, in mid-20’s, Is looking for clinics or higher level players in San Diego area. He went to the adult clinic at Barnes Tennis Center but level of play was 2.0-3.0 and they were unable to suggest any other club he could go to for higher level of play...
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    Attendance at ATP Events

    I was a volunteer in Indian Wells this last month I was there on a daily basis. I saw many matchs and on all the courts early on there were many empty seats--while the grounds were actually crowded...people were enjoying the venue and watching on the big screen. I attended the final two days and...
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    5.0 Clinics in San Diego?

    My son, mid 20's, has recently moved to San Diego and is trying to find out where in San Diego he can find high level clinics? ...TIA
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    Marcos Grion -UCLA Asst Coach

    Saw a press release that Marcos is now working with the UCLA men's team as asst coach. Anyone know what is goIng on with him? Has he return to complete his degree? Are pro aspirations over?
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    American Jr Tennis why are we falling behind?

    I think it all goes back to the USTA coddling certain kids from a young age and ignoring everyone else...this putting all the financial burden on the parents for training, coaches, entrance fees and travel. These costs are not feasible for most parents in this economy and I saw kids, who were...
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    2014 Recruiting Updates

    Ummm...Stevie Johnson was a Trojan...big faux pas
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    College tennis as a destination

    My son was always in the top 100 nationally but could never beat the top 10. He knew he wasn't pro material but had a 4 year tennis scholarship...that was always his goal.
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    What is most active tennis club for 3.0 senior in Coachella Valley?

    Hi all... We are looking to join an active tennis club in the Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage or La Qunita area. Looking at vacation homes in the Coachella Valley so would also consider a housing community/country club with a lot of tennis activity for a 3.0 senior player. We...
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    Question about eligibility due to injury?

    My son is seeing the team doctor tomorrow...and his season starts upset for him... I was just wondering, not wanting to stress him out to much. He has struggled with tennis elbow since he was 14, and now he has a buldge in his forearm and lots of pain... Thanks for the input...
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    Question about eligibility due to injury?

    If you play preseason but get injured before the season starts...can you skip that season and play the next year?
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    Cost to re-surface a tennis court?

    Can anyone tell me what the cost is to re-surface a really damaged hard court, in the California area...just a general idea...Thanks
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    Once Again the ITA and NCAA have proposed rule changes for Division 1 Men's Dual Mat

    Horrible... ...and the no warm up got to be kidding...
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    It's starting!!! Junior parents please read! 10 and under tennis

    Good move...hopefully more will follow:)
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    Accepting Money if D1 Player

    Can someone explain the NCAA rules for accepting prize money in a tourney if player is currently playing D1....Thanks
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    Playing with College players as a junior

    My son played with a 5th year college senior, an thus ineligible for the team, when he was in high school. I did pay him for his time. If I recall, there was some question about him playing and me paying with a current player on the team and money changing hands...may looks like a bit of...
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    As Much As I'd Like To Watch Lisicki in The Final I Can't Bear Watching Bartolii Play

    Yes, yes...someone who feels the same as me. She is sooooo annoying, I don't know what is but she just rubs me the wrong way in everything she does. Since she is a genius, she must know that she drives spectators crazy! I just read today that she fired her father as her coach, I was...
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    Do College players have to pay for strings and stringing?

    My son is at a lower level D1 private university and they have a string sponsor although he prefers a different brand, he will use it but on occasion pays for his own strings. I don't know about everyone on his team but he strings his own racquets...the school does have a stringing machine.
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    please help me interpret "NCAA 5th year scholarship"

    Have you talked to the coach or the athletic director...they should be able to help. My son has an "athletic adviser" through the athletic department that walks him through everything.... Don't give up, you can even call the NCAA directly!!
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    Tennis Elbow---actually Golfer's Elbow?

    WOW-thanks so much for all the valuable information. CharlieFedererer-Great post-Thanks for the tendonitis info-very helpful. I spoke to him this morning and he is going to talk to the college racquet reps and get some demos--he is going to ask them about "elboe" friendly racquets. They...
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    Tennis Elbow---actually Golfer's Elbow?

    Mikeler-will that set up give him the power and liveliness he needs to compete?
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    Tennis Elbow---actually Golfer's Elbow?

    GrandSlam45-how did you know? He has been using the Pure Drive for years--do you think this is what is causing the pain? I will tell him to try gut mains but what racquet would you suggest?
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    Tennis Elbow---actually Golfer's Elbow?

    My son is a college player--plays a lot--last weekend two D1 college matches singles and doubles. His elbow is constantly in pain while playing, he was told it is Golfer's elbow..mostly caused from the motion of his serve. Ok, don't say "Change the motion"...he has tried and cannot get the...
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    Flat Feet! Help! :-)

    No worries Le son plays D1 tennis and his feet are flat as a pancake!! He wore orthotic inserts on and off, some fitted by a podiatrist and others by a chiropractor. Just make sure that if he gets them they are specifically made for pair he received where not padded...
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    Orange Bowl 2012

    Please don't under estimate the benefits of a college education.... I say try college stay for 4 years like Johnson or go the Kosakowski route if he isn't benefiting from college.. then leave and go Pro!! Glad to see DB is on the move up
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    Help! Kid won't bend!

    When my son was a youngster he would not "bend"..then we explained to him to not bend his knees but to pretend to "sit on the toilet" ....he thought that was the funniest thing in the world. When he would go to hit the ball (during practice) we would yell "toilet" and low and behold, his knees...
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    "College Recruiting Videos" on youtube... do they actually work?

    Yep, my son posted a video to you tube and referenced it in this profile when he sent letters to college coaches. Don't think anyone else ever looked at them!!
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    Tennis Music Video to benefit Nevada Foundation

    Too cute...
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    Tennis Ref Charged with Murder My son had a few run ins with this Ref...glad she wasn't drinking coffee at the time :shock:
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    Sean Hannity Vs Usta

    My point exactly, Sampras, Chang and Davenport "were" able to travel out of So Cal to play on clay and grass. My son qualified to play National clay courts in Fla. and he had previously played on clay two times...because it is next to impossible to find a clay court in So Cal. We found a clay...