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    Purest service action

    This is subjective but as a platform server obviously I have a bias but I just prefer platform serves. It looks cleaner and simpler without the extra leg/foot dragging motion. Pete, Roger, Andre, Andy Roddick... It also seems very rare among women who are mostly using pinpoint serves... One...
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    He actually did it

    When he won the Australian Open in 2009, I thought he'd EASILY win another one within the next year or two at worst three years. I had no idea that it would turn out to be his most difficult slam to win twice. It took 13 years and 15 slams but he did it! What a comeback and what a recovery...
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    Has a high ranked tennis player used a Dunlop racket since early 2000s Wayne Ferreira?

    Last time I really paid attention to Dunlop was around 2003 i think when they released the Hotmelt 200G and 300G. They had Mauresmo and Blake promote the 300G and Haas for the 200G. The Muscle Weave 200G is a beautiful racquet.
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    Rallies like these make me miss Stepanek

    He was a really good doubles player, why didn't he play more Slam mixed doubles?
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    Andy Murray booed after underarm service...

    You have to tell your opponent where your serve is going...
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    Favorite Celebrity Fan

    Dirk Nowitzki. He was nationally ranked as a junior in tennis but ultimately chose basketball. He had that charity celebrity tennis event, I'm not sure if it's still active.
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    Nadal about to miss his 28th masters event on HC since 2008

    The Big 3 have taken winning Slams/Masters to an absurd level that some may look at 10 HC Masters as "only 10". Only 6 players have won double digit Masters titles. 10 HC Masters is crazy.
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    Is Nadal greater than Laver?

    That GOAT list by the Tennis Channel was a little bit premature. Nadal was only 25 at that time and already with 10 slams and just made 4 Slam finals in a row for the first time in his career (albeit going 1-3). Serena was 30 (with 13 Slams) and maybe looked done but also just made the final...
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    Djokovic has aged incredibly well in terms of physical appearance

    Gabriela Sabatini is just ridiculously good-looking. One of my childhood tennis crushes along with Steffi and Kimiko. And here's Kimiko, another 51-year old that looks really good and a lot younger than her age:
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    Weakest ITF tourneys???

    Probably but location also plays a part. Going to another continent to specifically chase weaker tournaments is not an option for most Futures players.
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    which rivalry you like the most

    Never experienced the Mac/Jimbo/Borg, Becker/Edberg and Lendl/Wilander rivalries. So it's Rafa/Roger/Novak then Andre/Pete I'll add Agassi/Rafter
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    Alycia Parks 129mph Serve USO 2021

    Should have been 136.7 mph. Crazy math there from 220 km/h.
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    Which player (in the last 25 or so years) played the highest level ever in a particular match?

    That reminds me of one of my favorite matches ever and 2 of my favorite players: Paris Final 2000. Philippoussis vs Safin. Safin won 3-6, 7-6 (7), 6-4, 3-6, 7-6 (8). I miss those Bo5 Masters Finals :(
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    "Deadlocked at 20 for now," says Federer

    Yup. Agassi did not play in the Australian Open until he was nearly 25 years old. For comparison he played his 1st USO at age 16, FO and W at age 17. That's 8 years of not playing the AO at the start of his career. He also skipped 3 Wimbledons because of the dress code.
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    Most nervous performance of all time?

    Dementieva-Myskina Both players were nervous as f*. Worst match I've ever seen.
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    Weirdest Tennis match ever in full : Battle of the Surfaces 2007 Federer vs Nadal

    Blue Clay/Green Clay on one side, Red Clay on the other side. No need to change shoes. or fast hard on one side, slow+high bouncing on the other.
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    Important dates in the timeline of the "slam race" over the years

    The Del Potro loss in the 2009 US Open F looks massive now in hindsight. Possibly winning 4 straight slams at that point in their careers (and 6 straight US Opens)... His lead was already comically big then but he could have held an even bigger stranglehold on the "goathood" and would have left...
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    Did you know then with regards to Nadal (2004)?

    Back in 2002 when they burst into the scene as prodigies, I really thought that Gasquet and Nadal would have a Becker-Edberg like rivalry. Maybe 4-7 slams for each player. Not freaking 20 for Nadal and 0 for Gasquet. They were born 2 weeks apart. Gasquet won his first ATP match vs Squillari on...
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    Carlos Alcaraz wins first ATP match

    He is at 136 now, just a few spots from Musetti (123) who's 14 months older.
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    Worst GS Final?

    2004 RG Dementieva vs Myskina. 6-1 6-2. As a Dementieva fan, that match was excruciating to watch. Both players were stricken by nerves. Myskina recovered, Dementieva didn't. 3 double faults in opening service game. Another 3 double faults serving 2-4 in the 2nd set. 10 double faults in 7...
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    5 set finals at Masters 1000 events should come back

    Yep. They went at this with a completely different perspective. More like, businessmen's perspective. Instead of looking at that match as a legendary one that should happen more often, they viewed it as a bad result that hurts their business.
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    Kerber retiring soon?

    Her 2018 is not too shabby...
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    Has Nadal Ever Won With An Ace Before?

    Anyone have the stats on how many of those slams won where they were actually serving for the championship?
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    Querrey Has Gone James Bond!

    How many locked thread more?
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    Has Nadal Ever Won With An Ace Before?

    Roddick winning his lone Grand Slam with an ace. :love: Serving for the championship at 15-0, he actually hammered 3 aces in a row to finish the match!