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  1. MZ9526

    Racquets that have failed.

    I was about to mention Wilson's Spin Effect racquets. I think the main complaints were the open string patterns ate strings and the general concensus was that just as much spin could be generated from 16x19 and 18x20 patterns. One of my favorite racquets from this line was the 95S and I...
  2. MZ9526

    Nike Zoom GP Turbo official thread.

    Are you referring to these?
  3. MZ9526

    Tying off crosses in 2 piece stringing.

    I think he's referring to cheap racquets that are made only to be strung one piece because they come with small grommets that only allow tie offs in fewer locations than more expensive racquets.
  4. MZ9526

    Tying off crosses in 2 piece stringing.

    This is why I prefer my PS97s rather than my Head Radicals. Both are 16x19, but the mains for the Radicals tie off at the top of the frame as opposed to the PS97 that finishes at the bottom. The main tie offs at the top of the frame just looks goofy. I've never broken a string around any knots...
  5. MZ9526

    How I fixed my Adidas Barricade

    I fixed my pair by replacing the laces and insoles, then drilling holes in the toe box for a little more ventilation. I'm in southern AZ, and this shoe feels like a furnace after 30 minutes.
  6. MZ9526

    This is the Best Shoe I’ve Ever Worn for Tennis on Hard Courts…

    Using these just for running, I could probably get 400 miles in them. As a tennis shoe on a hard court, I would destroy these in two hours if I didn't already shatter my ankles.
  7. MZ9526

    synthetic gut as main

    I used to do exactly what you do with the offset of the main and cross tensions. One thing I've noticed recently is that if I string a soft poly cross at a lower tension than SG mains, the poly cross moves around a little too much in the sweet spot. So now I string the SG mains and soft poly...
  8. MZ9526

    adidas SP/SU 2023

    It also looks like Adidas has a budget shoe coming out called the Court Flash Speed. It looks like a takedown version of the Cybersonic. Some of the models are wearing it with the new spring gear on the Adidas site.
  9. MZ9526

    Adidas Barricade 2021

    I plan on modifying my pair too. I have the white/black/red model with the stiff plastic upper. I plan on drilling ventilation holes in the toe and medial and lateral sides since I live in SW AZ. I will probably end up drilling a hole just as you did for the laces. I already replaced the...
  10. MZ9526

    Adidas Barricade 2021

    They take an abnormally long time to break in. After about six hours, mine are just now feeling okay. I happened to find them on sale for $70 a couple weeks ago.
  11. MZ9526

    Syn gut recommendation

    My current stick is 16x19, but I would definitely use 1.35 in a 18x20, especially because I'm stringing 16g poly crosses.
  12. MZ9526

    Syn gut recommendation

    I've been surprised at how well the thicker guage SGs feel and play. In a happy accident, I ended up with a reel of Forten 15L SG and I've been using it as a main for the past six months and I'm finding it hard to use anything else. The best part is that the thicker guage doesn't move around...
  13. MZ9526

    Basketball shoes

    I quit using basketball shoes for a while since tennis shoes are now more comfortable, but the best basketball shoes I used were the Reebok I3 Playoff low cut and the Adidas Superstar 2G. Reebok Kamikaze 2s were great as well. I'll never knock anyone using BB shoes over tennis shoes, I just...
  14. MZ9526

    Stringer machine Gamma x-2 (or other), dropweight doesn't go down...

    I start with the dropweight up, feed the poly into the grabber with plenty of slack, drop the weight, then ratchet so the arm is horizontal, clamp, raise the arm back up and release the string from the grabber, then reset the grabber back to its original position.
  15. MZ9526

    Stringer machine Gamma x-2 (or other), dropweight doesn't go down...

    This is what I was getting at...If the string to the tension head is tight before dropping the weight, you have to push the weight down instead of letting it drop.
  16. MZ9526

    Stringer machine Gamma x-2 (or other), dropweight doesn't go down...

    This is correct. To add on, especially with poly, if the string is already tight between the tension head and the racquet before you drop the weight to pull tension, you increase the likelihood of breaking the string.
  17. MZ9526

    Capped grommets PRESTIGE

    I had one of these and actually ended up breaking it on some CAP grommets. (Don't remember exactly how it happened) I ended up taking my knife and sharpening the string to a very fine point to tie off the last cross.
  18. MZ9526

    How often do you change your insoles?

    I change them as needed. Most of the stock insoles in tennis shoes are fine for me and last until the shoe wears out. But recently I had to change out the insole of my Defiant Bounce and I did a three way swap: Hiking boot insole went into my Defiant Bounce > old Defiant Bounce insole went...
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    Prior Military, get over here!

    Tucson, AZ
  20. MZ9526

    Prior Military, get over here!

    22 years active duty in the Army, I retired last year.
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    Shoes with fantastic cushioning?

    Which New Balance models do you run in? I was very close to getting the 1080 v11
  22. MZ9526

    Shoes with fantastic cushioning?

    The 1st generation of the adidas Courtjam Bounce (2019) is the best cushioned tennis shoe I've ever had. I bought another colorway last year and the cushioning felt different, not bad but much firmer and definitely not as comfortable as the 1st gen. For running, I just bought the Saucony...
  23. MZ9526

    For ppl who prefer syn gut, what is your favorite string and why?

    My favorite synthetic gut is AG 16g. It plays very well and is probably the cheapest SG around. You can get sets for less than $3 and 1/2 reels for around $18. I've also really been liking 15g Forten synthetic gut lately. Costs less than $30/reel and the thicker guage really handles heavier...
  24. MZ9526

    Do Strings MATTER?

    I've spent most of the last 10 months rehabbing a wrist injury and changing my string setup was one of the biggest considerations in my rehab plan. My priority for stringing is comfort, so for the past six months, I've been stringing synthetic gut mains with poly crosses at lower tensions and...
  25. MZ9526

    Dunlop Ice: First Impressions

    I still have 1.5 sets left of 16g Ice and was thinking about using it as a cross with 15g synthetic gut. I remember really not liking Ice about eight years ago, but I was stringing it way too tight as a main with Quasi Gut Armour crosses.
  26. MZ9526

    litt tennis device

    Waste of money. Any experienced player knows when it's time to restring. Especially when it only lasts a year like Harry mentioned.
  27. MZ9526

    What's your favorite (non tennis) brand to wear when playing

    Shorts: Skora, Brooks, Russell, and RBX Shirts: TCA, AL1VE, RBX, and Old Navy
  28. MZ9526

    Tourna Big Hitter Silver 7 Tour

    I noticed this also with Tourna Grit and Big Hitter Silver last summer. I ordered sets of 16g and 17g for both strings and couldn't really see a difference in the thickness compared to other strings. I also found it odd that the 17g sets had 17 stickers covering the 16 printed on the packaging.
  29. MZ9526

    If You’ve Retired Your Pro Staff 95S

    Currently using a Head Graphene Touch Radical MP and Graphene XT Radical MP. I'm really liking that I don't have to generate as much of my own power compared to using the PS95S.
  30. MZ9526

    Hybrid setup for Wilson PS 95S

    When I used the PS 95S, the best hybrid I found was Kirschbaum Max Power 17g mains (56 lbs) with 17g synthetic gut (54 lbs). If you don't string your own sticks, you might want to go with 16g for a little more durability.