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    Who thinks Federer should stick with his current racquet??

    Uncle Fed, pls use whatever you are comfortable with to win more slams....and ignore us.
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    Murray's Vapor Wimbledon

    murray does not look as good as when he is wearing his barricades.
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    Federer's FO win is a real achievement - not a walk in the park

    If Djoko/Rafa did not make it to the supposed stage that they should, it can only mean one thing: They played suck!!! Simple rule: The better player win, the lousy one lose!! Geeezz why some ppl cannot understand a simple logic such as this!!
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    Federer looking for name for his son

    That'll be JOHANN
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    Lacoste stencil

    Is it an alligator?
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    Federer's racquet head speed - no comparison to his previous years

    I agree, during those 2003-2006 year Fed also had a much faster footwork. I guess it has something to do with Mirka's pregnancy. Fed at the moment is not able to find such an attentive replacement manager.
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    who is the worst player to win a slam

    My pick will be Lleyton Hewitt.
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    >>>David Nalbandian's Racquets<<<

    Or could it be "Sd" ?
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    The Gonzalez backhand is devastating

    Exactly, gonzo slices his backhand, rarely do topspin. But forehand, that's another story...........
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    Indian Wells Prediction

    Djoko and Fed in the final......the latter will win it.
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    Is Djokovic More Talented Than Nadal?

    Talents remain as talents unless they get worked on. Guys who perfected all their 5 talents, will beat those with 10 but only perfected 3.
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    Unlock the secret mystery behind the KPS88 (large detailed photos)

    Good!! but don't forget to use protection ;)
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    Commentators hate Nadal's outfit!

    Btw, OP do you have any pictures or links to the Nadal outfit?
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    Find out who your perfect tennis match is...

    No matter how many times I tried, I always got Venus hahaha
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    Guga in HD

    Then what racket was he using? a PC?
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    Pro Staff 6.0 85 with a black primer?

    Maybe those scratches are not deep enough to reveal the red primer?
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    VERY Confused, Swingweight for Dunlop Aerogel 100 vs 200 ?

    Fedace, you are 100% right, damn spot on!!!
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    List of rackets that can be capped/ capping guide

    Hi Bud, how about Comp Pro?
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    VERY Confused, Swingweight for Dunlop Aerogel 100 vs 200 ?

    Is that how he can become Legend so fast??
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    Dumb Question Alert: Is it possible to reduce the swing weight of a racquet?

    Something to share ( Delusional disorder, previously called paranoid disorder, is a type of serious mental illness called a "psychosis" in which a person cannot tell what is real from what is imagined. The main feature of this disorder...
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    Dumb Question Alert: Is it possible to reduce the swing weight of a racquet?

    Richie, I think what trav said is actually to contradict Fedace's false arguement. Trav's reasoning looks valid to me
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    An article on Nalbandian (Re: DC)

    In other parts of the globe, 'Bodo' can be a laughing stock....
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    KPS88 Update: NEW Sampras Frame! [Merged]

    don't rely on the specs too much, it may actually play easier than the K90
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    Contest? Guessing the SW of the new K Pro staff.

    according to the OP, this is not official :lol:
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    Contest? Guessing the SW of the new K Pro staff.

    my guess is 340
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    A brand new KPS 88 & A Brand New Pro staff St. Vincent

    ^^ and who is Jim Grab?
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    Wilson K Factor KSix-One X

    I was wondering whether anyone has played with this racket before? Specs look demanding with weight around 12.3oz and swingweight of 360! :shock: Please do share your comments
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    Where to get Asics Gel Resolution (black&white)

    Yo Just wondering where can I get a pair of Asics Gel Resolution (2008) in black and white colour in Asia ?(eg: hk, malaysia, singapore, thailand or indonesia) Any info will be much appreciated thanks
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    Pros and Cons of waxingng the string job

    Hi I have seen stringers waxing the finished string job with candle, does anyone knows the pros and cons of doing so?
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    Roger Federer racket (85 & 90sq) circa 2002-03

    because then she won't be talking about the racket parts only.....:grin: