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    ATP250 Doha, Qatar 2024

    Based on the Rublev win and the rest of draw, I thought he had a good chance to make the final and win. We'll see which Khachanov shows up in the final, but it's good to see an 18 year old going deep. Nice work, Mensik.
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    ATP500 Rotterdam 2024

    This'll be an interesting time for Sinner. Hopefully, he and his team are wise about scheduling. No hurry to accomplish everything. I don't want to see him go on a tear in minor events or even masters level events to burn out at RG, Wimbledon, and/or the US Open. Trickiest thing in tennis...
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    ATP500 Rotterdam 2024

    Yes, I think AdM is just not quite there. He's improved. There's some room for more. We'll see if he can challenge other top players. I don't think Sinner will lose to him. It's going to be like one of those Fed-Roddick H2Hs.
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    ATP500 Rotterdam 2024

    Hmm, will Demon "routine" Dimitrov? Looking that way at the moment. One more hold. Man, this version of the Demon is hard to beat for the field. Hoping for a Demon/Sinner final, though I don't think this demon will be able to punish the sinner.
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    ATP500 Rotterdam 2024

    It'd be a beautiful thing if Demon continues his run of upsets. Happy for one of the obviously hardest working guys in tennis.
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    ATP500 Rotterdam 2024

    Been busy, but looks like there were a lot of good matches today.
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    ATP500 Rotterdam 2024

    Oh, I don't know. I prefer his demeanor and attitude to that of a certain brat that shall not be named. What's wrong with being a nice guy, especially if you can do that and win? Also, his game can be interesting. It's certainly not any more boring than Djokovic and Murray's games, and I...
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    If Federer had won more slams he might have more slams now

    Well OP, you got what you wanted as early as post #3.
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    WTA week of 2/5; Abu Dhabi 500 & Transylvania 250

    There’s the rub. Can she stay healthy?
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    Can anyone solve the Bublik's Cube?

    A Bublik who actually cares about tennis will be a threat to everyone. That's a piece of the equation I certainly didn't see coming. I guess we'll see how far the mercurial player can carry a positive attitude. I'm rooting for him, having always liked his game.
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    Federer vs Djokovic, who would win at their peak?

    OP, why bother with this thread when everyone on the board already knows how it will play out?
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    ATP250 Montpellier Open, France 2024

    Yup, he has time to grow up. We'll see if he manages to do so. Getting rid of mom will probably be step one.
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    When will rune make the first slam final

    Unless he learns the world doesn’t revolve around him… never.
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    ATP250 Montpellier Open, France 2024

    He can. Will he? Let's hope.
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    Why Alcaraz has very less fans compared to Sinner ?

    Silly to say there aren't any Carlos fans. He just hasn't done anything to get excited about since Wimbledon and we're holding our collective breath waiting for him to return to form.
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    Sinner hype is so comical

    ...and if he's never in "normal" grand slam form again?
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    One Piece Stringing. Why?

    Also, if you ever play/string racquets from before around 1983, most of them were designed to be strung one-piece. Ancient racquets tend to be difficult to string two piece.
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    Rohan Bopanna to become the #1 in ATP Doubles for the first time at the age of 43

    LOL. Doubles isn't about racket head speed. It's about knowing where and when to hit the ball. He still has plenty of skill with respect to playing the right shot at the right time. How'd he get to #1 if he's on his last legs? I suspect he can play competitively for a bit longer.
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    Is Rublev the Official Gatekeeper of this Era?

    Hmm, I think Rublev will eventually win a slam. He has looked better and better over the last year. Got a little unlucky against Sinner, but looked astonishlingly good against Korda. If he can find a way to bring that level, it's a possibility.
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    2024 Australian Open - Women's Discussion

    She was the best women's doubles player in history. That stat isn't at all surprising. Just amazing.
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    Murray can’t even beat Benoit Paire

    Murray so passive in that match. Just typical Murray. He simply can't play that way since the hip, and continues. Well, a leopard can't change his spots.
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    Bigger Australian Open Choker: Medvedev or Murray?

    Neither guy is a choker. Both outplayed by superior opponents. Fed and Djoker just better than Murray. Nadal better than Medvedev. Medvedev had a real chance against Sinner, but taking so many sets to get there finally caught up with him. Sinner's smoother, more dominant path through the...
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    90s born male players have only won 2 grand slams

    Shame on those 80s players for continuing to play. They should have been forced to retire so the 90s guys could win something just like @Hitman proposed in a thread last week, no? ;) Then we wouldn't have this damning statistic.
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    Medvedev is a mediocre player

    That's a bit of historical revisionism. Tsitsipas hit with confidence for the first two sets and then became tentative. That match was not on Djokovic's racquet until Tsitsipas' inevitable mental collapse. ...and in this match, Medvedev didn't collapse mentally. Sinner found some game...
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    Australian Open F: Jannik Sinner vs. Daniil Medvedev

    Med didn't choke. He just didn't have enough left in the tank to win. No shame on him. I don't recall seeing a single "chokey" point out there in the last three sets. Shaky legs, yes...
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    Australian Open F: Jannik Sinner vs. Daniil Medvedev

    Well deserved win. Glad to see Sinner step up this tournament. Looked like he was going to win every step of the way, until the first two sets of this final. Medvedev... what a warrior.
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    Australian Open F: Jannik Sinner vs. Daniil Medvedev

    Consequence of Medvedev spending so much time on the court, compared to Sinner pretty much breezing through the tournament. The second Sinner won the 3rd set, it looked like Medvedev was going to need a miracle. Just nothing left. Making me a fan of Medvedev, though, who is literally leaving...