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  1. matt.jc

    Big serving Canadians (ATP and WTA)

    I meant most aces in a WTA match this year* sorry
  2. matt.jc

    Big serving Canadians (ATP and WTA)

    Being a Canadian, it's really cool seeing a Canadian finally emerging after sometime ! (Dancevic was a let down) Everyone knows of the big serving Milos, but on the WTA another big serving Canadian youngster is coming up the rankings. Rebecca Marino's serve and power impressed me during the AO...
  3. matt.jc

    Kirilenko's chances?

    Steady tennis can knock out lots of players on the WTA hah
  4. matt.jc

    Roddick [7] VS Gonzalez [11] R4

    Gonzo is out of gas and Roddick can go all day, so I think straights or at most 4 sets
  5. matt.jc

    Fed - Montanes

    I hate that espn is showing the Serena match, not even entertaining
  6. matt.jc

    Kirilenko's chances?

    I think she could have a chance depending on which Safina shows up tonight
  7. matt.jc

    Kirilenko's chances?

    Kirilenko's finally winning some matches, backing up her win over Sharapova. I was wondering what you guys thought about her chances against Safina are?
  8. matt.jc

    Federer is the #1 player in the WTA??

    So a different thread lead me to search the most popular sport in Switzerland and I came across this:
  9. matt.jc

    Oh my GOD! I thought that was the best shot of the match until the tweener hah
  10. matt.jc

    Jankovic second fastest serve of the open? Am I reading this right or did they mess something up?:confused: Jankovic hit a 120 mph serve?:shock:
  11. matt.jc

    Name miss-pronunciation

    I think it was last year's Wimbledon, Brad Gilbert called Frank Dancevic Dankevic
  12. matt.jc

    Grip size dilemma

    So I'm looking to get a new racquet, and once I figured out the problem of finding which racquet I have a grip size problem. I currently play with a 4 3/8 and its getting a little small. I like the size on the forehand, my forehand has a lot of spin to it, but I don't like it quite as much on my...
  13. matt.jc

    exo3 rebel vs exo3 ignite?

    Does the 18x20 string pattern on the Rebel still produce a lot of spin? That is one of the reasons I'm considering the ingite hah.
  14. matt.jc

    exo3 rebel vs exo3 ignite?

    Which one feels more solid at the baseline or are they around the same?
  15. matt.jc

    exo3 rebel vs exo3 ignite?

    I was wondering if people can compare these 2 racquets. I currently use the sp tour and thinking about upgrading to one of the two but I can't decide which one (I can't demo them).
  16. matt.jc

    Prince ignite question

    Has anyone hit with the sp tour and the ignite and have any feedback?
  17. matt.jc

    exo3 ignite vs. speedport tour

    If someone has hit with both, I was wondering if you could compare them because I want to upgrade my sp tour to the ignite but not sure yet. What does what better (spin, ground strokes, stability etc.), and what are your overall impressions of both?
  18. matt.jc

    2 Canadians advance to semi-finals!

    So happy to hear the news today, it's been a while since Dancevic has performed well You can tell tsn isn't big on tennis hah
  19. matt.jc

    A waste of 170$

    Ontario's taxes are 13%
  20. matt.jc

    A waste of 170$

    I live in Canada and my GR2s were like 158 or around there including shipping and taxes, there's only one store in Canada I find that has decent prices.
  21. matt.jc

    Coco Vandeweghe Serve

    Am I crazy but was she wearing men's shoes?
  22. matt.jc

    Men's Tennis - Olympics 2008

    For Canadians you can watch the live stream here
  23. matt.jc

    Maria's SpeedPort Black

    Roger's cup in Montreal
  24. matt.jc

    Maria's SpeedPort Black

    nope regular black
  25. matt.jc

    Maria's SpeedPort Black

    Someone posted this on a different thread
  26. matt.jc

    WTA - Stanford 2008

    No Stosur was the replacement
  27. matt.jc

    CANADA: Wozniak's Final at Stanford on French CBC

    Wooh gotta support a fellow Canadian hahah
  28. matt.jc

    If you could change...

    Coria def. Coria?:confused:
  29. matt.jc

    WTA - Stanford 2008

    Wooh Wozniack into the semis I hope she does well in Montreal