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    Where did you get Golovin and Rezai from? Shelby Rogers and Christina McHale received the WCs. Rezai hasn't even played on the main tour in years.
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    2020 Marseille Final - (2.) Stefanos Tsitsipas vs. (7.) Felix Auger-Aliassime

    Why are you even discussing whether or not a 19 1/2 year old Tsitsipas could beat Felix? This comment is unnecessarily salty, and unnecessary, period. In any case, I'm not worried about FAA. Five finals before his 20th birthday is an incredible accomplishment, and it's really only his second...
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    2020 Australian Open - Women's Singles - General Discussion

    I liked how muted she's been. I get the impression she's not celebrating because the work isn't done yet. That's the kind of hunger we haven't seen from her in a while.
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    Amanda Anisimova Thread [insert hype & puns of choice]

    I hope she and Rodriguez decide to continue working together. I liked what I read of their partnership in that NYT article.
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    2020 WTA opening week; Brisbane (Premier), Shenzhen, & Auckland

    Muguruza takes out Diyas 6-4 in the third. Into the SF to face Wang or Alexandrova. Regardless of what the rest of the season holds, it's nice to see her stringing some consecutive match wins together in her first tournament reunited with Conchita. She was way overdue to split from Sumyk.
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    An observation about Nextgens

    Sinner and Tsitsipas played at the Italian Open. Tsitsipas won in straights. And you have the Tsitsipas/Zverev H2H in reverse.
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    Watch the classy Garbine Muguruza

    Much as I blame Sumyk for the deterioration of her game (I don't know how a player's best shot ends up becoming their biggest liability), Muguruza herself has admitted she is very difficult to coach. For that reason alone, I think Conchita is probably the right call. Clearly Garbiñe trusts her...
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    2019 NextGen ATP Finals General Discussion: Stronger, Betterer, Faster

    I don't see Ruud winning both of his next two matches, and I do see AdM winning at least one. Kecmanovic seems more likely to be the second player to make it out of that RR group.
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    WTA 2019 Kremlin Cup + Lux (Last leg of Tour)

    Giorgi actually clasped hands on this one and didn't just slap at her opponent's palm. I'd say that's a fairly gracious handshake for her. :laughing:
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    2019 China Open Final - Der Thiemissar in Town?

    Tend to think this favors Tsitsi. It's a matchup he seems to play well in. I wonder if it's because Dominic plays so far back in the court, it gives Stefanos enough time (especially on the backhand) with his own long backswings that the pace from Domi doesn't phase him that much.
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    Amanda Anisimova Thread [insert hype & puns of choice]

    Chris Clarey of the NYT tweeted that Carlos Rodriguez (who formerly coached Justine Henin and Li Na) is now Amanda's full-time coach: I wouldn't have instantly made the connection, but it's an intriguing coach/player combination to say the least. Especially given how Henin referred to...
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    2019 US Open - Women's Singles - General Discussion

    Thoroughly impressed with Gauff's nerve and competitive mettle. The strokes will come.
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    2019 Wimbledon - Women's Singles - General Discussion

    Now that it’s official, this can only be a positive IMO. Her forehand has really deteriorated in the past few years.
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    why not get rid of the seeding system altogether?

    It's never going to happen, but I agree. For all the complaints about cakewalk draws, we wouldn't have that problem if the entire field was seeded and placed in accordance with their rankings. It's never made any sense to me that you could be seeded #2 and draw the 33rd ranked player, while two...
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    2019 Wimbledon - Women's Singles - General Discussion

    I just checked Twitter. This is the same person who claimed Venus was going to pull out of RG with an injury and would be out for several months after undergoing surgery. I think it's a troll post, much as I wish it were true.
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    2019 Wimbledon - Women's Singles - General Discussion

    Agree. I've seen some posts lamenting Gauff's "lack of weapons" and how she kept slicing during the Hercog match. But Gauff was doing what she needed to win. It's not as if she is only capable of playing a defensive style of tennis. It's been impressive how she adjusts her game to that of her...
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    nick and amanda

    She's said on her social media they aren't dating, that they're just friends.
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    2019 Australian Open - WTA Thread

    But Osaka loves playing big hitters.
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    2018 WTA French Open

    Yeah, it's so hard to predict, but in a fun way, IMO. And I agree, I'm sort of sleeping on Kerber, which probably means she's got a much better shot to sneak in for the title than I'm giving her credit for. With regards to Garbiñe, I've just noticed she tends to struggle against players with a...
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    2018 WTA French Open

    See, I actually think the fact that the bottom half finalist is either Keys or Stephens is bad news for Muguruza. Mugu seems to dislike Stephens' high-bouncing shots to her forehand (although I realize Garbiñe has beaten Sloane before, that was when both were very different players). And Keys...
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    WTA Premier Charleston & Int. Monterrey

    Muguruza's OC interactions with Sumyk continue to be painful and uncomfortable to watch. She seems to have such disdain for his advice most of the time, and then afterwards is so quick to credit him. She's too talented to be carrying all that dysfunctional player-coach baggage, but I guess in...
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    2018 Miami Open - WTA Premier Mandatory

    This Sloane/Garb match is mostly horrible.
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    2018 Miami Open - WTA Premier Mandatory

    Garbiñe looked pretty focused tonight. For some reason, she seems to have a mental block against McHale (who did not look good, as those stats indicate), so much to my surprise she didn't choke and was consistently hitting deep balls that McHale couldn't do much with. I'm hoping Garbiñe takes...
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    2018 Indian Wells - WTA Premier Mandatory

    This reminds me of another issue I had with PMac last night: “Kaz-its-Skeena.” No, dude, that’s not even close. And it’s not as if that pronunciation is him trying to phonetically work thru her last name. It’s just disrespectful. You don’t have to master perfect pronunciation, but don’t go...
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    2018 Indian Wells - WTA Premier Mandatory

    All the WTA needs is someone to properly market them!
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    2018 Indian Wells - WTA Premier Mandatory

    Yeah, TBH, I've never found Kasatkina very compelling to watch either. But I've quickly turned around this tournament and am a total believer in her game now. When she's playing the way she has in IW, it's absolutely refreshing to watch. She has so many shots in her arsenal and those spins...
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    2018 Indian Wells - WTA Premier Mandatory

    Yeah, but I do think Daria has enough variety to change up her game, though. I wouldn't expect her to play the same way against Naomi or Venus that she did against Kerber. She'd probably hit more slices and topspin forehand drives than she would the loopers we saw against AK and Woz.
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    2018 Indian Wells - WTA Premier Mandatory

    Daria was fantastic today and against Woz. She executed a incredibly smart game plan against Angie, consistently hit balls out of Angie's preferred strikezone and really prevented AK from developing the rhythm that she typically loves. That kick serve of Daria's was also crucial today. And the...
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    2018 Indian Wells - WTA Premier Mandatory

    That was some mighty impressive stuff from Kasatkina. When she's on, her brand of tennis is so much fun and unique to watch. It's such the antithesis of the ball-bashing or grinding you see from most players these days.
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    2018 Indian Wells - WTA Premier Mandatory

    Vickery DID play well, I agree. But no, sorry, Vickery just isn't good enough to be beating an on-form Muguruza. Vickery stepped it up when the chips were down. But I think this match is one in a string of inexcusable losses Muguruza has had since she's adopted more of a grinding style of...