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  1. thejuice

    Happy Hour: Buy 1 get 1 free Prince Tour 98 ESP Racquets $37.49 each.

    Just giving feedback as a former owner of this racquet, it's a really good frame. Arm-friendly but not mushy. I added a leather grip and about 4 grams of lead to the 10 & 2 positions (under the headguards which are easy to remove) and it was sweet. I actually kick myself that I sold them.
  2. thejuice

    Does anyone use Wilson Burn 100S here?

    Try the Prince Tour 98 ESP. You can get it really cheap right now. Add a leather grip and some lead under the headguard and you're golden.
  3. thejuice

    Opinions on Lime Green color?

    I totally agree! Black and white are so boring. I'm a big guy so no one says anything to me about my colors unless I say something first. In which case, I make sure everyone knows I don't give a d*mn about their opinions because I like the way my colors look. OP, if you like them then rock...
  4. thejuice

    APD French Open Edition 2014: Selling Out???

    LOL! Good one!!!
  5. thejuice

    APD French Open Edition 2014: Selling Out???

    Hey Bab Official, sorry if I was harsh but the facts are the facts. Some accounts may do well but it doesn't sell well here in my city (which is a very large city for amateur tennis). I can see the appeal for coaches or tennis centers since they can write off the purchase as "teaching...
  6. thejuice

    APD French Open Edition 2014: Selling Out???

    Who else drank the kool-aid? Me and Imago have gone FO style but there has to be more since TW only has 1/2 and 5/8 sizes left.
  7. thejuice

    APD French Open Edition 2014: Selling Out???

    Yes but the previous FO sticks didn't sell like this. We just sold out of the last bit of that stock around the first of the year.
  8. thejuice

    APD French Open Edition 2014: Selling Out???

    The store I work in sold out of this stick in about three weeks. All grip sizes, all gone. We were told we aren't getting any more. We didn't sell but one regular APD while we had the FO edition on the shelves. It looks THAT good and even I have purchased two (matched from TW with TW leather...
  9. thejuice

    1st Gen Pure Drive and the 1st Gen Aeropro Drive

    1st gen Pure Control was Bab's best stick in my opinion. Awesome racquet line!!!
  10. thejuice

    Asics Gel Resolution 5 Fit

    This is the most misleading thread in this section of the TT forums because no one's feet are just like anyone else's. I see it all the time in my store, "I usually wear a XX but this doesn't fit me like XX so I went to YY and it feels much better." Then you get, "I'm an XX and this shoe fits...
  11. thejuice

    Barricade 9?

    Nope, you're talking about a RE-release. Don't ignore the "RE". Both Nike and Adidas RE-release popular shoes of the past (see retro Jordans, Air Max, Huraches, etc). A RE-release means the shoe was more than likely a classic and earned the right to be RE-released. The B5 is considered by...
  12. thejuice

    Barricade 9?

    I doubt it. Nadal is as big, if not bigger, than Joker and even though he's still wearing the 4.3s, Nike isn't still making them for the public. I get that Nike and Adidas are competitors but it doesn't make business sense to keep making a shoe available to the public that would be considered...
  13. thejuice

    Barricade 9?

    It tells you something that they are still releasing new versions of the 7 when the 8 has been out for over a year. The 8 SUCKS!!!!!
  14. thejuice

    Asics being worn at roland garros

    Doubt this one. They've had that color for a while at TWE.
  15. thejuice

    You Know You Have Too Much Tennis Gear When?

    Piggy back... You run a summer tennis camp for 6 weeks and you can wear a different outfit each day AND you have at least three racquets you can loan to the campers to use because you don't care about them.
  16. thejuice

    Graphene MP Prestige - 11/10 STARS!

    Kal, son of El, that means a lot because you were the first one I can remember that posted pics of it and reviewed it.
  17. thejuice

    Asics Gr5

    That colorway is actually from last fall for the TWE site. I suspect it will be on sale soon. I'm not sure how much it would be to purchase and have shipped to the US but I have had my eyes on that color for a while.
  18. thejuice

    Asics Gr5

    I just realized you posted this Michelle. I've been wearing them for a few days now. I get compliments everywhere I go. They are so slick!!!!
  19. thejuice

    New Racquets To Come?

    So have we. If anything, they helped to sell the IG Prestiges with the release of the Graphene line. When people came to try them out, they would ask "do you have the previous model still in stock?" Of course we would have it and they would buy them and now we have no IG Prestiges (but of...
  20. thejuice

    Great Skills No heart

    Hey Chatt, what team do they play for? They sound familiar.
  21. thejuice

    Played a match with radar!

    Reminds me of golf forums when guys say their swing speed is 120mph and higher yet they are playing the public level golf tournaments and casual rounds. Either two things are happening, somebody is embellishing a little bit (OP, not saying that about you since you actually had a radar) or you...
  22. thejuice

    Am I becoming a snob?

    How much are you making to play? If you're making ANYTHING then I would ask to be paired with someone at least ranked in the top 1000 in the world. If you aren't making at least a dollar then I would just say have fun and work on strategy and communication with your partner.
  23. thejuice

    Best tennis racket brand

    OP, you'll likely get more sarcastic remarks because this has been argued many times over the years. (I've been a member of TT for about 10 years) I like the genuine nature of your question so I'll answer. For me, the best brands are the ones with the best quality control. With that said...
  24. thejuice

    New GR5 Color

    As much as I love the color orange, I hated that colorway on the GR5s. I kinda like the McDonald's colorway.
  25. thejuice

    New GR5 Color

    Got mine yesterday. They look even better in person IMO. I can't wait to get them on a court.
  26. thejuice

    12 pack bag

    I've had my Bab Aero 12 pack bag for over 3 years now and it is showing no signs of wear. The "shell" makes it hold its form very well so I use it for luggage sometimes.
  27. thejuice

    Durable, Reasonably-Priced Shoe

    I think the good doctor is saying that the Barricades are so durable that people don't usually burn through them in 6 months.
  28. thejuice

    SmilinBob's Racquet Reviews

    I actually am a local stringer and have applied lead many times to my own racquet as well as others and this frames paintjob just won't hold any lead for me. I've read this same problem by others on this forum and have had customers of mine complain about it as well. I use the 1/4" Tourna as...
  29. thejuice

    SmilinBob's Racquet Reviews

    I tried the Tourna (fell off during warmups) and even the Wilson tungsten strips (they lasted halfway through the first set). I could immediately tell when the weight fell off because it changed EVERYthing about the ball flight and pace.
  30. thejuice

    SmilinBob's Racquet Reviews

    Hey Bob, how did you get your lead to stay on the frame? I agree the 95S is a beast with lead but it won't stay on for me.