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  1. Druss

    Twitter Reacts To Epic Novak Djokovic vs Rafael Nadal Match

    Going by 4 set matches, from the top of my head there is RG SF 2011 and USO QF 2001 (AA vs PS) that were better.
  2. Druss

    StrongRule is a god for predicting Djokovic will end Nadal's dominance at Roland Garros

    Where‘s Strongrule gone? Let’s hear his prediction for tomorrow’s F.
  3. Druss

    Can Tsitsipass win on Sunday?

    I will be cheering Tsitsipas on like never before. Here’s hoping for the Greek’s maiden slam win a la Wawa2015. Bel1eve.
  4. Druss

    What happened at the virtual bagel?

    When Nadal raced to a 4-0 lead in the opening set, I was thinking at the time it’s going to be a repeat of last year’s F.
  5. Druss

    Federer fans, who are you rooting for in the semi?

    Tsitsipas overall. Between Djokovic and Nadal neutral tbh, just wanna see a good long match that would waste either one for the F.
  6. Druss

    Will Djokovic take a set off Nadal?

    Djokovic in this pic reminds me of the morph in Prometheus.
  7. Druss

    Djokovic is actually playing better than Nadal at the FO

    Last year at RG, Djoko played better than Nads right up until the final. Then somebody got bagelled.
  8. Druss

    Rafa fans: Chill and have some faith in your guy

    Not sure what the issue is with some of these Rafa fans. Their guy served a bagel to a top 10 player in the QF. Boo-hoo if he’s dropped a set. Impossible to always have a super-clean slate.
  9. Druss

    If it ended 20-20-19

    It’s not happening! I sense Nadal has at least one more slam in him. As much as I’d like to, I just can’t bet against Djokovic. All those times the guy was facing defeat (e.g. vs Fedr, or even down two sets vs Mussetti y’day), and yet he’d still have that look like he believes he is still going...
  10. Druss

    If you had a friend that wanted to get into tennis for the first time...

    Wimbledon SF 2000 - Agassi vs Rafter One of the most memorable Wimbledon semifinals ever. This match had all the makings of a classic from the contrasting styles used by both players. On one side Agassi, typically a baseliner and was undoubtedly the best returner in the game, at the time, and...
  11. Druss

    If Djoko and Nadal meet...

    80-90% will be rooting for Nadal.
  12. Druss

    All of the big 3 will lose in the 4th round against an Italian

    I’m all for it! Having said that, Sinner has by far the biggest task of them all.
  13. Druss

    Medvedev could reach RG finals

    If you’re excluding the Final, then yes.
  14. Druss

    Medvedev could reach RG finals

    Tsitsipas will end Medvedev’s run.
  15. Druss

    Federer withdraws from RG

    What would you rather, he play vs Berrettini and most likely ruin his knee because of it, and kiss goodbye to Wimbledon and the rest of the season (and most likely the rest of what is left of his career), just to make Clayqueen, Weakera et al happy...or do the wise thing and withdraw?
  16. Druss

    More Potential? Nadal Or Gasquet?

    I’ve always liked Gasquet, but having seen him play last night against Rafa, I couldn’t help but cringe. The guy seemed old and a spent force. I’m afraid good ole Richard should seriously start considering retirement.
  17. Druss

    Federer's best chance at a title may be gone :(

    Federer’s best chance is Wimbledon now.
  18. Druss

    What do guys think of the Fed - Cilic match drama?

    I think it’s absurd to give Federer a time violation. He is one of the quickest on tour in between dilly-dellying, scratching at what-not or bouncing the ball a dozen times. Then Cilic out of all people, has the nerve to complain? Isn’t he in the discussion with Djokovic for GOAT...
  19. Druss

    All of the big 3 will lose in the 4th round against an Italian

    Re Cecchinato defeating Djoko: lightning almost never strikes twice in the same place.
  20. Druss

    Tomić. Do translate.

    Grazie per la traduzione.
  21. Druss

    Nadal's rigged draw is the hardest in the history of men's tennis

    It’s really amusing to read all those comments claiming how Sinner, a 19 year old who hasn’t even won a Masters title and just 2 ATP titles overall, is nowhere near top 10 (I’m sure he will be - but I’m talking about NOW), and hasn’t been beyond R2 at slams outside RG is considered as tough...
  22. Druss

    Federer right now

    When taking into consideration the speed of the serve, Federer surely must have the GOAT serve. I mean he is serving a Hewitt-pace-sub200k/hr, yet it is just sooo effective. I’ve always considered Sampras to own that title, but Pistol Pete’s serves were 15-20km/hr quicker.
  23. Druss

    Federer right now

    I’d love to watch you do that...Just send me the recording via pm.
  24. Druss

    Seriously ......What is Sampras thinking right now ?

    Nadal winning RG this year and equaling Pete just from one slam alone, is making a mockery of him.
  25. Druss

    Popyrn was a real danger

    Popyrin certainly had his chances to close off the 3rd set.
  26. Druss

    Roland Garros on TV

    I’m currently watching Djoker playing Tennis on PC Court with no spectators. Whats’ the go with spectators as I thought they were allowed, no?
  27. Druss

    I’m calling this right now! Djokovic will lose in RD 1, guaranteed

    No way! Djokovic is far greater than Tennys.
  28. Druss

    Nadal's projected draw versus his actual draw

    “It’s going to be a tough match for sure...he is tough player, no” Nadal, when asked about his next opponent.