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  1. Rovesciarete

    Tsitsipa is serving pinpoint now

    Might the WTA actually leading the way in some efficiency aspects?
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    Holger Rune News

    Aneke has done an incredible amount for Holger and with lots of success. Tennis is the biggest sport where the guys are owner, manager and players in one. Quite natural to have mentors and family around, especially early. To me it seems that Holger wants to be his own man but has quite a...
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    Joao Fonseca!!!

    Fonseca is playing attacking tennis which is good for a youngster and makes for spectacular points. I watched also part of his practise against Sinner in Turin and he hits the ball really well from both wings, you can't fake big groundstrokes. Height is also good and should not be a naturally...
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    ATP500 Rio Open 2024

    LoL, should be dry spring - Fontanasecca. Juicy drive would suit better.
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    Where will Sinner's streak end?

    The law of averages would suggest a loss late into IW but he should do well against most.
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    Why is the serve again becoming increasingly dominant in modern tennis?

    My twitter links are sad broke so I have to repost the same image. We have been talking much about the serve but little of the return. I have observed that Nadal and Djokovic are winning less return games but arguably they have been outperforming the field increasingly over the years until...
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    Joao Fonseca!!!

    Fils didn’t put much pressure on him, maybe trying to play it safe. I like his strokes better than most, especially his backhand. Will be interesting to see more of him, also on hardcourt.
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    Djokovic says weeks at 1 are more important than Slams won ..... Do you agree with his view?

    Tennis is a tournament game of such fine margins that surfaces and matchups play a huge role in winning titles. This was arguably even more so the case in years past. Logically this means that great clay and grass players could win slams without getting to the very top or at least staying not...
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    Ben Shelton

    Good post. I’m just surprised that Shelton is winning relative little despite that monster serve. As his father was a professional tennis player and his mother also from a tennis family I think we have a bit of a ‘free throw’ bias here. This means that from a young age particular care was...
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    Will we see major shifts in the top 10 this year?

    Alcaraz has no clear slow or fast surface bias, which makes him very different compared to old Novak or classic Rafa. This increases the odds against Nole but not Jannik, which is strange to say. I think a lot of people can’t resist to project him as the new Nadal.
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    Do you think Sinner will succeed more in Bo3 or Bo5 and why?

    Better for the reasons @ChrisRF mentioned…
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    Why Sampras considered to be better than Borg

    Sampras was great but Borg was something else…
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    Sinner can do something undoable

    I have written a lot about Sinner on clay but here are the simple stats. cElo and Elo are better than raw clay one. Sinner is right now together with the usual suspects Novak and Carlos the top favourite: Rank Player Age Elo ClayRaw cElo Peak Age Peak Elo 2 Novak Djokovic...
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    10-match Australian Open series, 2020 Dominic Thiem vs. 2024 Jannik Sinner

    Sinner‘s game is poison for a player like Thiem and he is overall clearly better than 2020 Thiem. Thus 8-2 probably, 6-4 fairly easily.
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    Will Djokovic double Nadal's weeks at #1 ?

    Amazing stat, incredible performance over such a long long time.
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    The Most Exclusive (Stat) Clubs In Tennis

    Just an update before the tour visits the USA and things at the top are unlikely to change. Looking at the last 52 weeks we have a rare 3 members in the top-ten club: Sinner, Djokovic and Alcaraz. Sinner is even in the rarest of them all, the top-three. He has been superb in the first two...
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    Forgive Me, Father, For I Am a Full Fledged Sinner!

    Might be partly genetic, who knows. Here we have the top5 for book keeping: Rank Player Age Elo HardRaw ClayRaw GrassRaw hElo cElo gElo Peak Match Peak Age Peak Elo 1 Jannik Sinner 22.4 2247.2 2178.3 1913.5 1733.0 2212.7 2080.3 1990.1 2024 Rotterdam F 22.4 2247.2 2...
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    Do you think Sinner will succeed more in Bo3 or Bo5 and why?

    You win and lose tight matches. I was never worried about his five set record as Sinner was improving steadily in pretty much every relevant area and he was losing fighting hard! Personally his three set loss to Novak has been greatly undervalued. Jannik has repeated time and time again that he...
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    Forgive Me, Father, For I Am a Full Fledged Sinner!

    According to Elo, Sinner is now the strongest player since the Big4. To be fair young Alcaraz war right there half a year ago: Rank Player Age Elo hElo cElo gElo Peak Age Peak Elo 2 Novak Djokovic 36.6 2216.1 2167.6 2088.1 2057.1 28.8 2470.3 37 Andy Murray...
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    Alex the Great - Alex Michelsen Thread

    This is the strange thing. Precocious Shelton may be more limited as he has pronounced strengths more akin to a mature player but also glaring weaknesses difficult to fix. Alex defends quite well for being tall and not (yet) a great athlete and has a great backhand. He still looks very young...
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    Alex de Minaur 2024

    Second on the yElo list. Arguably i. this form the best outside the top5…
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    Carlitos has completely lost his way

    For what it is worth, looking at the stats Alcaraz had just a slight drop in his basic level. Doesn’t take much to right the ship and come back on track with that quantity of proven quality.
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    Alex the Great - Alex Michelsen Thread

    So far he strikes me as the most promising US prospect in the last couple of years. To be honest too little data to back that up but I like a lot about that kid.
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    Forgive Me, Father, For I Am a Full Fledged Sinner!

    Some updates on the topspin rates by the great Vestige du jour. The sample size of 2023 is small, but he seems to play recently with even more spin. Against Djokovic and Medvedev he had far higher net clearance and he goes far more down the line. Love that rolling angled cross-court two-hander...
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    Ben Shelton

    Top 10 by the Us Open is quite a prediction for a guy which has one of the weakest return games on the tour and hasn't done well on clay. Of course it is possible, it's tennis, but I wonder how he is dealing with a more prepared field. I actually like Shelton as a player, a big lefty server...
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    Heresy I know, but learning a two-handed drive is just a great addition on top of all the usual one-handed strokes on the backhand side. Decades ago it didn't matter that much but the game has evolved...
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    Jannik Sinner has won 200 matches on tour

    Thank god there are wonderkinds which are convinced that they can become the best ever! Bless the innocence of youth, I had a laugh when I saw the young Sinner acting like a schoolboy in front of Mr. Courier inquiring about his racket specs…
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    Forgive Me, Father, For I Am a Full Fledged Sinner!

    Quick stat update after the win in Rotterdam, brutal stuff. So far this year 93.9% hold, 29.7% break and 54.9% total points won percentage. Note also the constant improvement over all the years in pretty much all the important categories. Sinner Tour-Level Seasons Top Mouse over column...
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    Surveying Surface Sensitivity & Serve Success

    Jeff Sackmann has looked at how sensitive ATP players are to surface speed. Checking it against common sense, aka as well-known players, it seems very plausible. The article is highly recommended. Player Sensitivity Novak Djokovic 8.7...