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    Help needed to identify some autograph

    The one right on the Master's Cup label is probably Moya's.
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    Help needed to identify some autograph

    Agassi's is pretty obvious with the two "A's", but some of those are really tough.
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    Favorite Cereal

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    Lame Bruce Springsteen Show

    My thought while watching: when did Springsteen change from being cool to being kind of a creepy dork? There should be a mandatory retirement age for "rockers".
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    Impressive physical displays

    I don't disagree with your premise, Arafel, but I will add a small point ... I think that Nadal's style of play (speed, defense, aggressive physicality) makes his achievement all the more amazing. McEnroe, I think, played a smoother style that was more conducive to conserving energy...
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    Why Do You Like Nadal and/or Federer?

    I like both. Federer is the best overall tennis player I've personally ever watched. He's incredibly gifted and appears effortless. The only negative I can come up with is he seems to be a little too image conscious and fussy (Metrosexual? The little thing in Tennis magazine (most recent issue...
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    Singles play: hit aggressively or consistently?

    Yeah, I don't think they meant a problem with the "idea" of consistency (though that's what they said) but rather a problem with execution of the idea. I suffer the same problem. I know I need to be more conservative and consistent, but it's not a natural tendency for me ... I'm naturally...
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    Volkl Tour 10 VE Mid <Wrist Problems>

    I don't think I've seen any advice about strengthening your wrist. I had chronic wrist pain and regular exercising with a gyro-ball has completely eliminated it.
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    Does Killing Machine Nadal ever smile on court?

    That sums it up for me. A lack of smiling is not necessarily an indicator than someone isn't having fun. I (almost) always have fun playing tennis, but rarely (almost never) smile during a match.
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    pog longbody is discontinued... I need to find a new racquet need help!

    I hear what you're saying, but some people never leave their state, let alone the U.S. If you don't travel abroad then it's just a matter of need to know. It amounts to useless trivia if you're not actually using the information. I thought his "whatevers" response was mildly humorous ...
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    Clima cool Genius first impression (PICS)

    All synthetic, according to everything I've read.
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    Clima cool Genius first impression (PICS)

    Not great looking, but not awful in my opinion. At least they're not effeminate like Air Vapors.
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    How Many Times Do You Bounce The Ball Before You Serve?

    1 to 3 times, I think ... with my racquet.
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    I'm always sad at this time of the year

    I concur ... winter gets very depressing. At least the sun made an appearance today, though. Haven't seen much of it since October. Between the winter blues, the holiday madness, and another year ending ... yes, I frequently get "sad" this time of year. But then I take the time to recall the...
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    Best outfit worn by a Pro?

    I won't add to the photos already covered earlier, but I personally think Djokovic is consistently one of the best dressed on the men's side. Relatively subtle without being boring.
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    Most over-rated pro

    You know on second thought I don't like my choice of Blake. Not just because you're right that he's in the top 10 (I hadn't realized he still was), but really more because it seems that not much is expected of him. I'll change my choice to Safin.
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    Most over-rated pro

    I don't get the Roddick votes. How can you call someone with relatively limited overall skills (by ATP standards), and who is consistently in the top 10 (if not 5), overrated? If anything I think he's a bit of an over-achiever. I'll cast my vote in the Blake camp.
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    Do Serbs hate the U.S. for bombing them?

    Sadly, that applies to a WHOLE LOT of people ...
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    Impressed - BB 11

    Nice thread ... Good to see this racquet getting some (due) attention. For me, personally, the BB11 is the best all-around racquet I've ever used.
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    racquets that are 27 inch but have longer handles.

    The Tecnifibre T-Fights have relatively long grips, if I recall correctly from demo's.
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    Post Pics of your Pet(s)!!!

    C.J. - our German Shorthair Pointer
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    Toronto Maple Leafs fans, coaches, GM, all idiots!

    Ummmm ... ya'll have won 10 cups since the last Leafs championship (1967). Only the Blackhawks have a longer drought (1961). I'm a Red Wings fan, but I feel sorry for Toronto supporters. It's (almost) as bad as being a Detroit Lions fan ...
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    I'm addicted to Wii tennis

    How'd you get a screen grab of a Mii ? Well aren't you just the life of the party? :roll:
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    who's outfit are you most looking forward to next year?

    I concur ... too often she has looked like a linebacker wearing a tutu.
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    how many racquets have you bought and sold this year?

    Bought: 2 Sold: 2
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    Best string that comes in silver/grey...

    Topspin Cyberflash
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    Favorite Racquet in Stock Form?

    Becker 11 (Standard)
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    What Is Your Favorite Cocktail?

    Black Russian ... or a dry gin martini
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    torn calf muscle

    Yeah, it did ... although I knew it wasn't a ball. There wasn't immediate pain, but I knew I had injured myself. Definitely a weird feeling ... it just popped. I think I might have even heard it.
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    torn calf muscle

    I had the same injury this past summer. I feared the worst, based on the initial swelling and severe pain, but it surprisingly healed much faster than I expected. In the end I only missed 3 weeks of tennis. (Keep in mind, however, that I never saw a doctor ... so I may have been quite fortunate...