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  1. AlxThm

    Recommend a frame for my friend

    Prince Textreme 100p Trust me, i felt in love with that racket, and i played with the original strike tour as my main racket
  2. AlxThm

    Rumor of a new RF racquet at French Open 2018

    Chances are Federer will not play in RG, So, why would Wilson launch a new racquet by the time?, Average PJ lifespan for a big manufacturer is 2 years so i could be by the USO or AO 2019
  3. AlxThm

    AO Nike Mens Apparel

    They look like Pharrell Williams Ubersonics
  4. AlxThm

    An injured Djokovic is Nadal's only competition at the FO

    Thiem beat Djoker last year at RG in straight sets with no injuries
  5. AlxThm

    Any guys out there thrown off by all this pink agenda attire?

    Dunno, me and my friends prefer the Lacoste stuff that Djokovic was wearing and the only guy in my hitting friends group who's older than me is 24
  6. AlxThm

    ATP top 100 - 24 different clothing sponsors

    Who's with Artengo?, i saw a racketbag last week at my club and it was pretty good looking, didn't know they make clothes also
  7. AlxThm

    A K-Swiss Shoe to get Excited About?

    I've never tried K-Swiss because the 6 month is a must for me, but, i'm thiking that this might be the ones, they look sweeet
  8. AlxThm

    Shoe Recommendation(s) for Hard Court?

    Barricade Boost, if you have a wider foot you should look at the 15-16' models, plus they're cheaper than the 17's (If you can find them)
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    Any guys out there thrown off by all this pink agenda attire?

    Just saw a guy in my club's "New Year Tournament" wearing the outfit like Sock (Black SHorts, Pink Shirt, "Lava" Vapor 9.5 from the AO of last year and a pink head hat),.. gotta tell that its not as pink as it may seems on tv, it's a little orange, still, too flashy from far away, then i passed...
  10. AlxThm

    Fed forehand

    He doesn't change the grip, the "Buggy Nadal-FH" its just because he was late on the ball so, he had to compensate that with upward acceleration to redirect the incoming power of the ball back to court with some decent depth, same as when he's getting pulled wide and gets the ball too wide and...
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    Is bowling a sport?

    I don't see how Golf is a sport to many either, but thats how people works
  12. AlxThm

    Will Federer skip the clay again?

    Yup, Clay is too demanding
  13. AlxThm

    Adidas shoes: ubersonic vs. Barricade Boost vs. Bounce

    Dunno, i guess depends on the surface you play, your playing style, age, etc,. But I'm a 21 YO who plays on Hardcourts 6 times a week and maybe 3 hours a session, with an agressive baseline style, so i slide around and im tough on my shoes, and my current shoes right now are Barricades 15-16'...
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    Adidas RG 2018

    Yup, by far my favorite shoes, Although i never really digged the Zebra shirts
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    Rules Question. For A Friend. Really.

    I think the one who's returning the serve has the last call on that one even if the partner suggested that the ball was in or visceversa
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    Question on forehand grip

    How old are you?
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    What hair? :C
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    Grunting, Love It Or Hate It.

    Hate it, specially when the grunt is after the contact and last until the ball hits the ground on mi side, or when someone grunts and his shots are just so slow its merely comic, or maybe the worst of all, the slice grunt,thats just,.. that should be gamesmanship for beign an Q@$hole
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    My gosh..Sharapova is screaming louder than ever!

    I like her game so i put my tv or pc on mute when i see her,.. same as Nadal
  20. AlxThm

    Isner AO Fila shoes

    Such a shame of shoes, awesome clothes, but those shoes just look,.. cheap, look kind of like the "Court" or "Club" series of Adidas/Nike
  21. AlxThm

    Kyrgios haters deserve the "boring Tennis" that they seem to fight against

    Agree, usually the people who hates Kyrgios loves Goffin, although they say that they don't like boring tennis :rolleyes:
  22. AlxThm

    UH.. RAFA?

    Nike has blind people in their design department
  23. AlxThm

    Why aren't there Nike tennis racquets?

    I understand that Tennis Warehouse has invested in prince, thats why the new phantom and stuff actually
  24. AlxThm

    Who is considered the better player Gasquet or Gonzalez?

    Gonzalez although some say Gasquet is more naturally talented
  25. AlxThm

    Why aren't there Nike tennis racquets?

    Might be because of this... And this,... (Although both looked really really good)
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    tennis phrases you like/dislike

    Oohhhh Stop It!!!!! (x2)
  27. AlxThm

    tennis phrases you like/dislike

    Oohhhh Stop It!!!!! (x2)
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    Ugliest Outfit Ever?

    Another vote for Nike for the premature but surely ugliest outfit of the year
  29. AlxThm

    Real Reason Fed is so good at such old age ..

    Federer plays at his age that well because of his technique and footwork