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    How often do you play horrifically bad?

    Let's see here. For some context, I've lost 9 UTR matches in a row, UTR 3.4. Prior to this losing streak, I would win about 40% of the time. One match I hit 20 forehands out by 20ft. That's the most horrifically bad I've played. I played that vad 1/20 times. I play laughably bad 1/5...
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    Pure Aero 98 - Customizations!

    I bought two and had them matched to begin with to match the tennis warehouse posted specs. I tried adding weight at 12, then 9 and 3, then a leather grip. Fiddled with that, really just plays better for me without anything. All I have settled on is removing the base grip and putting on...
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    Any alternative to Asics Gel Reolution but lighter?

    They are both similar width, but the barricades don't have as much plasticy bits around the forefoot. For me, the barricade is a more comfortable shoe than the gel res 8. Others disagree, but that's why we try them on. I found the lacing system in the gel res 8 uncomfortable and it put...
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    Any alternative to Asics Gel Reolution but lighter?

    I would just buy the 2021 barricades on sale, it's basically the same shoe.
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    Any alternative to Asics Gel Reolution but lighter?

    Barricades. I find them more comfortable than my gel res 8s.
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    Adidas Barricade 2021

    I picked up a pair of 2021 barricades on sale and it feels like a mini update from the original pink ones I bought a year ago. The shoes laces are thicker, textured, and not stupidly long. Also, the heel seems thicker too. I compared it to my old ones. Anyone else notice this? Like a mini...
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    Attention Blade 18x20 users!! What's your go-to string set up?

    I recently switched to the blade v8 and I put poly tour drive in all three at 54lbs. It's a medium firm poly, but feels great. I'd imagine a stiffer poly like tour bite would be great as well.
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    Looking for a companion racquet for Blade V8 16M

    Solinco white out 16x19 or radical mp
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    Vcore Pro 97 H vs Yonex Ezone 98 Tour

    The current vcore pro H has a thicker beam in the throat and an even higher swing weight than the previous two versions. I couldn't play with it at all. I played with the navy 2020 version no issues. Ezone Tour is easier to play with.
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    T1 Firewire in Ezone 98

    Played Saturday and Sunday indoors. 5 hours or so and this string is pretty solid. Perhaps a touch more power than confidential, lynx tour. Feel is comfortable. Spin seems the same. 17g 52lbs. I would buy it again. Lynx tour lasts a long time for me, usually I'll play with it for a month...
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    T1 Firewire in Ezone 98

    Full bed. I did 17g at 52lbs.
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    T1 Firewire in Ezone 98

    Played three sets today outside in 42F weather, but I thought it was pretty good. Don't know the tension maintenance obviously, kind of felt like I was playing with round/smooth poly like poly tour pro even though this is three sided. Wasn't launching on me like hyper g, ball went where I...
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    T1 Firewire in Ezone 98

    I've got it just put into my 98 tour, trying it for the first time today.
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    Ezone Tour (2022)

    Wilson Shock Shield is a good option too. Used to throw it on my vcore pro. 330s, played like butta'.
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    Ezone Tour (2022)

    It doesn't seem like this stick is nearly as popular as the last one, but I feel it's a lot better. Plays more stabile and no arm or wrist pain whatsoever.
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    Adidas Cybersonic

    I'll wait until a labor day sale at $80-90. $180 is just disgusting for a pair of athletic shoes.
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    Head Lynx Tour - Official Thread

    16g orange 52lbs in my radical pro. Plays slightly livelier than the champagne, feels great. Like this much better than tour bite. Very comfortable poly.
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    G360+ Radical 2021

    I know most of you fiddle with weighting up the MP, but I added 8g at 10 and 2 on my radical pro, plays amazing now. So much more stable, but not as clunky as when I tried 3 and 9 and 12 o clock. Really doesn't slow it down.
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    Adidas Barricade 2021

    Am I crazy or does anyone else find these to be some of the most comfortable shoes they've tried on right out of the box? I am perturbed by the lack of a top eyelet, excessively long shoe laces, and wider that kswiss forefoot, but otherwise, these shoes are pretty stellar. Going to double sock...
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    Solinco strings to replace Head lynx tour

    Confidential plays nearly identical. I couldn't discern a difference between lynx tour 16g in champagne and 16g confidential. Both required no break in.
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    Rafael Nadal vs. Casper Ruud USO* final is coming!

    My sources tell me no one wants to see Capser Ruud taking up any spot in a consequential final like the US Open. He is more than welcome to continue fluffing up his rankings with all the 250 level tourneys he wins inn Ecuador and Bosnia, but the people want Kyrgios/Nadal in the US open final.
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    post your shoes before the shoe warranty claim

    2 months into my head revolt pro 3.5. These have worn quicker than any asics, new balance, or kswiss shoes I've had. I think ill wear these for a couple more months and send them in, but I think they'd qualify now. Anyone had recent experience with head? In the past when I did the...
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    4.0-5.0 flat hitters, what to do

    We played one set this morning, he won 6-4, kind same thing as last week. We then played 3 sets of doubles against some guys. After that, we played one last set for singles and I won 6-2. My returns were better, so I was slicing the returns or hitting a biting slice centrally at this...
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    G360+ Radical 2021

    If they made the orange glossy, it would look better.
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    I hate Penn balls.

    The premium dunlop ball is the Australian open ball, the ATP ball is dunlop basic ball. I assume the championship is an even cheaper one like Penn coach. 3 tiers in other words. Australian open dunlop is my favorite premium ball.
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    G360+ Radical 2021

    Pretty eager to find out as well if the new radical plays the same or not and if the new paint job is better. I liked the last generation speed racquets without auxetic, but most seem to like the new ones better. Is the new one glossy or still matte? More reddish orange or even more in...
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    4.0-5.0 flat hitters, what to do

    I will battle him for 4 hours next Sunday morning and report back here. Thank you all.
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    4.0-5.0 flat hitters, what to do

    I think one mistake in making is actually inadvertently switching from semi western to full western in an effort to get under those low flat balls at times. This gives them a fairly weak spinny shot back. I'll try and incorporate some of these ideas. Thanks.
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    Head Auxetic Extreme line update?

    This update to the extreme makes me think the radical mp and pro will be mild updates as well. I hope they don't mess around with the specs of those.