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  1. Flash O'Groove

    Whats your top 10 of all time now (men)

    Interesting that the last AO has such dramatic effect on your ranking, or that another similar achievement from Federer would change the ranking again. From my point of view, while the Nadal come back to competition is of course incredible, it didn't tell us anything more about Nadal's...
  2. Flash O'Groove

    How many wimbledon titles would Agassi have had on current grass in the 90s?

    Which other 90's would have benefitted from a slower grass? Kafelnikov?
  3. Flash O'Groove

    The greatest of this era will be GOAT until we die?

    50 years ago it was 1970. At that time the Australian Open was not relevant so players competed for 3 slams a year. Slams were not the be all of tennis Other events were relevant but the vast majority of tennis fans don't know about them nor care about them, and judge these players on the...
  4. Flash O'Groove

    Federer v Nadal H2H has been 8-8 starting from RG 2011

    How??? Either I don't understand what you mean, or you prove that you don't understand how changes in players game alter how they matchup.
  5. Flash O'Groove

    Rank ATG baseliners from 3-10 places?

    Djokovic serves and returns better than Nadal.
  6. Flash O'Groove

    How did Nadal get such a ridiculous draw compared to Djoker & especially Fed?

    Fun fact: Sandgren last QF was in 2018 at the AO. Kyrgios' was in 2015, 5 years ago...
  7. Flash O'Groove

    Highest Grand Slam final Win % (Open Era), Nadal and Federer in top 4.

    Nadal had it tough with Djokovic who blossomed later though. He only became dominant 6 years after Nadal first slam. He certainly was lucky in recent years with the weakness of all newer generations. Sampras high percentage is also a factor of him failing to reach more slam finals.
  8. Flash O'Groove

    Greater: Murray or Roddick + Hewitt?

    Back on the forum after a few days and this is the kind of thing I read.
  9. Flash O'Groove

    Which of these two groups of players is better?

    They competed against other players, it has nothing to do with the big 3. They competed with Agassi, Sampras, Rafter, Kafelnikov, etc. Murray has yet to defeat Pete Sampras in his first slam final, age 20, which both Safin and Hewitt did.
  10. Flash O'Groove

    Which of these two groups of players is better?

    Better in what sense? Total career achievement? In that case, group B is better, despite most of them having very short careers and despite Murray being in group A. Is it better in term of peak level and the ability to give trouble to the best players? In that case, group B is better again.
  11. Flash O'Groove

    The 41 Most Dominant Athletes of the Decade (Big 3 ranked)

    Federer should not be in this list at all, plenty of athletes from other sports have been more dominant.
  12. Flash O'Groove

    tennis quiz thread

    Zverev and Bruguer Zverev and Bruguera max 3. On top of my head, Corretja and Stich in the 90's made it to n2. Currently I doubt made it to 2. Maybe Gerulaitis and Orantes? Also Kodes for sure.
  13. Flash O'Groove

    tennis quiz thread

    Graf, Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, Sampras, Borg, Emerson, Laver. 3) Can you list the male players whose highest ranking was n°2?
  14. Flash O'Groove

    How great was this year?

    The interest of each new year of tennis since 2015 rely in the ability of new player to break through, which mean win a slam. No break through, little interest. Still some nice matches between the old old gen, a few interesting comeback, and some glimmer of hope that some guys may break through...
  15. Flash O'Groove

    Where does the Sampras forehand rank?

    Sampras's forehand is without a doubt one of the best american forehand of recent time. Top 5. Only Roddick, Agassi, Courier and Blake had better forehand. (and Sock, I forgot Sock). So top 6.
  16. Flash O'Groove

    Tomas Berdych to announce his retirement at the WTF on Saturday

    His quarter final defeat to Nadal at the AO 2012 is the best I have seen of him, it was a great match.
  17. Flash O'Groove

    Would Sampras and the 90's players have actually made it as a pro in this era

    I love Agassi but I really can't see him reach a slam final in the mid 00's.
  18. Flash O'Groove

    Greatest Tennis Player of All-Time (Men)

    Top 50, open era, retired players only. Ashe, Becker, Borg, Bruguera, Cash, Chang, Connors, Corretja, Costa, Courier, Davydenko, Edberg, Ferrer, Ferrero, Gaudio, Gerulaitis, Gomez, Hewitt, Ivanisevic, Kafelnikov, Kodes, Korda, Krajicek, Kuerten, Laver, Lendl, Martin, McEnroe, Moya, Mecir...
  19. Flash O'Groove

    Greatest Tennis Player of All-Time (Men)

    You are tough on Agassi, Courier, Wilander, and several other (multi) slam winners.
  20. Flash O'Groove

    Andy Roddick - why was he so successfull?

    Bold opinion. Roddick lacked confidence against Federer for sure to his many losses, but that is true for Wawrinka in regards to Federer, Nadal and Djokovic, and yet he did broke through their stranglehold. That's particularly remarkable as normally players who break strangleholds are young guns...
  21. Flash O'Groove

    Top 10 Players of the 2010s (2010-2019)

    Cilic won his slam by beating direct contenders by beating Berdych in straight in the QF, then he gave himself to face a first time finalist by beating Federer in straigth in the SF; then took care of Nishikori in straight in the final. It's a fully legit victor, and a huge difference in...
  22. Flash O'Groove

    It's interesting how 'average' players from this era won more tournaments than some so-called 'legends' from past..

    Number of lower level tournament wins are a proof of high consistency and longevity, but tell little about peak level. The second batch of players you mention are not rated very high, but some of them showed higher peak level than the player of the first batch, even though for various reasons...
  23. Flash O'Groove

    What era was stronger 2004-2006 or 2014-2016?

    The problem is the top are the same players but further down the decline. Djoko is back in comparison to 2017 but well below the second part of 2018 I think. And older too.
  24. Flash O'Groove

    Duel Match Stats/Reports - Djokovic vs Federer, Year End Championship final, 2012 & round robin, 2013

    @MichaelNadal I nominate this post for the TTW awards 2019, category best post by far and it's not even a discussion.
  25. Flash O'Groove

    What era was stronger 2004-2006 or 2014-2016?

    Agree with everything, just curious on why you think 2019 is better than 2017-2018? You mean entertainment wise or competition wise?