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  1. deltox

    Who's the biggest cheat among pros?

    no room for mr the ball didnt hit me on the list?
  2. deltox

    Cocky/Arrogant Tennis Players

    roddick arrogant? what channel have you been watching? hes an ass on court sure, but he is NEVER EVER arrogant about the matches he plays. he is more funny, and gives himself more of a hard time than others. seriously, roddick isnt arrogant, in fact hes probably the most humanitarian...
  3. deltox

    Cocky/Arrogant Tennis Players

    there is a point in giving credit where it almost sounds like sarcasm coming from the robotic speaking rafa nadal. when he says, my opponent played really well today, i knew it would be a tough match, im just hapy to be thru round one, i was lucky today... final score 6-0 6-1 6-1. thats...
  4. deltox

    Lleyton Hewitt thinks he invented "Come on"

    yup its now official, i fing hate LH. what a coporate sell out, peice of trash
  5. deltox

    Did Nadal skip Davis Cup to chill and watch the World Cup?

    DC should be once every 4 years as well. this would make it much much more prestigious
  6. deltox

    Serena is not even CLOSE to the best ever.

    serena earned those accusations by being the biggest most muscular woman on tour,, not enough for them there. then she was the most outspoken person on tour about random drug testing being unfair. you cannot be against drug testing and people still think your clean.
  7. deltox

    Lleyton Hewitt thinks he invented "Come on"

    wow, just wow.. someone is being a pissy little a$$hole about some words.. grow the f up freaking adult pro athletes. fokers.
  8. deltox

    Federer has won 12 slams in a short period of 4 years..

    i hate to be like this but. it would be *'d reasons why you have to have so many, i think its 1000 lifetime at bats to qualify for the record books in mlb. he didnt win the triple crown in any given year, his rbi and hr total would be in question,, there is ALWAYS more factors than 1...
  9. deltox

    Is that Serena on the cover of

    her weight changes with the season.. seriously, im not poking fun during the winter and early spring she is usually at her heaviest late spring to early summer she starts getting toned and losing weight by uso time shes in her best fitness level of the year. after the season ends, she...
  10. deltox

    Nadal's accomplishments more complete than Sampras'?

    id love to see prime nadal vs prime agassi. i cant say which would win, or even venture a guess but i do know that dre would easily negate the massive spin of nadal but cant say anything bout there athleticism taking over. the way i see it., might have been the best possible matchup in...
  11. deltox

    How should Isner and Mahut be rewarded?

    the endorsement deals for stamina products and tennis apparel. the books deals and tv deals. the 30 min tennis channel specials about each of them making them more famous. overall id say isner profits over 1 mil from this match and mahut gets like 700k or more depending on the love in his...
  12. deltox

    Mahut vs. Isner

    one might say im biased as well.. of course since i live 10 miles from isners mom and dad but isner has a better forehand and serve mahut has a better backhand and movement. equal at net in my eyes thus this close match lasting forever.
  13. deltox

    Mahut vs. Isner

    matters not now who wins and who is a loser. they will both make major bankroll on this match for the rest of their lives.
  14. deltox

    Mahut vs. Isner

    i guess you think mahuts aces arent counting? get real
  15. deltox

    Mahut vs. Isner

    just read, ball kids and several lines persons were subs out due to exhaustion at 48 all via twitter
  16. deltox

    Mahut vs. Isner

    how yet again? that was his first 2 BPs in the set at 50 all
  17. deltox

    Mahut vs. Isner

    im definitely not saying remove it, but what i do feel is that the tournament as a whole would benifit greatly from the following introduction from round 1 til round 4 if the game goes to 10 all in the set, the game should be decided by tiebreaker. this is only to benifit the game as a...
  18. deltox

    Mahut vs. Isner

    you can say that about anyone in the top 10 about one shot or another. how good would roddick be without serve. nadal without speed federer without the forehand everyone has a best shot. onyl a select few would be nearly as great without that weapon, unfair remark dude
  19. deltox

    James Blake lets Pam Shriver have it.

    this made me rofl. but on the threads topic. wasnt pam shriver yelled at by another player, then pam said something like, i dont have to shut up, doesnt she know im commentating, haha. i think she was being fussed at by a female player a few years back. anyone remember who that was...
  20. deltox

    Mahut vs. Isner

    that guy has so much improved his stamina and fitness level over last year, but its apparent that fitness and stamina is still his glaring weakness. but, he has the big serve and forehand to try to end points early so hes never really out of the match until it ends. But he isnt looking good...
  21. deltox

    Mahut vs. Isner

    kinda like a WS match right?
  22. deltox

    Mahut vs. Isner

    im loving this match, like isners chances in this draw but after today im afraid my boy might be out of gas win or loss :(
  23. deltox

    Why do people always say Federer has better footwork than Nadal?

    the way i define it is nadal uses brute force , pure muscle for his movement, which is great for him and his style of play no doubt. federer is defined as covering the same gorund but with minimal effort. thus making him not faster but with overall better movement. he also makes super...
  24. deltox

    Huge advantage for being a lefty

    you cant turn back the clock to when your 8 or 9 yrs old and try to learn tio use the other hand as the dominant one.
  25. deltox

    Who is greater? Andy Roddick or Michael Chang?

    roddicks charity work outbalances his attitude on court 100000 times over. think about it
  26. deltox

    Most Effective Returner

    i agree but you cant use points won off return as proof, was my point. once you get it in play your return game is out of play and the point comes down to ground strokes. that was my point. atp needs more categories. points won on the single return of serve shot or return "ace" would be...
  27. deltox

    ATP 250- Eastbourne

    he better step it up this first match then
  28. deltox

    Ranking situation fully & clearly explained

    nadal hasnt won anything but clay in almost 2 seasons. if he can pull off a shield from a HC masters then he might just keep it all year long. if not, then who knows. this writer is a moron though, he draws to many conclusions without proof
  29. deltox

    Most Effective Returner

    all of this can be very misleading. when you have an awesome average when comparing groundies to groundies you dont have to do anything but put the return back into play. if your talking bout doing the MOST DMG on the return, well thats leyton h stil and has been awhile.
  30. deltox

    Where does Federer's serve rank in history?

    ok that was an opinion here is some facts the railing at houston behind the baseline is over 10 feet behind the baseline and approx 10 feet tall. isner repeatedly served kick serves over that retaining wall. ive never even heard someones tall tale about doing something so ridiculous...