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    What happened to Raonic?

    I really can't stand the guy.

    “Without Nadal, Roland Garros isn’t truly Roland Garros, and Djokovic knows it well.” Mats Wilander

    Wilander is an ass; will it not be Roland Garros after Rafa retires?

    Rank the Slams from best to worst

    Australian Open- The Rod Laver arena does not have a single bad seat; love this stadium, love Melbourne. Wimbledon- Cachet, love the tradition French Open- Paris! Some outstanding matches US Open- I'm an American but Arthur Ashe is a monstrosity, the biggest tennis stadium in the world, too big...

    Is Thiem a Choker?

    Thiem is all of 22 years old, the youngest player in the top 25 and you are already branding him a "choker". I am hoping for great things from him.

    David ferrer is a rock

    I've enjoyed the hell out of watching him through the years and I'll miss him when he retires.

    What is the deal with Kuznetsova anyway?

    Kuznetsova's streakiness is well known though I do admire her for having won 3 Grand Slams and for having such a long career.

    Roger Federer had knee surgery today

    I had arthroscopic surgery for a meniscus tear. There are no absolutes, it depends on the severity of the tear. Mine was a piece of cake.

    ATP 250 Buenos Aires Semi-final: Nadal vs Thiem (Who's the King of Clay)

    For those of you who decided not to watch this match; it was terrific tennis and close all the way.This was not about Nadal playing poorly. Dominic Thiem played great tennis and even when he missed he was always going for his shots. Players have gotten a handle on the high returns and it was...

    Post-match USO interviews terrible

    I don't like Brad Gilbert doing anything; the original meathead.
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    2015 Wimbledon Final - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [2] Roger Federer

    If the roof is closed benefit: Federer
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    Who has accomplished more so far? Serena or Federer

    Comparing Male tennis players with Female tennis players just makes no sense. Also I have no dog in the hunt; my moniker is from many, many years ago.
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    Madrid 2015: Tomas Berdych vs. John Isner

    Berd is a Servebot and Isner isn't? At least Isner knows how to play tennis? The guy is freakishly enormous which is his strength (the serve) and as one of the commentators pointed out, his weakness in that his is a large frame to lug around.
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    the uncle speaks.. says nadal will play till 31..

    Well stated; too many crystal balls here. It is funny though that Toni picks age 31; that's not very far off!
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    Who has more raw talent between Rafa and Novak?

    I'll say that Nadal is as raw as it comes.
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    Poll: Raonic vs Isner

    No doubt, but I saw time and time again Raonic hitting balls into the net due to the height difference. Also, I'm not crazy about Raonic but I do respect and admire his poker face, whereas Isner, even during this winning match gave us hang dog looks, looked up to his team, and smashed his...
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    When Sir John Isner is on, he is ON....

    He is 6'10" and is decidedly a serve-bot. I just don't get any pleasure out of watching sport where physiology rules and I don't see Slams in his future. Sure Karlovic has had a fine career but all his aces have not led him to the top.
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    Tracey & Mary commentating: Men's Tennis

    Just to clarify, I'm delighted that I have the Tennis Channel. They seem to have taken over some of the matches that used to be on ESPN.
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    Poll: Raonic vs Isner

    Freak tennis; I have a very hard time watching Isner.
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    Tracey & Mary commentating: Men's Tennis

    I think Paul Annacone is pretty good. I do realize that many comments are off the cuff, and of course they are live. One of his comments did kind of bug me though; he was asked how Murray's court movement scored against the other top 3. He said: towards the top, so let's say he comes in second...
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    Murray records his 500th match win

    Congrats, Andy, I hope your fake bite of cake insures you don't get a slam this year!
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    Tracey & Mary commentating: Men's Tennis

    There have been innumerable threads on Mary Carillo but the Tennis Channel now has her for Miami; she has absolutely nothing substantive to say. She actually brought up Virginia Wade the other day (won a Wimbledon in 1977). She gossips and chuckles. And then I find myself listening to...
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    Poor Sharapova, got destroyed once more, LOL!

    When I read a post about "haters" I immediately wonder about their IQ. I saw Sharapova at the Australian Open; she shrieks as though she is being stabbed. All the women around me were disgusted by her on court behavior and ever since experiencing her live the only time I will ever watch her is...
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    Federer has declined so much

    Always a troll when a thread is started and they don't contribute.
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    Best or worst player idiosyncrasy

    Nadal's OCD: hair behind the ears, butt picking, I can't remember the various sequences cause I cannot watch him.
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    Somebody Please Make Them Go Away

    Courier, like so many other announcers go on and on about an American player and it's nauseating.
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    Who currently on tour has the nicest looking two handed backhand

    A 2 handers backhand will never have the beauty of a 1 hander.
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    Nishikori, worst #4 in the world?

    I just cannot stand all the nasty comments about Ferrer over the years ("pusher, etc). I admire him, his tenacity, and he was in the top ten for many years and managed to stay in the top 5 for a couple of years. He's a great returner, and is still hanging in there at 32, soon to be 33.
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    Federer v Djokovic. Dubai/10th Masters 2015 final (2014 WTF Final)

    The above quote in reference to Federer reaching 9,000 Aces. Actually it's surprising to me that Federer is amongst the top 4 MEN'S Tennis Ace Team.
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    Ferrer is way too overrated

    Funny looking at this old thread; Nalbandian, Hewitt and Ljubicic all gone and Ferrer still a fighter and still in the top ten.