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  1. Howard Pollack

    extremely short playability on high/thin gauge strings

    Prob a bad string job. No way that string stretches like that after a warm up. I'm on my second set with opposite results. I can see a pro like Nadal popping it in the warm up though.
  2. Howard Pollack

    extremely short playability on high/thin gauge strings

    I just tried the 20g Hyper G in my Ezone 100. String plays amazing! Spin , directional control , power , feel are all a solid 9. String plays pretty consistent for about 4-6 hours then it just snaps. Great for the arm. Love it !
  3. Howard Pollack

    Why Ezone 100 for Casper Ruud?

    I am having a lot of fun with Solinco Hyper G .... I tried the 20g and 16g. Both work really well with the Ezone strung at 49/47 lb.
  4. Howard Pollack


    guys your being way to tough on this dude. He apparently has an equipment problem which may or may not have led to a shoulder problem. He just changed his string set up and dealing with an injury at the same moment. Have you ever seen him hit so many slices ? Duh ! he's not 100%. And while...
  5. Howard Pollack


    Have you guys seen the price of pickle ball racquets .. I just put out more than $210 for one.
  6. Howard Pollack

    Suggested string adjustment

    Dude it's the racquet not so much the string. The Blade has that connected feeling that you're missing with the SP....
  7. Howard Pollack

    Apparel brand that lasts long

    I used to buy only Adidas , Lulu and other name brands. Yes they last , but after a few seasons I would want a different look , something fresh.... Instead of spending $$$ on name brands I took a step down to Champion and picked up whites tops and bottoms for $25 a set. They look great...
  8. Howard Pollack

    Wilson Baiardo

    That's really good... who in their right mind would sell a WB for with only 550 frames on her. Heck its not even broken in :)
  9. Howard Pollack

    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    Was surprised you didn't stick with the TB or 4G. It would have given you a better comparison to the old stick you were using. You created a new animal :)
  10. Howard Pollack

    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    I also have two new ones out of 6 ...
  11. Howard Pollack

    Adidas Barricade 2021

    Send them back right away ... two pairs of socks is not an option. You know the saying "if the shoe fits" :)
  12. Howard Pollack

    Wilson Pro Labs: Ultra Pro v3 (18x20) Official Thread

    and speaking of grommets .... decided to take off the top head grommet to add some lead tape under the guard. I had a hell of a time trying to put the grommets back in. A lot of the holes the grommet did not go all the way back in. I finally managed to put them back but it took a good 45...
  13. Howard Pollack

    Zverev and Adidas

    Not surprised they are a lot more stable than Uber
  14. Howard Pollack

    Lehecka United Cup Racquet ...

    He just cleaned out Zverev and was hitting forehand bombs. Anyone know the racquet he's using ? It looks Cooper in color and very similar to the blade.
  15. Howard Pollack

    Australia stunned as Kyrgios pulled out of United Cup

    What's the big deal ... he knows his body , I'm sure almost everyone in here has gotten up one morning and found an injury that made you think twice about playing. The Aus Open is far more important than the United Cup. Give the guy a break he wants to do well in the slam.
  16. Howard Pollack

    4.0-5.0 players using 18 x 20 frames, what string you use?

    Wilson Pro Blade ... Lux 4G, 1.25 @ 55lbs
  17. Howard Pollack

    Adidas Barricade 2021

    I bought a few pairs and after a brief break in they are the best Barricades ever released. Adidas did the research and came out with a primo product. I know a lot of guys in here don't agree with my assessment but at least for me they are a solid tennis sneaker. Let me know how you like...
  18. Howard Pollack

    Clay vs hard court shoes

    Does Adidas still sell that model ? Looks like the thread will rip up a clay court
  19. Howard Pollack

    Ultimate string of choice !

    I can understand the arm problem issue. Technique , type of racquet and many other variables cause arm problems. Even a weak or semi damaged arm or joint issues can cause pain put I don't think its the string in itself.
  20. Howard Pollack

    Another pickleball rant...

    Don't fret guys ... PB is so yesterday's news. Look for Paddle Tennis taking over. Its really hot in europe and in Cali :)
  21. Howard Pollack

    What's better than full bed Confidential?

    Lux 4g , 1.25
  22. Howard Pollack

    Ultimate string of choice !

    How about Lux 4g 1.25, perfect fit for the Blade Pro
  23. Howard Pollack

    Leave poly under tension for 5 seconds before clamping?

    Not sure about that ... needs further investigation. In my mind a pre stretch keeps the consistency throughout the life of the string. Does pre stretch really kill the playability. Boys please do chime in ...
  24. Howard Pollack

    Leave poly under tension for 5 seconds before clamping?

    I experimented quite a bit. I found the best way to string a poly and keep its consistency till deadness is to do a 10% pre stretch and to be mindful during the whole job. "The time is money" quote is exactly why I decided to buy my own machine.
  25. Howard Pollack

    Psychology during injury recovery

    I'll put in my .02 cents since I cut two tendons on my left tennis hand from a freak construction accident. In short I wasn't able to even think about holding a tennis racquet for at least 8 months and prob longer. My advice is to just forget about tennis and just focus on getting the rest...
  26. Howard Pollack

    Wilson Baiardo Tune Pro

    I want to cry every time I see a post on the machine. I want one so bad but the price for a home stringer is just out of out of my range. If anyone gets one pls text me so I can send you my 6 Pro Blades for the full treatment ... :)
  27. Howard Pollack

    Wilson super tour 15 bag, 9 bag, rucksack in black different from 2020 version

    Probably a quality control problem. I encountered the exact problem with a black Babolat bag. My buddy has the exact same model and his is ultra black and mine has a purple tint.
  28. Howard Pollack

    Wilson Super Tour Bags...They destroy your shirts!

    Sorry boys you're not packing or using this stellar bag the right way. You have to use a light sling bag for any items like wet clothes or other items that need some extra TLC. Bag is amazing just got to know how to pack it.
  29. Howard Pollack

    Adidas Barricade 2021

    anyone else getting blisters on the back part of the heal ?