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    Player's Racquet for 3.0 - 4.0 - Pros/Cons

    I apologize if this thread has occured before - if so, please put a link in and I'll ask for this one to be killed. But I keep seeing threads for people who want to know what racquet to play at 3.0 or 3.5 or 4.0 levels - and it made me think, what are the pros and cons to playing a "player's...
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    Volkl V-Fuse Strings?

    Has anyone used these and if so have any opinions one way or another? I tried searching for them but could only find a few references and no reviews. I'm curious as I'd like to try a multi-filament and have the PB10 Mid so wondered if these would be a good fit for me. Thanks!
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    What grip Position do you use on your Forehand

    Eastern now - used to be Semi Western to almost Western. I tried moving to the modern forehand as many of my hitting partners use it and even teachers tried to get me to use it. Super cool shots for sure, but my wrist began to give me tons of trouble so I got frustrated and tried fixing other...
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    Wrist Pain

    Phillay - there was another thread on this earlier and I had the same issue you're having. I switched to much flexier racquets, multi-filament strings, more dampeners, icing every day 2x, Ibuprofin - none of it helped. Then I took a lesson and my teacher told me to switch to a Eastern forehand...
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    Playing with 2 different racquets - throw your game off?

    Wow! Thanks so much for all the great advice and experiences. I think I'll take both sides seriously (play both or just one) - I'm a 3.5 and closing in on the 4.0. I think I can definitely benefit from playing the one racquet style and making sure I don't lose consistency by switching too...
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    Playing with 2 different racquets - throw your game off?

    Hello, so I bought (and love) 2 Volkl PB10 Mids to go with my 2 Head Prestige MP's - and the other day I played with the Volkls for the first time and hit everything long. I switched today and went back to the Head's and now hit them all long as well. I'm sure a lot of this is just me however...
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    Good Leagues/Tournements in Seattle area?

    Hello! Wondering if there are any fellow Seattle-area players on here who could recommend a good team to join for leagues and/or good tournements to look into? I'm a 3.5 player and would love to play both singles, doubles and mixed-doubles. I used to play up north at Forest Crest a couple...
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    my wrist hurts after everytime I play tennis

    I had a HUGE epiphany today - and my wrist barely hurts now. I figured I'd pass it along as this may help people who are experiencing a lot of wrist pain. I'm 34 and have been transitioning my game from the old school ways to the modern methods - primarily around the windshield wiper forehand...
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    Why is Voelkl/Volkl no longer used by major players?

    Because I don't want them to go the way of Fischer, that's why. I LOVE my PB10 Mids, much better racquet than most of the ones created by Wilson/Babolat for my game. Thanks again to everyone for the insight - I knew Head made ski's but didn't know about all the other manufacturers as...
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    Best place to find footwork and strategy drills?

    Well, I've finally decided to put the racquet down for 6 weeks to heal my arm. I have consistent wrist and forearm pain when I hit and I believe I need to take serious time off before trying again. I took a week and then hit, pain. I took another week, then hit, pain. So, I'm thinking of...
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    The Nicest Thing An Opponent Has Ever Said To You

    the first time I played a guy at my club who is reknowned for being a hot head and an angry loser we played a very close match. He was throwing his racquet, swearing up and down (in Bulgarian), and would give me a strong fist pump and stare when he won a point. That said I nudged out a win in...
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    Racquet Prices?

    I agree with mctennis - I believe it's all marketing. The truth is probably that the racquets don't cost much more than the $20/$30 difference in price to make in the first place. Even if the racquets cost $60 to make - I sincerely doubt a 40-50% difference in cost from one racquet to another...
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    What frame size is your racket?

    Not sure how to take the poll - I have 2 Prestige's at 98 but also 2 Volkl PB10 Mid's coming in the mail on Friday which will be 93. The poll doesn't show an option for 93! OK, I'll put 98.
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    Players that don't bring balls to the court.

    I guess I feel a little different than everyone here - maybe I've just been lucky but: 1. I always bring new balls and offer to open my can - granted, I'm usually playing against people better than me (I'm a 3.5 - 4.0 and ask 4.0 - 4.5 players to hit as often as possible) so I feel like it's...
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    Good tennis shop in the San Francisco area?

    Not to avert the direction of this thread too much - but what is the TW shop like in SLO? Do you go through a warehouse or something? I just picture a million racquets/strings/etc.!! I used to travel to Cali a lot, love SLO but for some reason have never gone to TW - wasn't playing much...
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    Mo Money, Mo Problems

    Hey Cindy - I think you're on the right track with charging at the match per player. In my leagues we get an e-mail/text from our captain when he decides who's playing and it comes with a reminder that we each will need to bring the money required. If we don't bring it we automatically don't...
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    Quick Question - How old is current Volkl PB10 Mid iteration?

    Thanks everyone, sounds like these have been around for a bit. I might have to pick a couple up - they hit so sweet. I demoed one again against my Head Prestige YT MPs and I honestly love them both equally for different reasons.
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    Quick Question - How old is current Volkl PB10 Mid iteration?

    If I love this verstion of the PB10 Mid how long do I have to get a couple before they go to a new version? Does anyone know how long this version has been out? Thanks!!!
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    Why is Voelkl/Volkl no longer used by major players?

    Thanks everyone for the insight! I hope they're able to start gaining some traction with the pros again. Cheers!
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    The Völk PB10 Mid Club - please join :)

    OK, I demoed the Volkl PB10Mid today with my Head Prestige MP's. Boy, this is a close call. This is how they felt to me - Volkl was considerably heavier which was great for plow-through. On groundstrokes when I missed the sweet spot the Volkl made for better recovery in that I could still...
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    flat hitters?

    Not neccesarily true. Soderling is tall so he likes to hit the ball from a higher vantage point. Granted it still has to clear the net but at 6'5" he doesn't have to worry too much about that. He can hit the ball much faster than 60 MPH with extremely little topspin and still land the ball in...
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    Why is Voelkl/Volkl no longer used by major players?

    Just curious - and perhaps I have this in the wrong thread (possibly Pro Gear section?) but it seems based on reviews by TW and others that they make seriously great racquets (the PB10Mid rates 85 on TW, better than Roger's Racquet at 84) yet no major players are listed under them in the TW site...
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    The Völk PB10 Mid Club - please join :)

    Gee - thank you so much for the review - have you ever hit with a Head Prestige MP and if so could you compare the two? I tried asking on another thread but little response so far. I'm excited that the volleys felt great - what about serves? You mentioned that the overheads were tricky...
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    Head Youtek Prestige MP vs. Volkl Power Bridge 10 Mid+

    no one has any insight into these racquets side by side?
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    Head Youtek Prestige MP vs. Volkl Power Bridge 10 Mid+

    Dangit - meant to compare the Prestige MP to the Volkl Power Bridge 10 Mid - not the Mid+. I know the head sizes are different but reviews of the Mid say that it feels more like a 98 than a 93 due to a larger sweet spot. Thanks again!
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    The Völk PB10 Mid Club - please join :)

    Gee - how did the new racquet work for you? Just curious... I'm interested in that stick as well and thought I'd see how the transition went for you. Thanks!
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    Favouriet HEAD Youtek Model

    Prestige MP for certain... sick racquet.
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    Head Youtek Prestige MP vs. Volkl Power Bridge 10 Mid+

    Has anyone played both of these and have any opinions about how they compare? I have hit the Head racquet and love it, but looked at the TW reviews of the Volkl and am curious about the differences/similarities. Thanks in advance for the help!
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    RPM Blast thoughts...

    What if I don't change strings after 5-10 hours play, would RPM be an OK choice? I'm looking for strings that are still great to play, but easier on my arm - and honestly, I only change strings after 20 or 30 hours of play. I play 2-3 times/week, for 2-3 hours at a time, and I just don't get...
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    Hit with a 5.5

    Fridrix - don't feel badly about "patronizing" stuff. My wife's cousin is a 5.5. I get to play with him every other month or so just 'cuz he's family. When we hit we mostly rally for a long time while he makes suggestions - usually the basics - hit low to high, use your legs more, head still...