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  1. lud

    Most painful losses of Non GS players against Non GS players?

    I don't wonna read ****ing word about 1981,1986 and 1987 best player. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Nalbandian - 2006 AO vs Baghdatis Ljubicic - 2005 vs Berdych in Paris The Others?
  2. lud

    Was Federer ever seen on football match?

    I can't remember. Or any other sports matches?
  3. lud

    Federer and Djokovic just don't like eachother

    Amen. They tried to formulated some kind friendship at Laver Cup,it didn't work. They have bad blood ever since 2007. Today reactions after match at the end was just natural. Not even 3 words between, just veeery bitter handshake. That's all.
  4. lud

    Fed is only old when facing Rafa&Novak

    I'm fu-king annoyed with this s-it. With everyone else,he plays clear and fine. Only when he's losing againat Djokodal he's too old. I don't buy it. He simply isn't good as them. Period.
  5. lud

    Greatest rivalry of all time?

    I know this is done billion times, but hey with each match some rivalries up and down in all time lists.
  6. lud

    Kevin Anderson still isn't One of the best without GS

    Regardless 2 finals, I don't rate him as good as Rios,Nalbandian,Corretja,Davydenko,Ferrer,Enqvist,Mecir.. How about you,guys?
  7. lud

    Fed vs Kandy, 2015 Cincinnatti

    Greatest humiliation of big server on open fast hard court of all time? I can't remember any of all time greatest huge servers(Karlovic,Isner,Roddick,Krajicek...) being destroyed like this..
  8. lud

    Most competitive 6-1,6-2 sets?

    Can sets like 1&2 be competitive?? For me Us Open 2011 FIN comes to mind. 1st and last sets were much closer than result show.
  9. lud

    Wimbledon: 2002 Hewitt vs 2016 Raonic

    Who would win?
  10. lud

    Venus Will. vs Maria Sh.

    Better career?
  11. lud

    Massu vs Nadal vs Murray. Olympics GOAT?

    Massu - 2004 singles and doubles Gold medal Nadal - 2008 singles Gold medal ; 2016 doubles Gold medal ; 2016 4th place singles Murray - 2x singles champion(12&16) -------------- Q2: Who is more succesful at Olympics? Delpo or Fed?
  12. lud

    More surprise late bloomer: Kerber or Wawrinka

    They give us a breath of fresh air in the last 4-5 years.. Who surprise you more? Both won 3 GS + 1 more final . Both defeat best players in process.. Both lost final again best ever(Serena and Godclay)
  13. lud

    I have feeling that Djokovic biggest fear currently is..

    Two back-to-back straights sets losses are still fresh..
  14. lud

    Why is it so hard to have huge serve and world class baseline

    Federer may be closest,but his serve isn't huge like Sampras,Roddick,Ivanisevic,Becker... Sampras OTAH is probably best baseliner with bombastic serve. And he isn't even in top 15 ATG baseliners. ----------------------------------------------- Is it simply impossible to have it both ways? Or...
  15. lud

    Most recognizable Djokovic sponsor?

    This guy is chameleon in changing sponsors..
  16. lud

    Has it ever happened.. #2

    Another quite rare,fascinanting thing.. That player lead 6-0 in tie-break,but end up losing it. I know couple of 6-1 examples(Cilic)..
  17. lud

    What is better to tennis. Transitional or Dominance era

    I'm kinda miss 2000-2003 era. So many different winners,so many journaymens in finals. Surprising Masters winners Basically, era when anybody could beat anyone on any surface. F-cking Verkerk beat Coria in SF of RG.. OTOH, matches between Big 3 are timeless classics and we are glad to live in...
  18. lud

    Has it ever happened...

    That player won ATP Tournament beating ALL players from same country? I can't find any examples...
  19. lud

    New Epic Game -- 364 players (born 01.01-31.12)

    My first ever topic ever on new forum style. I don't think that this topic ever been done before.. ----------------------------------------------------------- POINT of topic is to collect 364 famous players born in each possible date.. Just put date of birth of someone well known. After...
  20. lud

    When you think about Nadal's 2009, what is the first thought?

    His only AO or Biggest shock ever in tennis history
  21. lud

    Most Epic MP for all 4 Majors

    Only FINALS: Australian Open - 1991 (Hon.mention: 2012,2017) Roland Garros - 2015 (hon.mention: 2004,2006 and 2016) Wimbledon - 2007 (hm: 2010) Us Open - 2008
  22. lud

    Equal prize money

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  23. lud

    Big 3 - Fair Play Award..

    Who is best at losing with honour and dignity? Sure,they all had bad moments. Nobody likes to lose. It's in human nature.
  24. lud

    Weirdest scorlines in BO5 matches...

    I always think that Fed-Djo Uso '10 score was quite unique, strange. 5-7,6-1,5-7,6-2,7-5 Do you agree? Do you maggots has other examples?
  25. lud

    Wierdest,most unique shots in tennis..

    Serve? Forehand? Backhand? Smash?
  26. lud

    Crazy.. but many of my favorite players are/were one hnd. bckh.

    You name it. Federer,Rafter - 2 of my all time greats. And now Shapovalov. Blake,Krajicek,Philippoussis,Ljubicic,Wawrinka,Srichaphan,Karlovic,Sampras,Schalkem... from the past and some if them are still active.. Only a few two hnd. bckh. are my favs. like Enqvist,El...
  27. lud

    Big 3 Scorelines..

    IGNORE IT,, my mistake
  28. lud

    What makes one player more talented than other..

    I never understand this, quite frankly.. Why are Safin,Rios,Nalbandian etc more talented than Wawrinka,Djokovic or Ferrer? Or Kyrgios vs Zverev?? Because their game looks besutiful to eye. No,that's tehnicque.
  29. lud

    Favorite bagel from RF

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  30. lud

    ATG matches from ALL Masters..

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