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  1. Taveren

    Best Tennis Ball Brand

    Yup Penn Tour it is
  2. Taveren

    Best Tennis Ball Brand

    I agree with the Costco Penn’s being good enough for 1 session and it’s cheap that almost everyone I play with nowadays doesn’t really mind it. Best balls I have tried are Techinfibre X-one and Pro Penn Tour
  3. Taveren

    Beginner question: restring or get a new racket?

    I think you deserve a new racquet but like was said, you must accept the reality that you will be re-stringing it at least once a year in your case. So my 2 cents is buy the racquet you are eyeing but have both the new one and the Dunlop restrung and now you have a backup stick
  4. Taveren

    Best string experience you had?

    Nat gut / poly hybrid Kevlar / zyex hybrid RS Lyon Signum Pro Firestorm
  5. Taveren

    Your best Pressureless balls

    It has been sometime since I tried the Wilson Trinitis but from what I can recall it was the feel on impact, I will probably try the pro version if I can find it online here in Cananda.
  6. Taveren

    Your best Pressureless balls

    Yes, I stopped even considering using pressure-less balls as they just don't give me the same enjoyment as hitting with a fresh can of balls. The most I will re use balls nowadays is 2 sessions max. As with anything YMMV
  7. Taveren

    Your best Pressureless balls

    Tried the Wilson Trinity balls but did not liked them, one of the guys in our group created a pressurizing chamber made those stainless steel beer kegs and though the bounce is ok the feel of the ball on impact is off ( for me ). So for my own tennis enjoyment, I have been buying either US...
  8. Taveren

    High Tension Multifilament/Gut

    I have tried 65lbs nat gut mains with 55lbs poly cross but not multi. Plays great until it breaks, must try if you have power and need a more control oriented string setup
  9. Taveren

    Stringers, what could have led to all mains notched at multiple spots?

    Sorry missed it, does look like friction burns as per Irvin
  10. Taveren

    Sticking to one racquet vs having multiple ones...

    I have a few racquets in my arsenal, all different frames. I play with whatever stick I want to use on a given day and whatever string setup I feel like it. The only thing I make sure is that they are all within the weight range I prefer and string tension I prefer. Makes it more fun and...
  11. Taveren

    Looking to get up in level, ideally to 3.0 NTRP - Tried out self feeds on both wings on all major areas of the court

    One of the guys in my group reminds me of the OP, he learned tennis late but was a long time squash player. He was having a hard time developing his strokes and would often ask for tips/guides so I told him to watch his video footage. He claims to know all the key elements of each stroke/serve...
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    As far as I can remember, Yes
  13. Taveren

    Most cushioned shoes or good insoles for sore knees

    Most cushioned shoes I have tried so far are the Lotto Raptor Hyperpulse 100s, Have only played 12 hours of court time with it but definitely has superb cushioning in the forefoot and balls of your feet
  14. Taveren

    Why so many poly/poly hybrids on TTW

    The same can be said with 80% of rec players using poly IME, I string for my group and no one listens to my explanations on the pros and cons they just want the same setup I am using and thats it. Regardless of tension, racquet headsize, racquet weight, and if they can generate enough RHS to...
  15. Taveren

    Best Looking OHBH

    Best Looking OHBH for me is Fed. Best OHBH was 2017 AO Fed.
  16. Taveren

    Pro's Pro Concept

    I also find Concept to be ok, as a cross but never as mains, Black Out for me is the best PP string overall (while it lasts) but for a cross I like Red Devil more than Concept
  17. Taveren

    what do you use to record yourself

    I have been using a 60” tall tripod with a cheap action cam (sjcam, campark, etc) with 64gb sd card. I replace the battery every hour or so and upload the videos in youtube. Been doing it since 2014 and I can say being able to watch myself hit, practice or play a match has been really helpful...
  18. Taveren

    Gut poly hybrid how long does tension hold?

    No not really, it just does not make much sense because you wont be able to utilise RPM Blasts awesome spin potential as a cross to a multi but suffer its crappy tension maintenance.
  19. Taveren

    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    Unfortunately no, on multiple occasions the PP Claycourt plus snapped on the center string, I even had a freshly strung hybrid that broke after just a volley near the upper part of the hoop but still on center. This is strung at 56/54 hybrid with Red Devil cross. I will experiment in lowering...
  20. Taveren

    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    I know exactly how you feel, an hour to string the and an hour worth of play and the multi snaps (PP Claycourt Plus mains with Red Devil Cross). Lasts a bit longer in my TC95 18x20 though
  21. Taveren

    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    Blackout/Red Devil in my RF97a I tend to gravitate to 55/52 lbs. using a drop weight. Have not used Black Force yet sorry.
  22. Taveren

    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    Claycourt Plus is plush, comfortable, has good power and pocketing, Feels similar to NG but not the same of course. I use it in the mains with Red Devil cross BUT.... it breaks too fast, lasts a day or 2 of tennis if Im lucky. I had a friend try out a newly strung racket but has been in my bag...
  23. Taveren

    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    Whenever I use PP synthetic gut I always end up with a locked stringbed, even in a hybrid setup wether its in the mains or crosses it notches too fast for me. This is paired with poly btw.
  24. Taveren

    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    It plays great, the trick is dialing your preferred tension. I prefer Blackout mains (bites the ball well and low powered) with Red Devil cross (powerful and slippery) this combo gives me really good spin potential. Also Black Eruption mains (power and spin potential) with Concept cross...
  25. Taveren

    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    There are indeed overly exaggerated reviews in this thread but as with any review YMMV always applies and the responsibility of sorting out the BS with the genuine reviews is with the reader. As with any string brand there are good and bad ones depending on each individuals preference, if you...
  26. Taveren

    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    I also like Concept 1.22 but only as a cross string, tension maintenance wise I think most PP poly are all similar and not too far off each other. Meaning within average (not good or great) Poly standards
  27. Taveren

    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    Black Out mains and Red Devil cross works well for me, you just need to dial in your preferred tension to get both good spin and control.
  28. Taveren

    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    I have only tried PP Claycourt Plus (multi) in the mains and Red Devil cross at 54/52lbs and its really plush up to max an hour then I break the mains..... happened to me several times I tried this combo so durability really sucks at least for Claycourt Plus.
  29. Taveren

    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    Similar to my experience, even when crossed with poly, the PP Synthetic Gut does not slide back to place and often notches too fast and locks up the string bed.