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  1. darthrafa

    Djokovic says weeks at 1 are more important than Slams won ..... Do you agree with his view?

    both option are not right for me the best player shall be the one winning the largest total number of titles (not just slams) that said, the best is not same as the greatest to me
  2. darthrafa

    What's wrong with Carlos?

    it is fundamental but u have to use it effectively to add unpredictability to your tactics. the more he uses, the more mistakes he has made recently thus, he has the IQ but uses it badly
  3. darthrafa

    In which year was the tennis field the weakest, 2006, 2010 or 2024?

    the simplest reason is the djoker's crybabies do not want to downvalue titles won due to the longest weak era before 2024
  4. darthrafa

    Fedal did not maximize their potential. Djokovic maximized his.

    djoker maximises the longest weak era fed might have done the same but long live the king RAFA defeated him in multiple gs
  5. darthrafa

    Rafa Fans: how do you have hope for 2024?

    he played without being affected by any injuries if he gets knocked out, hope it is because opponents play well
  6. darthrafa

    The bigger collapse in a slam final being 2-0 up from Next Gen - Zverev USO 20, Tsitsipas RG 21, Medvedev AO 22 or Medvedev AO 24?

    Medvedev AO 22, med is a good hc player while rafa is relatively defeatable at AO and given his age at 22 re zerev, his serve is powerful but often goes everywhere suddenly
  7. darthrafa

    Who can stop Sinner this year at slams?

    this is the first slam he won, which means he had been / can be defeated by a number of players
  8. darthrafa

    Meddy “if you gotta lose …better to lose in the finals”

    this one hurts more than 2022's in 2022, he knew he should have won it but in 2024, he knew he had already done what he could do and without the legs and out of gas, he knew it is hopeless until the championship point came u can see at the final set, he could only return to his normal return...
  9. darthrafa

    Jannik Sinner = Roger Federer?

    he shall be a more entertaining djoker at this moment
  10. darthrafa

    Why is Medvedev taking this loss so well?

    he knew he played well and got game plan spotted on he knew he did not have the legs to win the title when failing to win the 3rd set he accepted the defeat with chin up not everyone has to be a bad loser and/or smash racquets when starting loss of momentum, let alone getting defeated
  11. darthrafa

    Sinner Is Calm And Supremely Fit. Borg-like

    at the final, he was calm but only when med started being out of gas if (of course meaningless) med had his legs, sinner would have been defeated in 3 sets given his first slam nervousness
  12. darthrafa

    Will Jannik Sinner win slam title #2 this year?

    he has a chance but it looks every one has a bigger chance of mounting a serious challenge to djoker for winning the 2024 uso for Wimbledon djoker still leads miles away for his efficient serve and clean return for fo, the empire is going to fight back The King is hurt, LONG LIVE THE KING
  13. darthrafa

    Djokovic got punished for playing DC + Exhos + United Cup instead of resting !!!

    no sooner or later, djoker will lose if u wish to list out the reasons, it is down to two major - father age and the weak era offering no one challenging him for a long long time when he needs to step up gears to come from behind, it is not easy though it is not impossible at this semi-final, he...
  14. darthrafa

    So much for the supposed weak era....

    would u call these guys as big 3? definitely not so the weak era continues, and even gets weaker
  15. darthrafa

    Before Beijing, Sinner was 0-9 against Djokovic-Medvedev. Since then, he is 7-1

    it would also be a good wakeup call for carlos
  16. darthrafa

    Worse Choking? Daniil historic double or Wimbledon 40-15?

    med is just too tired. he got everything right at the final
  17. darthrafa

    Australian Open F: Jannik Sinner vs. Daniil Medvedev

    me included he played well esp returns of serve and got tactics right by close to baseline but facing a young sinner w many minutes played less, med got to lose
  18. darthrafa

    Australian Open F: Jannik Sinner vs. Daniil Medvedev

    game over med lost legs and out of gas
  19. darthrafa

    Australian Open F: Jannik Sinner vs. Daniil Medvedev

    med started tired and sinner hits more firmly the match depends on whether sinner can cope w the nervousness
  20. darthrafa

    Australian Open F: Jannik Sinner vs. Daniil Medvedev

    the empire fights back med played well but sinner starts working out med abit close to baseline
  21. darthrafa

    AO 2017 Federer vs AO 2024 Sinner - Who wins?

    dont get overexcited even djoker admit the loss is mainly because he played badly fed got everything right at 2017 and played very very well
  22. darthrafa

    Battle of the Borebots tomorrow => Medvedev vs Sinner

    hv u stop watching whenever djoker played? either med or sinner is more enjoyable djoker is miles better but his style is ultra boring
  23. darthrafa

    Australian Open SF: Daniil Medvedev vs. Alexander Zverev

    they are practising how to stay in a rally to defeat djoker!
  24. darthrafa

    Australian Open SF: Daniil Medvedev vs. Alexander Zverev

    maybe due to a long time out, he did look going to lose in the 4th set against carlos but the latter lost the plot
  25. darthrafa

    Did Sinner win the match or did Djokovic lose it?

    given djoker's dominance in recent years, he fully believes that it may be just a bad day among so many (which can be reflected from his interview just now) but if he played badly again in fo, it would hit him hard
  26. darthrafa

    Australian Open SF: Daniil Medvedev vs. Alexander Zverev

    med looks not focused enough but gets better
  27. darthrafa

    Did Sinner win the match or did Djokovic lose it?

    the pressure does not come from djoker it comes from any self mistakes would make him lose the match it also comes from whether he can win the 5th set, if any, given his lack of experience it comes from everywhere
  28. darthrafa

    Novak's drop shot at 40-0 proved to be decisive at the end

    definitely it is the turn point it makes sinner believe he can win it
  29. darthrafa

    Massive Respect

    if djoker had not lost the point of that dropshot, he might have won this match with the 5th set i also dislike his playing style but i would admit he is the most successful OAT. for instance, his serve looks more efficient than fed's, which won him so many wimbledon.