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  1. Pony

    Dear Nike,

    Lacoste in Australia is waaaay too expensive and TWE and TW don't deliver Lacoste to Australia, so there are no avenues for any cheaper options. All the cotton polo's here are pique cotton and I don't like the feel of it or the fit.
  2. Pony

    Babolat RH12 Bag Wish List

    I use one of these bags and was thinking about some improvements that could be made to it to suit what I like. I have the model prior to the current one and find the racket pockets too tight. I know this was rectified on the current model. I was about to get one and then I noticed where the...
  3. Pony

    Recommend shoes for ankle stability

    I have done many an ankle. I don't know a specific shoe for ankle stability but after wearing a lot of different shoes I have found Lotto shoes to be the best (no I don't work for them) in terms of comfort and stability, especially on grass which is what I play on the most. At the moment Lotto...
  4. Pony

    Lotto Grass Court Soled Tennis Shoes - Come Again!

    Hello. Just wanted to share my disappointment with Lotto... I play grass court competition in Australia. I had never had grass court soled tennis shoes before, I also had never worn Lotto shoes before. Four years ago I took a risk and bought a pair of Lotto Raptor Ultra IV Speed GRASS shoes...
  5. Pony

    Dear Nike,

    I'd love it if Nike would do some light cotton shirts (not the summer heritage or novelty polos, they "seem" to plain and heavy?) again. I refuse to wear polyester shirts, I never find them comfortable. It'd be great if they did the retro shirt. I remember James Blake wearing a retro Agassi...