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  1. BetterAtDoubles

    K-Swiss Customer Support is Awesome

    I've bought 6-month outsole guarantee shows for many years now, and no company has made it as easy as K-Swiss to make a claim and get new shoes. I've had Adidas, Asics, Head, Nike, and K-Swiss. It's been a few years since I've had anything other than K-Swiss and Head, so I'm not sure if any of...
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    K-Swiss Ultrashot Warranty Card

    Anyone have a blank Ultrashot 3 warranty card that you could take a photo of and post here? I've worn these shoes for years, so I know what the warranty card should look like (instructions on one side and a form to fill out on the other), but the pair of shoes I bought in December of 2022 came...
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    Anyone going to Indian Wells?

    I was afraid of that. Thanks for the info.
  4. BetterAtDoubles

    Anyone going to Indian Wells?

    I'm going for the last 6 days of the tournament. I spent way too much on tickets, but I figured it's the first time I'll be seeing pro tennis in person so why not splurge a little. I'm so excited about it. I just hope Federer doesn't lose early before I get a chance to see him play...
  5. BetterAtDoubles

    Indian Wells

    Loge? Can anyone who's been there comment on the Loge seats? Can you actually see the matches well enough to enjoy it? It seems so far way in the pictures.
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    Who's Playing What For The Winter Season?

    I have a question for the people who say it's too cold to play or say that there are no winter leagues. Are there indoor courts in your area? Or is the cost to prohibitive? I live in Kansas, and near me there is a public facility with indoor courts, which is great to have, although it's very...
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    Who's Playing What For The Winter Season?

    I'm playing in a 4.5 men's league and 8.0 mixed doubles league.
  8. BetterAtDoubles

    Adidas CC Ultimate Edge compared to Barricades

    The last Adidas shoes I wore were the CC Ultimate Edge in 2008. I've been through one or more pairs of Nike CB 1.3, Asics GR2, and Prince NFS Cobra since then. I haven't really loved any enough to stick with them. So I'm considering the Barricades - 5 or 6. And I'm wondering if anyone who is...
  9. BetterAtDoubles

    Federer's new shot?

    One other thing that makes it great is that it (and did in this instance) can result in a forehand slice winner! Who gets those in today's men's game? Actually, who hits it as on offensive shot? Not too many guys. It was just another example of his artistry and to me his willingness to...
  10. BetterAtDoubles

    Federer's new shot?

    I'm sure he's done it before, but I don't recall seeing it. Actually, I'd say I can't recall seeing anyone do it. It's the fakey drop shot to the slice approach. He did it against Luczak and 3-3 in the first set. It worked well and wrong-footed Luczak. We'll see how often it tries it...
  11. BetterAtDoubles

    Shoe rubbing skin off back of heel

    I guess I should have mentioned that this happened through the sock but didn't wear a hole in the sock. I do wear short socks, but not so short that they don't cover my heel completely.
  12. BetterAtDoubles

    Shoe rubbing skin off back of heel

    I wore my new Price NFS Cobra (low) shoes during a doubles match on Sunday, and they felt great in the toe box and just about everywhere else. The only problem I had was that they rubbed skin off the back of my heel (basically about where the achilles tendon connects). My right one has about a...
  13. BetterAtDoubles

    ESPN announces ESPN-W.

    Funny. I was just thinking they might as well rename their "Australian Open Coverage" to "Williams Sisters Coverage Regardless of Whether the Best Men in the World are Playing."
  14. BetterAtDoubles

    Sorry but 4.5 sucks

    As a 4.5 myself, I've actually been a bit surprised by some guys who consider themselves (and are rated at 4.5). In most cases it's guys who were maybe decent 4.5s when they were younger, but now are mediocre 4.5s and probably more accurately good 4.0s. But they're already rated at 4.5 and...
  15. BetterAtDoubles

    Best seats to watch live tennis?

    It's been a while since I've watched live pro level tennis. Last time was WTT in the early 90s or late 80s in a fairly small venue, and I don't really remember where I sat. I was just kind of wonder from TT members what your experience has been watching live tennis and what you'd recommend. It...
  16. BetterAtDoubles

    *** Rank the polys you've tried ***

    I've only tried two so far, and I don't know if I'm willing to rank them yet. I tried 17g Pro Line II strung at 58 then 60 lbs. But that was a couple months ago at least. And now I have SPPP 16L (1.28) in one of my racquets strung at 55 lbs. I really liked PLII. So far I'm loving SPPP.
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    Can anybody explain this joke to me?

    Good catch!
  18. BetterAtDoubles

    Body Serves

    Definitely. +1 Another thing to keep in mind is that you don't know how the return is going to move. A guy like Murray often starts many feet behind the baseline, then as the server winds up, he's almost on the baseline and probably moves a bit to one side. If he gets hit, it's partly because...
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    Racquet:First post

    Since you're just starting out, I'd suggest at least a 98 sq in head just to give yourself a bigger sweetspot. The smaller Wilsons you mentioned probably aren't good for beginners.
  20. BetterAtDoubles

    Radical Combi 2009 Bag

    I agree. I just got my Radical Supercombi, and it doesn't seem like you'd ever want to put 3 racquets in either of the racquet compartments. I even have 4 1/4 grips (with an overgrip). The only way you could really get more than 4 sticks in this bag is if you put the any over 4 in the large...
  21. BetterAtDoubles

    Radical Combi 2009 Bag

    I'll try to remember to let you guys know what I think. I should get it in the next couple days. I couldn't decide between the combi and supercombi, since the biggest bag I've ever had was a small 3 racquet bag. I decided that for $5 more and probably only a few inches more width I might as well...
  22. BetterAtDoubles

    Radical Combi 2009 Bag

    I just bought the Supercombi, so I could let you know about that one when I get it if you're curious. I know you really are asking about the Combi, but I thought I'd offer.
  23. BetterAtDoubles

    Knee pain and "giving out" on me

    Doctor found nothing major Good news for me. I went to the doctor today, and he didn't find anything major. Of course, it's been feeling fine and didn't hurt at all during his examination. I even played tennis last night to see if it would flare up. They did x-rays and didn't see anything...
  24. BetterAtDoubles

    Penn ATP Extra Duty Tennis Balls

    :shock: Wow. Do you like them for match play? I might have to try these out.
  25. BetterAtDoubles

    Penn ATP Extra Duty Tennis Balls

    A buddy of mine bought a couple cases of these, and when we play with them, we both can hardly stand it. They don't bounce like the "cheaper" Penns and Wilsons. The bounce isn't as high, they feel heavy and sort of flat right out of the cans. Seems like I'm the only one who has had this...
  26. BetterAtDoubles

    Knee pain and "giving out" on me

    I've been wondering if there are other problems that can cause the knee to give out, and now I know. Thanks for the info. Hopefully I'll know what my issue is next week some time.
  27. BetterAtDoubles

    Knee pain and "giving out" on me

    Sounds very similar to my story, and we're nearly the same age and playing level. Interesting. Thanks for sharing. I played almost 3 hours of singles with another 4.5 guy last night and it didn't hurt at all, and it feels okay today. So odd... So what about the second tear and its diagnosis...
  28. BetterAtDoubles

    Knee pain and "giving out" on me

    Good luck with the surgery and recovery! I guess the MRI confirmed the torn meniscus or are you still waiting on the actual diagnosis?
  29. BetterAtDoubles

    Roger Federer switching to PowerAngle rackets!

    Haha... Nice! Best thread hijacking ever! Cute kittehs FTW. :)
  30. BetterAtDoubles

    Henin is BACK!!!!!!!!!

    I'm definitely looking forward to seeing her play again!