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  1. OldschoolKIaus

    Who has a better serve technique - Novak vs Dimitrov

    Connors 4 on hardcourt, in 5 on grass.
  2. OldschoolKIaus

    Thinking of switching to 18 x 20

    Since the old days of Prestige Mid 600 I lile 18x20 ... but as I grew older I like the more pocketing I get from 16x19 ... currently playing Duel G 16x20.
  3. OldschoolKIaus

    What is so special about nadal??

    His poetry series called "Umbeleebeble".
  4. OldschoolKIaus

    Best string for power/durability??

    Natural gut.
  5. OldschoolKIaus

    Thiem and Soderling have had remarkably similar careers

    Soderling beat a proper and young the Nadal. Thiem can't do **** against old the Nadal.
  6. OldschoolKIaus

    Big 3 Draws Discussion

    No real challenge for Big 3 until SF, then the Nadal "only" has Thiem.
  7. OldschoolKIaus

    US Open Championship Python Script

    Great stuff!
  8. OldschoolKIaus

    Andy Murray returns to Challenger Tour

    Nice, very nice :cool:
  9. OldschoolKIaus

    US Open Championship Python Script

    Nice idea! I bet Fedr uses vim and the Nadal loves emacs.
  10. OldschoolKIaus

    US Open 2009 Nostalgia

    Crazy Dan winnig one set vs. DelPo. Madness.
  11. OldschoolKIaus

    Will the search for the perfect string setup last forever?

    Will the search for the perfect string setup last forever?
  12. OldschoolKIaus

    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    I like the feel of fb sgut and a slippery sgut cross (snapback etc.) sounds good ^^
  13. OldschoolKIaus

    Federer needs to shave his head.

    Only on TTW
  14. OldschoolKIaus

    Fucsovics says, "US Open Court speed is quite faster than last year"

    Who was that nerd who whined about such comments from players are not being real data? It happend during Wimbledon.
  15. OldschoolKIaus

    Djoko screaming at the ball kid...

    Ban Djoko and his TTW army.
  16. OldschoolKIaus

    Thiem will win US Open!

    Thiemr? Thmr? Gods of TTW, enlighten me!
  17. OldschoolKIaus

    Pro's Pro Strings!?

    Holy **** Dyna Power has such a slick feel to it I almost wanna try it as cross string (with a 1.30 synth gut mains).