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  1. lgbalfa

    John McEnroe won't be part of ESPN AO crew

    I am watching the Shelton / Paul match now on ESPN2 and John McEnroe is commentating. I thought he was not a part of the ESPN broadcast team?
  2. lgbalfa

    Lucky me! Nice find.....

    Lacoste outlets in NJ have the latest Lacoste tennis shoes (AG-LT Ultra) on sale for $39! Limited sizes though (mainly 12 and 13).
  3. lgbalfa

    Hopper with wheels?

    Recommendation for a hopper with wheels? Looking ideally for something with 50 ball capacity - most I have seen are 75-80 capacity. Thanks
  4. lgbalfa

    Petr Korda - forehand grip

    Watching old videos of him. Did he hit with a continental forehand? Thanks
  5. lgbalfa

    Lotto Shoes?

    Not carrying them anymore?
  6. lgbalfa

    String Kong?

    Not a popular string but any feedback on it? Thanks
  7. lgbalfa

    Racquet recommendation for a 4 year old?

    Looking at starting my 4 year old daughter in tennis. Can anyone recommend a racquet? Thanks
  8. lgbalfa

    Gasquet Le Coq Sportif Shoes

    Where can you buy Le Coq Sportif tennis shoes?
  9. lgbalfa

    Who owns Donnay?

    What happened to the Cho brothers who started it up again in 2010?
  10. lgbalfa

    Any USTA renewal codes?

    I need to do my renewal soon. Thanks
  11. lgbalfa

    The Lacoste Club

    I heard they are coming out with racquets again.
  12. lgbalfa

    Furi Racquets?

    What tennis shop? Nassau Tennis Club?
  13. lgbalfa

    Donnay's new Pentacore line of rackets

    Long thread but basically what happened with Donnay? Howie Matthews from Tennis Menace bought the company and now runs it as a one person shop?
  14. lgbalfa

    Happy Hour at Tennis Warehouse!

    Le Coq Sportif ever in happy hour?
  15. lgbalfa

    Furi Racquets?

    Anyone familiar with them?
  16. lgbalfa

    Happy Hour at Tennis Warehouse!

    Do you ever have Le Coq Sportif items on happy hour?
  17. lgbalfa

    I'm a professional tennis player. Ask me anything!

    I went to see the match last night.
  18. lgbalfa

    I'm a professional tennis player. Ask me anything!

    I bet Jung has not read this thread in years.
  19. lgbalfa

    3 ball cans instead of 4

    4 can ball in America would be ideal. Thanks
  20. lgbalfa

    dunlop maxply mcenroe 98 grommets

    TW - do you sell any compatible grommets? I know a lot of the Dunlop grommets are interchangeable. Thanks
  21. lgbalfa

    World Team Tennis - multi colored courts?

    Watching a match now on MSG and it is also blue courts. Thanks
  22. lgbalfa

    World Team Tennis - multi colored courts?

    I saw a 2019 match recently and the courts were solid blue. Thanks
  23. lgbalfa

    World Team Tennis - multi colored courts?

    When / why did they change the courts from multi colored to a solid color? Thanks
  24. lgbalfa

    Donald Young racquet?

    I saw on the Tennis Channel (Cary Challenger) that Donald Young is using a blacked out racquet. He is not using Dunlop anymore? Thanks
  25. lgbalfa

    Karim Alami son died?

    Very sad. Hold was he?
  26. lgbalfa

    Karim Alami son died?

    Nadal mentioned Karim Alami's son died in his US Open speech. Anyone know his age and what happened? I could not find anything online about it. Thanks
  27. lgbalfa

    Gasquet- Le Coq

    I believe has has been wearing Le Coq Sportif for some time now.
  28. lgbalfa

    How long will a new can of balls last unopened?

    6 months? I just wanted to see before I buy a case of Dunlop balls. Thanks