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  1. Dan Z

    Wide tennis shoes

    Seconded re the hypercourt supreme. Really nice comfortable shoe for those with a wider foot. Only negative minor bit of foot movement uness laces done up v tight
  2. Dan Z

    Round of Applause for Nadal

    Was thinking the same… so many wonderful people on this forum.
  3. Dan Z

    Dunlop Fort Tennis Balls

    Anyone else found that these once great and durable balls have taken a massive nose dive recently and are completely different and appear to be manufactured to a lower standard? Or have i just found a bad batch....
  4. Dan Z

    Djokovic stood by Australia when it mattered. How quickly we forgot..

    Minority? What’s your source for such an assumption?
  5. Dan Z

    Did Nike or Adidas win 2021?

    I didnt realise such a thing existed you camel rectum.
  6. Dan Z

    Did Nike or Adidas win 2021?

    Uhm... have you tried on the GR8? I have a wideish foot and sent mine back due to them being unbelievably narrow on my feet!
  7. Dan Z

    Asics Gel Resolution 8

    Thay arrived this morning and first impressions are good. Definitely wide enough and a huge step up comfort wise from the 8's. Had to use the rear ankle lace holes else my heel slipped around in the shoe. Remains to be seen how they are on the court but they've passed the "running around the...
  8. Dan Z

    Asics Gel Resolution 8

    Recieved my pair this morning having been wearing Yonex Power Cushion Durable for the last 4 years. Long story short they are going back - far too narrow in terms of toe box and restrictive to the point of being painful to the top of my foot. Stupidly listened to a friend who said they suited...
  9. Dan Z

    Vcore 98 or ezone 100

    I went from using the ezone 100 for just under a year to the 2021 vcore 98 and really enjoy the change (though admitedly only had it for a few weeks). If you want something a less powerful but with better feel then go for it.
  10. Dan Z

    vcore 98 recieved...

    This is how it has been strung. I have no idea if this is AWT or whatever. Played a few hours with it last night and really enjoyed it to be honest - serve and ground strokes were going great. Didnt feel as solid at the net as the ezone 100 but sort of expected that. [image]
  11. Dan Z

    vcore 98 recieved...

    This was exactly my concern - Yonex only provide instructions for 2 piece stringing on their website so unsure about potential damage to the frame if strung "incorrectly". Will contact shop. Found it too powerful and unwieldly - didnt feel like an extension of my arm more like a bionic rocket...
  12. Dan Z

    vcore 98 recieved...

    So ordered a new vcore 98 as I've not really been gelling with my ezone 100 and ordered a string upgrade (went with alu power). Racquet just arrived a few moments ago and I eagerly unwrapped it to find... it had been strung as a single piece rather than separate mains / crosses as per the...
  13. Dan Z

    Wimbledon 2019 SF: Roger Federer [2] vs Rafael Nadal [3]

    Nadal in 5 topsy-turvy sets. Ultron to subsequently demolish Nadal in 4 in the final
  14. Dan Z

    Wimbledon 2019 SF: Roger Federer [2] vs Rafael Nadal [3]

    Nadal in 5 topsy-turvy sets. Ultron to subsequently demolish Nadal in 4 in the final
  15. Dan Z

    2019 Roland Garros FINAL: Rafael Nadal vs Dominic Thiem

    Regardless of the outcome I just hope the audience is more than the handful of people that bothered showing up to the SEMI FINAL OF A GRAND SLAM we saw today. It's almost like nobody cares about RG...
  16. Dan Z

    Yonex Power Cushion Eclipsion

    How to these compare to the Power Cushion Durable in terms of fit? I have fairly wide feet and find the Durable to be really comfortable .. are these similar?
  17. Dan Z

    This is completely out of control now

    I assume you have no idea about the British press... The independent is in no way neutral in terms of left Vs right / liberal Vs conservative. Shockingly enough it has a bias.
  18. Dan Z

    Will Serena Williams ever be punished?

    And threatening the linesperson with physical violence at Wimbledon
  19. Dan Z

    Serena Williams

    Once again Serena shows the world who she really is and still people try and defend her? Truly puzzling...
  20. Dan Z

    The Alexander Zverev Appreciation Society

    I predict he'll retire from tennis in 2020 and become a full time reality television celebrity / appear in tv adverts. His talents are clearly wasted on the tennis court.
  21. Dan Z

    Thank you Lendl

  22. Dan Z

    Amazon Prime secures US Open in UK 2018

    **** Amazon. Seriously. Greedy monopolistic tax dodging immoral scum. I'd rather donate my money to charity than further line the pockets of that company.
  23. Dan Z

    Will Zverev lose his top 4 seed at the U.S. Open?

    How does Alexander become "Sasha"?
  24. Dan Z

    To people denying the concept of a ''big 4'', and comparing Murray to Wawrinka - here are some stats

    The reason Stan deserves to be mentioned in those circles is because he's the only player that when he's on form scares the **** out of all of them. It's unfortunately a rare sight these days.
  25. Dan Z

    How would you rate this year's Wimbledon?

    6/10 Stan being a headcase and playing almost well and utterly terrible at the same time. Fed going to sleep at a really bizarre time. Next gen players again showing they are pitiful. Terrible final. BBC coverage continuing to go downhill (seriously... Whoever is putting those stupid graphics on...
  26. Dan Z

    How impressive Nadal' backhand was in semis?

    Same as his quarter final match against delpotro - absolutely crushing it. Really impressed by it as everyone tries to avoid his forehand but now... not such a safe option if this is how he's going to hit backhands.
  27. Dan Z

    Fever-Tree: Strangest tournament name ever?

    It's just called Queens. Nobody outside of TV/radio actually calls these tournaments by their sponsors name!
  28. Dan Z

    Fever-Tree: Strangest tournament name ever?

    Iron Brew. It's made from girders.