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  1. Hulger

    Prestige Mid to become the racquet of the 2020s.

    Maybe shouting into empty walls, but is it this era of aiming to live one’s life according to a German household gadget advertise killing your vibes with the MID now, when encountering complete the lack of examples holding 93s anymore on your media services? Or is it the deteriorating human...
  2. Hulger

    Racquet Help for player returning from a long break

    It seems like you prioritize feel, so perhaps consider the Ultra Pro 16x19 or even the 18x20 strung loosely. It offers a direct connection with a soft touch, unlike the harsh feel of Pro Staffs without significant weight. Its no-nonsense graphite construction moves through the air easier than...
  3. Hulger

    Too many racquets? Overwhelmed, analysis paralysis.

    You should play competitively enough not to dare switching.
  4. Hulger

    The best Wilson Six One 95?

    16x18 pattern seems to be the way to go for agressive all court hitting. That pattern is kind of inconsistent and the launch angle varies only, if you tend brush the ball too much all the time. Rather I would describe the bed as versatile, because you can hit the nastiest spins and angles from...
  5. Hulger

    Dunlop CX 2024 line

    Sample size is alarmingly growing… Wondering how ****ty and cheap the graphite layup is if the spec variance is like that. Or maybe they didn’t have money left for a proper foaming injector :-D
  6. Hulger

    Dunlop CX 2024 line

    Pro staff 97 is well known for its exeptionally small sweetspot. So 95 only good for casual hitter? But on the other hand if I asked you then how come many 95s are still used on tour, you would probably answer that they are only good for advanced players. Something doesn't make sense here. Imo...
  7. Hulger

    Dunlop CX 2024 line

    Yeah, it's the moment when you think you know too well what the best setup is for you and stop continuously and openly optimizing gear according to your ever-changing needs to become a better player – that's when you just become Mr. average tester.
  8. Hulger

    2020 Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 18x20 Official Thread

    If anyone is interested in turning their Six One 95 into playing more like VCore95 which is often seen as the modern alternative for it, try to add some lead unconventionally around 5-7 o clock and on the stem/ throat. Six one has more weight at 3-9 and 12 in stock form, but it seems to lack it...
  9. Hulger

    2020 Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 18x20 Official Thread

    I seem to need > 340 SW to play effectively with these dense 6.1 95 frames. And you are exactly right that wrong weight distribution easily ruin the playing experience regardless of the version, and the spec variance is huge. My lightest has under 330 SW but, on the other hand, I have one from...
  10. Hulger

    Help retiring from Vcore 95 2023

    I recommended Gravity Pro for someone using Vcore 95 because at least the 2021 version has almost identical string pattern with GPro when overlayed and pretty much the only difference are those extra outer mains in Gpro. Powerlevel is also similar. But 23 version is little more spinny which must...
  11. Hulger

    Dunlop CX 2024 line

    Wait a minute. One reviewer discusses an unusually low swingweight (if true, the racket's hoop would likely lack the claimed dampening materials), and now the entire brand is shot down here. Firstly, I'd question right away the accuracy of the results and stop feeding the potential troll –...
  12. Hulger

    Best control in 100+

    Blade 100 v8 has very accurate and pleasant touch, but it tends to send balls flying long if you force it too much. So it's not a caveman stick like Gpro, which forces you to hit pretty much everything as hard as possible (by no means telling it's necessary a bad thing.) What you guys think of...
  13. Hulger

    Arthur Cazaux's racquet

    Exactly this ^^^ Other Frenchman, who made recently great appearance in Antwerpen obviously also rocking some newer PD, is Mpetshi Perricard. He has very launchy playing style and served over 240 km/h first serves and over 210 km/h slices :eek:
  14. Hulger

    If you want to ever lengthen your racket at home I have an option for you .

    Yeah I have also recently quit stringing conventionally. Nowadays you just 3D print strings on racquet and if needed add a pinch of baking soda.
  15. Hulger

    Dunlop CX 2024 line

    It’s the same 31,5 cm unstrung
  16. Hulger

    Arthur Cazaux's racquet

    After examining AO '24 videos; It seems like we have now at least one male pro player using '18 or '21 Pure Drive. No lead visible. Also considering his serve speeds, I guess it is a stiff one.
  17. Hulger

    Dunlop CX 2024 line

    I have always thought TW measures their provided RA specs as strung. o_O EDIT: Here are the stiffness specs painted on the racquets 2019 CX 200 unstrung RA 65 2021 CX 200 unstrung RA 64 2024 CX 200 unstrung RA 65
  18. Hulger

    Dunlop CX 2024 line

    Check this fleabay image of the new version:
  19. Hulger

    Dunlop CX 2024 line

    There’s a huge potential for CX 200 to settle as the best all-around retail frame available for aggressive modern game leading to probable switch for me from Gravity pro. Hopefully they haven’t messed too much its DNA from the previous generations with (unnecessary seeming) beam changes, because...
  20. Hulger

    Help retiring from Vcore 95 2023

    Trust me, once you have about 70 frames and a stringing machine scattered around the house as I have, she has to have realized that the quest for racquets is a sign of devotion – a novelty seeking mind is pursuing frames, not real trouble or other women. For real… go with the Gravity pro.
  21. Hulger

    Nagal into second round of AO

    Saw him playing last year… his forehand was insane! I guess there isn’t many capable of ripping with RHS like that from the baseline.
  22. Hulger

    Racquet that gives you a heavier ball or one that puts more balls in court? Help me pick my racquet before season starts!

    Go for the one that allows you to feel liberated in hitting any shot. Then, you can concentrate on strategy and physique – something to proudly bring back home, rather than dealing with remarks about racquet behavior.
  23. Hulger

    Russian Lion Karatsev

    Looks like a broken ACL to me based on the clip available
  24. Hulger

    Thin beam Pure Drive

  25. Hulger

    Thin beam Pure Drive

    That's a misguided recommendation; the Pure Drive excels in driving through the ball. PS100 is a spin monster, one of the poorest available for flat hitting.
  26. Hulger

    Mission Somewhat Impossible: my best possible main frame

    Oh man, you have gotten deep into playing with very ”special” frames, which I guess you have adopted from internet reviewers and other marketing ravers or victims of them, who are probably way below your level as far as I know based on your earlier posts here. Keep it straightforward and trust...
  27. Hulger

    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Had a blast with my VCP 100 (-21) last weekend. Kicked off the match with my go-to Gravity Pro, but it quickly became clear that my legs weren't cutting it against this hard-court sliding junior. The VCP, strung in a 16x18 pattern (accidental discovery due to my Stringway machine's limitations)...
  28. Hulger

    Vcore 95 2023 vs Pure Strike VS 2022

    Thy gracious acknowledgment, my liege, is received with profound gratitude. My heartfelt thanks for refraining from further discourse on the matter of tennis racquets! It is now manifestly evident that thou, in thy sovereign might, dost wield the power to decree the participants who may partake...
  29. Hulger

    Vcore 95 2023 vs Pure Strike VS 2022

    I apologize for deviating from the main topic, but your consistent self-praise in a rather audacious manner truly befits your title as a wiseguy. Furthermore, it seems you missed the point entirely; I wasn't begging for comparison of the latest Vcore versions. My question was focused on...
  30. Hulger

    How would you rank these rackets in terms of arm-friendliness?

    Starting from the most arm-hostile TF40 Speed Vcore Gravity Vcore pro