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    ATP250 Doha, Qatar 2024

    Mensik with some serious tape on that right arm.
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    Your Top 5 1-Handed Backhands of All Time

    Thiem is missing from WAY too many lists.
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    ATP500 Rotterdam 2024

    Week 3 of Gaston vs Shapo! Hoping Denis holds his nerve tomorrow.
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    ATP250 Dallas Open 2024

    Vamos Eubanks!!
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    ATP250 Marseilles 2024

    Shapo letting Gaston back into the match. Let's see if he can grind it out.
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    Tsitsipas to pinpoint

    Went back to platform in the later stages of singles, and is using platform for dubs.
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    2024 Australian Open (Men’s Singles)

    Eubanks absolutely ripping the ball right now.
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    Shelton...where is the serve?

    At the start of the match, he mentioned "having arm problems" to the chair umpire in his tussle about his arm sleeve logo.
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    2024 Australian Open (Men’s Singles)

    Maybe it's protecting the back? He has some of the best serving numbers on tour so no real reason to change it.
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    2024 Australian Open (Men’s Singles)

    Stef using pinpoint????
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    What’s your favorite pro / paintjob combo?

    The Greek guy ranked 400 who played Jarry at the United Cup had a half auxetic/360+ paintjob. Super cool looking.
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    Sponsorship Changes for 2024

    Watanuki using Wilson?
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    Sponsorship Changes for 2024

    Popyrin wearing barricades against O'Connell
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    Sponsorship Changes for 2024

    Garin trying Blade v9 via instagram story.
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    Sponsorship Changes for 2024

    Shelbayh using ezone in practice.
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    New Balance Fresh Foam X CT-Rally

    I liked these. I thought they felt like a baby of the barricades and gel res 9. One of the most comfortable shoes that I have worn. Unfortunately, I wore a hole in the outsole in less than 2 weeks. I do play around 15-20 hours a week and slide constantly.
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    Nadal to use PR for AO

    Thiem going to have to qualify?
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    Sponsorship Changes for 2024

    Guy needs to make up his mind!
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    Best stick for a 1 hander?

    +1 for Radical Pro
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    Sponsorship Changes for 2024

    Garin back to yonex in preseason.
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    Tennis Warehouse Playtest: adidas Barricade 13

    Would love to try these out as the previous iteration was my favorite pair of barricades ever. I shredded the 2023s in about 24 days. I hope they improve the durability.
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    adidas Barricade XIII

    Hope they feel as good as the ones after the 2021s.
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    Stefanos Tsitsipas: Nitto ATP Finals 'Bigger Than A Slam'

    Difficulty: WTF>SLAM That being said I would rather win a slam.
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    Is there any pro tennis player with a OHBH + THBH?

    Aidan Mayo. I have seen him hit THBH returns and OHBH during the points.
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    ATP M1000 Paris 2023

    KK breaks back!
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    ATP M1000 Paris 2023

    Can't believe it Stef hit a dtl backhand winner.
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    ATP M1000 Paris 2023

    Domi through in straights!
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    2020 WTF Thiem