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    10 point tie breaker USTA in place of 3rd set

    No desire for 3rd set whatsoever. We are not playing for Wimbledon out there. Just looking to have some fun for an hour or so. Playing 3 hours sound excruciating, let alone waiting for that match to finish. Up here in PNW, almost every league is indoors. Getting rid of no-ad and TB would mean...
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    What is so fun being sandbaggers?

    That is what I fervently believe, but the dang computer does not agree... Sent from my SM-N915T using Tapatalk
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    What is so fun being sandbaggers?

    Play at your level??? I can count in one hand all the times I got blown off the court over the past decade in USTA... Sent from my SM-N915T using Tapatalk
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    What is so fun being sandbaggers?

    Not sure what the problem is. If the opponent is at the same level, you get a competitive match. If the opponent is sandbaggibng, you get to hit with someone significantly better than you, which is not an opportunity I get very often. It is a win/win in my book. The only problem I have is when...
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    Downwardly Mobile: My 3.5 Debut

    I have played my share of mixed doubles and 3.5 ladies (in PNW) that I have seen are pretty much what Cindy describes. Sent from my SM-N915T using Tapatalk
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    Player Development and Youth Tennis Tournaments

    Look, the chances of either your child or any of these other kids becoming a tennis pro is practically nil. The chances of these shenanigans precluding your child from a successful tennis career is even less than that. So you need to decide exactly what you are trying to achieve. Are you trying...
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    How do you deal with bad calls?

    I have played many years and I have NEVER seen anyone call a ball one foot in out. Not even 6". I have seen many people who gave me balls that were a few inches out because they could not tell. I have seen one or two a-holes a year who keep saying "Are you sure?" on every close call and give...
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    Is this correct...

    No one is denying anyone's wins. The only thing the rating system is trying to do is to match players of comparable abilities to play each other. It does not matter who wins, as long as it is competitive. Counting the number of games does that. Adding wins on top of that does not make the...
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    How do you deal with bad calls?

    Making bad line calls is part of the game. Expecting perfect calls every time is bush league.
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    Things We've learned playing Mixed Doubles:

    Accusing a c rated player of cheating is either delusional or idiotic. I am not sure which applies here...
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    How do you deal with bad calls?

    In my experience, the people who make bad call are the ones who aggressively challenges you if there is any close call. It is just their nature to be an a-hole and they think everyone else is cheating like they are. Most people make good effort to make fair calls. EVERYONE misses a call every...
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    Tennis stringing myths busted! with Lucien Nogues

    By that logic, vaccines cause Autism, US government orchestrated 9/11, and herbal pills will double the size of my penis. What you have is nothing more than people equating correlation with causation, which is a major no-no and the worst way to "prove" something. If they caused more...
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    Tennis stringing myths busted! with Lucien Nogues

    Yeah, and common sense says earth is flat. There is absolutely nothing but anecdotes to support these spurious claims about stiff racquets/strings causing arm injuries. There is no evidence that the rate of arm injuries has increased among pros/college/juniors in the last 20 years. Actually...
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    If you have no intension of playing national, then why do you care that your player got DQ'd? A player who is prime for bump up is plain to see. If I have a player who is in the wrong level for my team, I would encourage that person to play with the upper level team and stop using him for my...
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    Tennis stringing myths busted! with Lucien Nogues

    There are many here who believe that polys "destroy arms" without any evidence whatsoever. What is so unbelievable about people believing frames cause spin? People will believe anything if you present it just so. Polys are horrible strings. They are stiff, lack feel, and low powered. The only...
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    How often do you re-string rackets??

    If you are not breaking strings frequently, you are not hitting with much spin. The way polys work is that the string spreads as the ball pockets and releases back to the normal position, which imparts extra spin to the ball. This expansion/contraction saws crosses against the mains and...
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    Appealing Down

    I blame our education system for producing people who cannot discern objective ratings from subjective ratings.
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    How often do you re-string rackets??

    If you are playing with a poly, you either should replace your string every match or so, or just leave it in until it breaks. Most of the tension loss happens within first several hours, it is kinda pointless to cut out strings after playing it 20+ hours when most of the tension loss is already...
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    Do prefer USTA leagues or Tournaments

    I have to agree with Coyote and Orange. You don't see self-rates who could play at a higher level at tournaments, unlike leagues. I don't like tournaments because of their time commitments. When you have family, devoting an entire weekend to a tournament is not easy. A typical league...
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    Tension Recommendation: Wilson Steam 105S

    Man, a lot of opinions from people who probably never even played 105S, let alone at different tensions. I have strung mine as low as 50 and high as 65. I have done probably about 20+ string jobs on it. If you only care about power, sure, go ahead and go low as you want. 50lb played okay...
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    Music at the Tennis Court (For Spot!)

    It is a straw man because one has nothing to do with another. You can go to a party and have a room full of people wearing their own perfume and cologne and it is fine. You go to a party where you have a room full of people all with personal speakers playing their own music is not fine...
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    Music at the Tennis Court (For Spot!)

    Yes, the sun revolves around you. Since you are using a straw man to argue, let me bring my own. Is it okay if I bring a crying baby to the tennis court and let him wail away right next to you? The baby is so cute that the crying does not bother me, it is like music to me, so that is all...
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    What's the best way to respond when you think your opponent made a bad call?

    You are further away from the ball and you think it caught the outer edge. There is a greater chance that you are mistaken than that your opponent made a bad call. I would not even bother asking "are you sure" in this situation.
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    Music at the Tennis Court (For Spot!)

    This is silly. Sound propagates in all directions for a long distance. Even the most offensive perfume has limited effective distance and is carried away by the wind swiftly. Most people are not bothered much by a scent on tennis court (I've never even heard anyone complaining about...
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    Is there any pro who started to play after 18 years old?

    That is not true. There are many NFL players who did not start playing till college (Christian Okoye, Jason Pierre-Paul started when he was 17).
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    The gut/poly thread

    I don't care how "tough" the gut is, breakage after 5 hours is not unreasonable. To counter that with a single case of Kevlar breaking before gut is just asinine as it could have been just due to a defect. I string gut mains with a hybrid cross. There is no way a Kevlar cross is breaking...
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    Praise after the match

    Win or lose, I always make a point of complimenting one part of my opponent's game after each set. You guys are way too cynical. This is just a rec sport.
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    Does result of win or Loss affect one's NPRT rating?

    People need to remember what NTRP rating is for. It is not designed to guarantee you wins. It is designed to provide you with competitive matches. Even if you lose every match, if every match score is 6-4, 6-3, you had competitive matches and NTRP has done its job. It is completely objective...
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    How do you adjust to a growing body?

    My daughter just turned 13 and she is having some problem hitting balls long. I believe this has a lot to do with the fact that her body is growing and she is getting stronger and the kind of shots that used to stay in are going long because it has more momentum. What is the best way to...
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    Argh! How do I maintain my swing for matches?

    Just published yesterday! It is like he is reading my mind...