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  1. RiosTheGenius

    Need Help against a pusher!!

    Play your game.... whatever you do just don't get into pushing back cuz that's what he's good at... play deep balls side to side if you can and you should be fine. But whatever u do don't push back.
  2. RiosTheGenius

    Blake looks done

    I think people forget the intangibles of many matches. These two players had some unfinished business from the olympics over that "bad call" that bent Blake out of form and for which apparently he did not get a medal. Instead, Gonzo was the bad guy and therefore he and his medal are going to...
  3. RiosTheGenius

    Down the line shot from the service line

    Roddick is a terrible example, there's nothing wrong with the Top Spin approach of his, he's just a terrible mover with bad hands at the net which has nothing to do with the success of his approach.
  4. RiosTheGenius

    Most promising young gun?

    who the hell is Mofees?
  5. RiosTheGenius

    Wheres Mirka????

    I heard Roger sent her to the gym......
  6. RiosTheGenius

    has anyone seen this video?

    that kinda sucks for johansson... but then again, Taylor owns the entire racquet frame including :)
  7. RiosTheGenius

    Sharapova Winning Roland Garros.....

    if a girl who doesn't know and won't learn how to move on clay wins the french open, it would show how low the level of women's tennis has gotten. I watched her play yesterday and it is a real shame to see the #1 player moving as if she was playing on cement.
  8. RiosTheGenius

    Down the line shot from the service line

    must get under the ball and hit heavy top spin, if you hit that ball too flat it has less chances of droping in and if it does it could be easier for the other guy/girl to return it.
  9. RiosTheGenius

    i hate venus williams

    no need to hate anyone... but women's tennis becomes more irrelevant every year, specially now with the only decent player to watch gone , Henin.
  10. RiosTheGenius

    Ivanovic is hot, but her return feet noise is Cheating

    She's the sweetest girl... she can't possibly bother anyone. if anything Sharapova cheats a lot more by screaming when she hits the ball. the normal grunting is ok, but that sharapova girl really screams.... hate to watch her play, horrible strokes to to it off.
  11. RiosTheGenius

    Tsonga the new Safin?

    I see the similarities, but they're very different, specially on the forehand side.
  12. RiosTheGenius

    Best advice for Andy Roddick

    I think Andy Roddick is doing just fine for his talent. He's an above average player but right now we cannot expect him to get very far. There are guys playing some great tennis with very complete games like Nalbandian, Ferrer, Nadal, Blake, Gasquet, Djoko, etc... and there are some great young...
  13. RiosTheGenius

    Lost respect for Roddick

    i don't like Roddick or his attitude either... but you have one post in this board and is just to bash. Try to stay positive about this sport, you don't want us to hate you right from the start. this site isn't about bashing players, it's for all of us who love tennis and want to share...
  14. RiosTheGenius

    Federer could lose #1 ranking early this year

    hey.... an early upset , anything before semis to federer, or retirement from the tournament or what not... and Nadal could possibly have a run and make the final..... I mean, nobody expected gonzo to do it last year ... why not Nadal.
  15. RiosTheGenius

    safin destroys murray

    who the hell knows with safin
  16. RiosTheGenius

    Federer could lose #1 ranking early this year

    if the swiss doesn't make semis and Nadal makes the final or wins the AO Nadal will be the new #1..... unlikely, but that's what Federer's facing right now.
  17. RiosTheGenius

    New Year's Resolutions!

    giving up soda sounds good
  18. RiosTheGenius

    Nadal to shave his head before wimbledon 08

    that's be like clement playing without the bandana.
  19. RiosTheGenius

    All top 100 playing AO???

    I don't know in what ranking he is top 100... certainly not ATP
  20. RiosTheGenius

    Consistant Racquet

    I heard Head Prestige even volleys for you ... you don't have to do anything. :)
  21. RiosTheGenius

    highlights of my match

    I rate the camera guy a 1.0
  22. RiosTheGenius

    Serious assesment on Grips....

    que joda, si cuando te vi la ultima vez solo tenias dos mil posts... jajaja.
  23. RiosTheGenius

    Safin's racquets

    funny as hell....
  24. RiosTheGenius

    Serious assesment on Grips....

    well... you never sent the grips man!!!.. (*).. que tal argentino!.. hace tiempo que no te veo por aca, la verdad era you quien andaba desaparecido.
  25. RiosTheGenius

    How'd you guys do this year.....

    thank you, congrats on you results as well... did you get bumped up for next year then?... and I don't think Goober wanted to start trouble, he brought up a valid point.. the more you play the best your ranking will be... maybe I should play more tourneys next year!! :)
  26. RiosTheGenius

    Chris Evert - wood racquet in 1988?

    she played with Babolat Pure Storm, strung with luxilon big banger on mains and hybrid across.
  27. RiosTheGenius

    How'd you guys do this year.....

    well, for that same reason.. you can't compare yourself too much with other people, but you can compare your own results with past years, in my case every year I play about the same number of tournaments, which gives me a pretty good indication of my improvements... the ranking i'm talking about...
  28. RiosTheGenius

    Rate 3 of my serves (twist included)

    then, if those are really your stats, you're fine, what looks inconsistant from the outside my be very reliable for you. I think you're doing just fine. whatever works for you.. I've been told since I was a kid to land with the left foot (I'm left-handed) when I serve, that was the old school...
  29. RiosTheGenius

    Changing Principles according to our interests...

    well, doesn't everyone just go to places and take over illegally these days??... at least they never lied about what they were up to unlike the stupid fcuks in Iraq who have even convince their own citizens that they're fighting for democracy.
  30. RiosTheGenius

    Changing Principles according to our interests...

    I am not from Argentina at all... It sounds like you just go by whatever the TV tells you or your local newspaper tells you. That war was about nothing but Thatcher's popularity and the argentine's reasons for taking over were much less barbarian than any other overthrow.