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  1. ktownva

    In Hermosa beach week of 8/19 to 8/22

    Hey, I'll be in town that week also. Email me ktownva at gmail dot com
  2. ktownva

    All I Do Is Run, Run, Run...

    I'm not running anywhere unless something is chasing me. But I do use the treadmill 3-4 times a week, 30-45 minutes at a fast pace with a 5 min sprint at the end. I've bought several different running shoes in the last year. Best ones for me are the Nike Flyknit Free Run 4.0 - I can run all day...
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    Penny Dreadful - Say it isn't true * Warning Spoilers

    Penny Dreadful, my favorite show since The Mentalist just had a surprise season finale that was also the series finale. I was completely blindsided and am now inconsolable. I was certain the show was beginning to hit its stride, after a minor dip in form to begin Season 3. But now out of nowhere...
  4. ktownva

    What's the one hole/stain in Djokovic's resume?

    And not the calendar year slam? Or the golden slam? Puh-leeeeze
  5. ktownva

    What's the one hole/stain in Djokovic's resume?

    I don't think it's a big deal either, but it was all I could think of. Holding all four slams at once makes up for those defeats. And if he wins a calendar year slam, holding 6 slams in a row, that would be GOAT stuff.
  6. ktownva

    What's the one hole/stain in Djokovic's resume?

    Outside of the Aussie Open, he has only ever won as defending champion once, 2015 Wimbledon.
  7. ktownva

    Ellesse: an adventurous mix of Tennis and Italian design

    Lacoste is the premium brand these days. I just buy the plainest Adidas stuff I can find. The 3 stripes age well whatever the trend is.
  8. ktownva

    Ellesse: an adventurous mix of Tennis and Italian design

    Both. The polyester Ellesse tennis clothes are actually quite nice, and look expensive. But the price is so cheap, and nobody wears them on court. I'm in Germany.
  9. ktownva

    Ellesse: an adventurous mix of Tennis and Italian design

    I live in Europe and tons of Ellesse stuff sits on the clearance rack at TK Maxx. Same with Sergio Tacchinni clothes. I like Ellesse but they have zero cool factor over here. You would look kind of cheap if you tried to rock Ellesse on court.
  10. ktownva

    TXP Pro Modern Equivalent

    Hey, I used the old TXP back in the day also!! It was the white frame made with "twaron" ha! The Prestige is based on the TXP so they should feel similar. I use the Prince EXO Rebel 95 which is also about the same headshape and string pattern. I love it and would recommend a hit. Good luck!
  11. ktownva

    Andy Roddick's Pure Drive GT Paintjob

    Not sure if this has been asked, but does anyone know how Roddick's paintjob rackets are produced? Does Babolat take old swirly PD's, sand off the paint, and paint over them? Or do they manufacture new rackets based on swirly specs and paint them to look like GT's? If it is the former then they...
  12. ktownva

    Poll : Which is the best phone?

    I change my original opinion that the iPhone is the one to have. I just traded my iPhone for an HTC HD2 and it is way nicer. True, it is running on top of not-great Windows Mobile software, but the HTC user interface is so cool. I love this phone a lot, and the iPhone has been bested IMO.
  13. ktownva

    Poll : Which is the best phone?

    I would go with the iPhone. It is an amazing device, and really everyone else is copying it in one way or another. Get the real thing.
  14. ktownva

    What is Caroline Wozniackis' playing style?

    Her playing style is "Park Hacker", just like yours.
  15. ktownva

    what was the last thing you ordered online?

    2 pairs of Dockers pants and a LS Dockers shirt, from Fleabay
  16. ktownva

    Calender GS or 14:14

    A lot of those H2H matches were non-slams and had zero impact on Fed's ranking or seeding at majors. They didn't mean diddly doo doo. A calendar slam would mean a lot more. Either way, Fed is already the GOAT and still going strong.
  17. ktownva

    The next NUMBER ONE not named Nadal or Federer

    I think Monfils. I pick him to win the USO this year.
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    Random thread of good jokes, aggie jokes, yo mama jokes, or what have you..

    I was in a very bad car accident in Mexico. They took me to the emergency room and the surgeon said I would have to have a metal plate put in my head. I was a bit worried about having surgery in Mexico, so I asked the doctor to give me some details. The doctor brought the plate over to show me...
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    Music Game

    The Last In Line - Dio (RIP)
  20. ktownva

    The Worst Movie Ever Made!

    This movie was so bad it was good. Basically, a psychopathic turkey terrorizes teens on Thanksgiving...
  21. ktownva

    R.i.p. Dio

    Dee Snider referred to Dio as a king, and musically he was just that. RIP
  22. ktownva

    Musical Tennis Puns Thread.

    On The Line - Michael Jackson Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
  23. ktownva


    ProActive is the biggest ripoff. All you need is 10% benzoyl peroxide cream, it is cheap. You only need to use it at night before bed. But, since it dries the skin pretty badly, take a marble sized amount of lotion, and mix it with a marble sized amount of peroxide cream, and put that on every...
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    List the concerts you've been to.

    The Cars April Wine Bryan Adams Loverboy ZZ Top Kansas Ted Nugent Van Halen (3x) Def Leppard Judas Priest Iron Maiden (will be seeing them again 7/20 in DC) Motley Crue Ozzy Jackson Brown Aerosmith Pat Benatar Blondie The Fixx Rolling Stones Pink Floyd Guns -n- Roses Depeche...
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    Musical Tennis Puns Thread.

    You Got Served - Lovehatehero
  26. ktownva

    Musical Tennis Puns Thread.

    Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Pat Benatar LOL! This is fun.
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    Sports trivia ...

    Not really a trivia question, more of a poll…which venue for men’s college basketball is #1 and why? My pick is Pauley Pavilion because it has the most championship banners in the rafters, and because I'm from L.A.! Allen Fieldhouse (KU) Cameron Indoor Stadium (Duke) Pauley Pavilion (UCLA)...
  28. ktownva

    Sports trivia ...

    Good job hollywood, the 4th is Drew Gooden.
  29. ktownva

    Music Game

    Hit the Lights - Metallica
  30. ktownva

    Sports trivia ...

    Who are the 4 active NBA players with their college jerseys retired at the University of Kansas' Allen Fieldhouse? This is maybe too easy, but lets start some college bball triv.