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  1. Zeref

    What is more to happen - Fed fans shifting to Novak side or hating him even more ?

    Nothing but Respect for Novak from my side. He has so much in his game to be in awe. Deep returning, Sliding, anticipation, Physicality and Changing directions on both sides at will. That being said ofc as a Roger fan I would like him to win btw them two
  2. Zeref

    What if Federer was born in 1987, Nadal in 1981, and Djokovic in 1986?

    Very convinient to bring out Competition when it favours your opinion and taking it out of the equation when it does not:rolleyes:
  3. Zeref

    Who has the best strokes to copy?

    These Stunts are Performed by Professionally trained Performers... DO NOT.. I repeat DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, SCHOOL OR ANYWHERE
  4. Zeref

    Who has the best strokes to copy?

    I understand u mate
  5. Zeref

    Who has the best strokes to copy?

    Slicing all the time feels like a damn junkballer but it is effective and frustrates the opponent at recreational level lol.
  6. Zeref

    Who has the best strokes to copy?

    I disagree, To me it has always been Nadal's Forehand that is very easy to copy, Whenever I am struggling with my form and Footwork my body automatically switches to more Nadal like Forehand swing. To play a completely Nadal like Forehand, One should not focus on rotating the upper body and arm...
  7. Zeref

    Lahlany and us open women’s final

    He is already serving a 2 Tournament ban right now according to this site. May b USTA cheif and Serena would have helped lifting that ban to help things end 'better':rolleyes: Edit- There is...
  8. Zeref

    stronger: 2004-06 or 2014-16 ?

    They are dead even to me. 2014-16 had GOAT names but Nadal was basically out after FO14 and Federer became Zero Ground Gamerer by then. Federer, Wawrinka and Murray were basically 2nd Tier players by Performance but fairly consistent. But 2004-2006 had 2nd tier players who were a threat at a...
  9. Zeref


    tushar'sdoggohatesdrugs Tusharneedscoachingfromhisdoggo.
  10. Zeref

    Roger Federer is the most dominant tie-break competitor in history

    Shame he has been loosing important tiebreakers a lot lately.
  11. Zeref

    Weak or Strong?

    I was going to post a broad classification But This is perfect.
  12. Zeref

    The real thief

    There there you Misogynist Sexist Racist falsifier. How dare you? She is a mother. Have you ever thought how would she explain her daughter how unjust and ugly this world really is.
  13. Zeref

    The real thief

    Did long ago ;)
  14. Zeref

    Serena Williams

    Wow Conversation over. Serena fans - 1 mistake by Umpire - Suspend him 3 mistakes from Queen Serena - GTFO She has a daughter. LMAO
  15. Zeref

    Serena Williams

    Good on you, that u know those ****ing rules. "You don't know the ****ing rules " if someone says that to me, i may get offended.
  16. Zeref

    Serena Williams

    What discretion....He just called a Warning for Coaching. Serena took it the wrong way herself. What do u want? HIM to loose his job. Player commits a mistake, he/she gets a warning ..1 more chance and then a penalty. That too may or may not have much effect on a damn match. I m sorry but a...
  17. Zeref

    Serena Williams

    His every comment is directed at himself and clearly he isn't interested to chat with umpire. See Serena now *Points at Umpire* You owe me an apology ( WTF ). You are a theif, that's what u are for stealing a point from me(WTF). U owe an apology to my daughter ( LMAO just wanted to include it...
  18. Zeref

    Serena Williams

    He did not abide by Rules ( There are no rules for tanking I guess so he should have done nothing ) and got Penalty very next day to umpire Court 12(?). I guess Strict guidelines must have been given to all umpires to follow standard protocols which Ramos did. And don't act like she wasn't...
  19. Zeref

    Will Djokovic lose a 6th USOpen final and 10th GS final?

    Possible RG 2006 , W2008, AO2009, W 2010, RG2011 and may b just may b USO2011 and W2011?
  20. Zeref

    Drop shot serve

  21. Zeref

    Thiem breaking out?

    Nah...U are not THE Man untill u beat THE MAN.
  22. Zeref

    Drop shot serve

    There isn't a need of Drop Short serve but an Angle serve. Drop Short serves aren't going to be Working more than twice against athletes like Nadal, Dimitrov etc. Though it may force them to Step closer. I don't think anyone has any idea what to do if the returner reaches the drop serve since...
  23. Zeref

    Greatest Slam Quarter last 25 years?

    Blake Agassi QF 2005 is also up there. I can't decide which one is the best:confused:
  24. Zeref

    Fellow Fed fans, please indicate

    I want him to hit that Fearhand and Neo Backhand just once more for one event I guess I m on Bargaining:(.
  25. Zeref

    Its not the end

    It was so clear he isn't playing well whole 2018, This year i don't know if he has motivation left in him. I have never seen his first serve abandoning him the way it did today. I hope he gets it together somehow...I am expecting too much from him, he is 37 after all and showing total ageing. I...
  26. Zeref

    Couldn't be more fitting

    Oh yes Young Federer and Dimitrov , doesn't matter both play the same...some stupid mugs. There is that thing people say about Nole against Power servers not Spot servers. Djokovic and Murray are best in reading serves.. against power servers, it is not about just reading ... And people post...
  27. Zeref

    Couldn't be more fitting

    No what are u even talking about. Cilic is lot better than Young Federer. Pretty much sums up majority of Djokovic fans, could have just appreciated Djokovic and hyped him up but no, we also have a constant need to bring up Federer and undermine him in any possible Djokovic thread/ wins. Yet...