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    No longer a Fed fan after tonight....

    Exactly. Slams are what matter the most. In fact, non-slam tournaments don't mean a thing. Nobody remembers ATP500 champions. You've got to win the slams (against top players) if you want to be the best. Fed failed over and over vs. Nadal. Now he's failing over and over vs. Djokovic.
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    Solid tennis wins

    Word of wisdom right there. What good is elegant and flash if Roger can't even do the basic things right such as keeping the ball in play? Roger's tennis is fundamentally wrong and it's purely based on luck. When he's lucky he may win a couple of mickey mouse tournaments here and there but when...
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    No longer a Fed fan after tonight....

    Couldn't agree more. It wouldn't have matter one bit -- even if Fed was up 2 sets and up 5-0 40-0 Djokovic would have come back to beat him. Fed cannot beat the Djok (Note: matches that matter such as grand slam final. Not a Mickey mouse tournament like Cincinnati). Fed doesn't have what it takes.
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    No longer a Fed fan after tonight....

    I was a Fed fan once. I thought he would beat Nadal on clay eventually. He was beaten like a drum year after year but I thought maybe one day stars would align and Fed would defeat Nadal. That day never came. It's not too late to give up on Fed, The FifthSet. He will disappoint you every slam...
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    Why are Federer Fans still disappointed?

    I'm disappointed because his 17 slams came from the weak era. It doesn't matter how many slams he has. He couldn't beat Nadal and he can't beat Djokovic. To me Roger is not GOAT. In terms of # of slams, sure he may be the number 1 but he is not the best ever to grace the sport. He is lucky he...
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    At what point did you give up on Federer today?

    Djokovic sold his soul to devil long long time ago. He simply cannot lose. All the luck is on his side. He is the fact of life.He is the answer. He is God.
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    Rodge's New Return Tactic

    I just saw this return on Youtube and my jaw dropped. Came here to see if anyone picked up on it. It is indeed something you never see in today's tennis. Do share more videos! wtf!
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    Tennis Warehouse-Central Florida Chapter (Greater Orlando Area)

    Just wanted to drop in and say hello. I see all the regulars are still around. This tennis community makes me want to move back to Orlando, ha.
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    Stan : 'He always does this'

    And that's the mentality all professional athletes need to have. A 6-0 set should always be the aim; win every point until the match is over. Congrats Stan Wawrinka for a well deserved win. He taught us all a lesson this tournament-- never give up, keep trying, and when you finally get a...
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    Rog, when you have a break chance, just go for an outright winner. Even if it goes in half the time (of even 1/3 of the time) you'd have a better BP conversion rate than you do right now. Jeez
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    The #TeamRafa Celebration Thread

    Going forward please feel free to distribute the updated pic below. I will probably create a new one using the picture from 2013 US Open. Vamos! credit: usatoday
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    So how much have changed the forums?

    Is dozu still here under a different name? I miss noelle and raftermania.
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    Nadal News

    Is he seriously wearing two same watches?? I would too... half million $ on each wrist LOL
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    Cincy QF: Rafael Nadal [4] vs Roger Federer [5]

    Nadal will annihilate Federer 6-2 6-0.
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    2013 Wimbledon SF: [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [8] Juan Martin Del Potro

    Was that the fastest forehand ever? Never seen a 120mph ground stroke.
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    what is the most epic thread in ttw history?

    There have been many memorable threads but "posters who you want to see hit" comes to mind first, specifically this post in particular where we finally acquired video evidence of LeeD's mad tennis skills. It was a historical day and some posters compared it to witnessing the loch ness monster...
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    Tennis Warehouse-Central Florida Chapter (Greater Orlando Area)

    woohoo, resurrection of the Blanchard Open!
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    Tennis Warehouse-Central Florida Chapter (Greater Orlando Area)

    Hi BC, yes that sounds good - let me know. I live right by public courts! Mikler - oh noes! Do we at least get guest access when we visit? I meant why are they not on TW anymore... Should at least check The Guy's thread once in a while lol gatorbait - sigh, that's pretty far from where I am.
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    Tennis Warehouse-Central Florida Chapter (Greater Orlando Area)

    Hi gatorbait, where about in Tampa do you live? I lived in Orlando for a couple of years as well and am now in South Tampa. We should hit sometime. Hey everyone else. I don't see Bob, lodeen, Coyfish, etc. Where are they at now?
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    Could Sharapova or Serena win a game against Nadal at the French Open?

    Some of the most lopsided matches at French Open Nadal def. Federer 6-1 6-3 6-0 Nadal def. Ferrer 6-2 6-2 6-1 Nadal def. Monaco 6-2 6-0 6-0 Nadal def. Almagro 6-1 6-1 6-1 Nadal def. Verdasco 6-1 6-0 6-2
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    your 5 car Garage

    1- super car LP700 TT UR 2- family car some safe car :| 3- off road (track) car AMS GT-R 4- cruising car Supercharged GPW S2000 CR with ASM and Amuse parts 5- city car Stock Rio S2000 CR Then I wake up.
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    Federer vs Del Potro - 2012 Olympics semi-finals

    Will this be broadcast again in the US? If so what time/channel? Thanks!
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    Nike released limited edition shoes to celebrate Fed's record for most weeks at #1

    Can anyone confirm these will only go for $287? seems too good to be true for something very exclusive.
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    Novak Djokovic: King of clutch

    What is up with Djokovic and his improbable comebacks? How could he turn the table around every single time from seemingly hopeless situations? Is there some sort of voodoo magic involved? What is his relationship with the Illuminati?
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    I hate Djoker!

    It's hard to swallow, but I've never hated a player so much because he's so good. Djokovic always, always finds a way to come back, no matter how far he's behind. He goes for the line on match points as if he doesn't care to lose, and somehow makes all the shots and turns the table around from...