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    Good tennis club in Hong Kong?

    I am also looking for some playing action. Been in Hong Kong for 6 month now and finding some good people to play with seems to be rather tough. anyone interested to play during the next couple of weeks? I am about 5.0 I assume. I am quite desperate as I have not played much lately haha.
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    Am I the only one who doesn't understand the fascination with wimbledon?

    wimbledon is usually the most boring to watch I think! No great rallies and so on! just a couple of matches are great each year! my favs are: 1. Roland Garros 2. Australian Open 3. US Open 4. Wimbledon
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    Australian Open 2009 Pictures!

    Nice pictures dude, keep em comin
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    The Official Philedelphia Eagles Thread

    The Eagles drive me nuts!!! What an awful first D at all! Second half was alright, but still they should have won this game! They blew it! Bunch of Idiots!
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    In need of a Digital Camera

    get a Canon Ixus, best one for cheap money!
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    Biggest Heart

    I'll go with GUGA! Today it might be Baghdatis in addition to Rafa and Hewitt!
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    Did anyone else see this?

    This is hilarious!!! What's wrong with it???? Why shouldn't they party and get drunk once in a while! I don't see anything wrong with it, I rather think it makes them more likeable to me! Great picture haha I bet they had fun! Don't act like u wouldnt do the same if u were like 21 rich as hell...
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    Best Movies of 2008

    I think one of the best movies of 2008 was " The Kite Runner"! Go check it out if u haven't yet!
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    What book are you currently reading?

    just read " The boy in the striped pyjamas"! Great book, great story! Hichly recommend it!
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    Who's The Best Player you've hit with?

    Played a point with Michael Stich when I was about 10 years old! Actually played against Mischa Zverev in a tournament when I was 14! I lost tho! He is around 80 in the world right now!
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    The Official Philedelphia Eagles Thread

    eagles all the way baby!!! McNabb has a tough year until now that's 4 sure! Anyway the eagles shuld have at least 2 more wins considering the first couple of games!
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    Snow boarding or skiing??

    been skiing all my life since I was 3 years old! Also went for snowboarding and it was kool also! But at the end I'd chose skiing over snowboarding any time! In my eyes it's just kooler and u can do more moves when u jump and stuff! I think snowboarding is easier to learn tho!
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    Does Djokovic have the best looking girlfriend?

    Thanks man, I thought I was the only one thinking like that!
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    AMSTERDAM, baby! :)

    been in amsterdam like a year was totally awesome! but well except getting high and party u could check on some museums...the anne frank house and stuff like that! plus maybe u can attend a soccer match of ajax amsterdam on the weekend!?
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    Pen Spinning

    i can do some spinning too! not the real heavy stuff but a lil on the knuckles and spin it once on my thumb and stuff like that!
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    So what ever happened to Marcos Baghdatis

    I just think he had a tough year with some bad injuries, the break up, the new coach...! Hopefully he'll be back cuz I just like him a lot! His game is great and he is a fun dude!
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    Where have you travelled?

    Thread already exists: anyway: - Germany(Cologne,Hamburg,Berlin,Munich,Frankfurt) - Denmark(Copenhagen,Arhus) - Sweden(Gothenburg) - The Netherlands(Amsterdam, Rotterdam) - Belgium(Brussels) - Luxembourg -...
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    Which Country Makes the Best Cars?

    definitely going with Germany! Mercedes, BMW, Audi, VW, Porsche Can't beat that can u?
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    Favorite movie quotes of all time!

    Inches Speech by Al Pacino in Any given Sunday: i dont know what to say,really... 3 the biggest battle of our professional lives...all comes down to today... Either, we heal, as a team, or we're gonna crumble...inch by inch, play by we're finished, we're in hell...
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    Which country is your home country?

    Cluj? is in Romania ;) I'm from Germany, lived a year in PA tho!
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    Good Techno songs?

    get some of scooters stuf like: Hyper Hyper
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    xbox 360 live users

    pro evolution soccer 2008
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    your top 10 songs?

    Right now: Patrice - Dove of Peace Masta Ace - Small town USA Atmosphere - Yesterday Classified - All about you DL Incognito - Atmosphere DMX feat. Seal - I wish EMC - Winds of Change EMC - Don't give up on us Atmosphere - You Talib Kweli - I am Patrice - Another one Patrice -...
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    Why don't most pros wear sunglasses...

    maybe just because playing tennis with sunglasses looks stupid!
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    What's more important, tennis or girls?

    I'd give up tennis right now if I'd get my gf back, no doubt! girls are more important!
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    How to talk to a girl.

    just try to be a little doubt but girls like it! I used to be nice and stuff but I realized they like it much more when u act a little cocky...not too much, but a little;) trust me, it'll get u there!
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    Why so many swimming world records?

    I have no idea why but it definitely can't be just the new training methods or the swim suits! Man Phelps is gotta be on drugs, othewise he couldn't swim a world record in the morning at 10 and then get back there and swim another one at 11! that just ain't right haha
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    Where is Florian Mayer?

    do we really care ? haha
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    this or that

    Seppuku knowing and sad or uncertain
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    Fed sick?

    I'm a real big Fed fan, but please stop trying to excuse his losses cuz of mono! He admitted he had it, but he feels fine now, so why these speculations? He'll pick up his game soon!