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  1. ChicagoJack

    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - Ask Us All Your Questions! (podcast now here!)

    Hi JGads, Yes. These are main sticks. If my knees hold out, I'll be playing tournaments again by April 1st, after a 4-5 year break from tennis. My 3 PT 2.0's will get me through that 1st one on my calendar. The only thing preventing me from me from ordering 6 more and a life time supply of CAP...
  2. ChicagoJack

    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - Ask Us All Your Questions! (podcast now here!)

    With regards to string setups, one of the things I love about this frame in general, is that the level of control I get gives me the freedom to swing away with confidence. Feels like can hit all sorts of spin and trajectories from the baseline and my 1H BH is the most consistent since maybe...
  3. ChicagoJack

    head pro tour 280 bumper grommets

    Thanks DJ, much appreciated.
  4. ChicagoJack

    head pro tour 280 bumper grommets

    I'm trying to guesstimate the increase in SwingWeight if installing a full CAPs grommet on a PT 280. I'm guessing a full CAPs is 8 grams heavier than the stock grommets? Using the TW customization tool, I get an estimate of 339 SW if starting with 327 SW. Any thoughts on how far off my guesses are?
  5. ChicagoJack

    Head Pro Tour 2.0 - Ask Us All Your Questions! (podcast now here!)

    I had a somewhat magical hitting session with the Pro Tour 2.0 a few nights ago. Really nice impact feel, and I quickly felt very confident and started finding a nice baseline groove after just a few minutes. Just based on the specs, I expected prefer my other demo for the night (Graphene 360+...
  6. ChicagoJack

    My theory on durability/playability on different types of strings (+ cost of stringing service)

    Hi, @ONgame You are getting a HUGE array of responses here. That's because the performance/cost sweet spot is going to vary given the type of strokes you have. It's also tempting to generalize the longevity of gut vs nylon, vs poly, but the truth is even within the same materials, players will...
  7. ChicagoJack

    TW racquet customizing utility?

    Hi Steveq81, Here are some links and cheat sheets from my grips specs thread which might be useful. For this particular situation where you want to pre-plan adding lead to the Yonex Tour G, the five locations worksheet is what you want. Customization Basics: Link : Weight, Balance...
  8. ChicagoJack

    Looking for a racket that hits deep

    At the end of the day, there's no magic swingweight or balance, so not much to argue about either! There is just a golden zone that works best for you. Even among pro players, swingweights vary wildly. Crazy examples below: SW 418 ... Andy Murray (Early Career) SW 405 ... Carlos Moya (2001) SW...
  9. ChicagoJack

    Looking for a racket that hits deep

    Hi RanchDressing, All good stuff, and we are on the same page :) Just want to clarify my meaning there. Diminishing returns is present at maximum RHS. On a serve, for example, you are swinging just about as fast as you can. You can add weight, which will increase your ACOR ie "raw racquet...
  10. ChicagoJack

    Top 5 most respected posters?

    Hi STW, I'm still kicking ;) My business has spiked the last year and has taken up most of my free time. Also moved on to being obsessive compulsive about new topics, DIY landscaping/gardening, and car restoring/detailing. God speed my friend! J
  11. ChicagoJack

    Looking for a racket that hits deep

    Hi @gino, @RanchDressing I’m hesitant to weigh in on your ongoing debate, because I’ve had super enjoyable conversations with both of you over the years! But I will just do my best to narrow this opinion divide, because you are each pointing to two sides of the same coin. There’s no disparity...
  12. ChicagoJack

    Looking for a racket that hits deep

    A more open pattern might might actually be worth a try, especially he doesn't want to do anything else. Given the same stroke, a more open pattern will create a higher trajectory over the net. Just few degrees higher, a few inches higher over the net, can translate into several feet of depth...
  13. ChicagoJack

    Lower Swingweight=Faster Rqcquet Head Speed=More Spin?

    Hi MOL, Yes. And No. 1. Consider first, that you are not swinging fast as you can, on 80-90% of your shots. You / Me / We / Every Pro / Every Rec Player is intentionally "dialing it down" (whether you know it or not) to avoid shanks, mishits, and for sake of consistency. Sure, there are...
  14. ChicagoJack

    Let's Gather All Grip Specs (Weight & Thickness) Into One Thread

    Haven't had much time for the board lately, but got all caught up here at least. The big list on the first page has been updated. Many thanks to Saleem, 808, TopspinLob, Oble, Shaneno, and JonesTim for the digits. -J
  15. ChicagoJack

    Found the perfect racket- unfortunately

    Wait... that's the champagne colored, super wide body with the reddish grip, right? I keep my 95 under my bed in case of killer zombie attack, but if you ever get back to Chicago again, I have one I can donate to your cause. Or just cover the shipping costs and it's yours.
  16. ChicagoJack

    Leather grip lead tape compensation balance point

    1. Calculating balance points, and also its relationship to mass and swingweight precisely is pretty basic. Nothing wrong with "going out there and seeing what it feels like" then adjusting intuitively, but that approach is not going to be workable for anybody doing customization professionally...
  17. ChicagoJack

    How much lower can I go on a poly cross?

    1. I'm at 62/42 on a heavily modified Wilson 105s 16x15, laced with 16g Wilson Revolve. 2. Somebody mentioned seeing no advantage to stringing beyond a 5-6 lb. differential. The benefit is that friction on the mains is reduced as cross tension is reduced. However, if the mains slide too far...
  18. ChicagoJack

    How to tell when poly strings go dead?

    It's a common misconception, but string "death" isn't about loss of elasticity due to breakdown of the internal structure of the string. It's really just a matter of two (competing) factors, tension loss and increasing abrasion. When strings get dented, scuffed up, and notched, the mains don't...
  19. ChicagoJack

    Average swing and static weight of pro player racquets?

    Hi Kailash, 1. Greg Raven's Site has many pro specs (including swingweight) mostly from 2006-2012 or thereabouts. There is also a page called "Grab bag of legacy specs" which has a few player digits dating back to 2001. Sw 360 is about average. Notable digits are Soderling's sw of 392, Carlos...
  20. ChicagoJack

    How come tour players dont use Volkl raquets??

    I am surprised nobody has mentioned the Volkl wielding, doubles sorcerer known as Jean-Julien Rojer. He just won the Men's Doubles title at Wimbledon 2015. Also, here is a partial list of pro players that have used Volkl over the years. I'm certain that I've overlooked many, and feel free to...
  21. ChicagoJack

    Revolve vs Ripspin

    Hi Chadillac, 1. Yes I agree :) I think the coating is the secret sauce here, but I am incredibly skeptical of Poly Mains with Nylon X's. These kinds of hybrids have the among the highest string to string COF on record at TWU. Flipping the hybrid to Nylon Mains and Poly crosses almost always...
  22. ChicagoJack

    Revolve vs Ripspin

    Hi ultradr, 1. No, I don't see any physical signs of the coating wearing off. No flaking, discoloration etc. Yes, mains get "wavy" at some point with every poly, and this is no exception. 2. If you are using a full bed of Revolve, you are likely doing so because you understand the value of...
  23. ChicagoJack

    Revolve vs Ripspin

    1. Yes. I have settled on the 16g white version of Revolve in my 6 (heavily modified) Wilson Steam 105s 16 x 15 frames. That frame is a string eater for sure. After trying a dozen other strings, I played out the whole 2015 spring-summer-fall USTA seasons on that, and will likely continue. Was...
  24. ChicagoJack

    40 4.5+ USTA League

    deleted post... was a tip on Indian Wells but match already played and won ;)
  25. ChicagoJack

    I'm a G..

  26. ChicagoJack

    I'm a G..

  27. ChicagoJack

    Most talented player of all time

    Least Talented? Vince Spadea. (Drops Mic) -J
  28. ChicagoJack

    Low Powered Player's Racquets As One Ages... Time to Switch?

    ^^^ lol, I put BP on ignore three days after joining the board (10 years ago). Occasionally I will click on a post out of curiosity, but he just has the same things to say.
  29. ChicagoJack

    Low Powered Player's Racquets As One Ages... Time to Switch?

    Hi Christian, Yes :) I think most players would agree with that 100%. And If you take the longer view over the last couple of decades, that interaction between evolving racquet technology and evolving swing mechanics becomes even more clear. 1. When racquets evolved from wood frames which are...
  30. ChicagoJack

    Low Powered Player's Racquets As One Ages... Time to Switch?

    I'll buy that. My 105 inch frame is much easier to play with than any of my favorite 98 inch frames. But "easier to play with" isn't the same thing as more powerful. Power is measured as rebound ball speed MPHs. When swingweights are equal, the difference that a larger head or stiffer frame will...