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  1. Stefan Dimov

    Fernando González 100 brutal forehand winners

  2. Stefan Dimov

    Mischa Zverev - 70 amazing winners [Collection1] HD

    And who were you, dear friend? : D
  3. Stefan Dimov

    Mischa Zverev - 70 amazing winners [Collection1] HD

    Yes, please! I'd love to see that match again. I'm putting it somewhere in the next one... And Davdydenko Shanghai 2010? :)
  4. Stefan Dimov

    Mischa Zverev - 70 amazing winners [Collection1] HD

    One of my all-time favourite players since Rome 2009!
  5. Stefan Dimov

    Jack Sock - 70 winners (forehands, backhands, volleys and more) in HD

    Even thou 2018 has been the worst year in Jack Sock's career so far.
  6. Stefan Dimov

    Is Shapovalov the real deal?

    Felix Auger Aliassime will be the real real deal.
  7. Stefan Dimov

    Alexander Zverev - 44 slick winners (forehands and backhands) in HD

    "Captivating highlights for those who're still wondering what's so special about Alexander/Sascha Zverev Jr."
  8. Stefan Dimov

    Teen Federer (18, 19 y/o) - 70 winners in HQ

    Compiled by me. Big thanks to TGM for the footage.
  9. Stefan Dimov

    Serena's first match since giving birth

    Williams vs Ostapenko Highlights.
  10. Stefan Dimov

    Grigor Dimitrov - 60 beautiful winners (forehands, backhands, hot shots, tricks)

    Warming up for London 2017. And hopefully it won't be as uninteresting as it's been so far...
  11. Stefan Dimov

    Whose your least favourite active player?

    Fritz, Weaka Pouille, Cilic.
  12. Stefan Dimov

    Worst forehand in the top 100

    You're depreciating Mischa Zverev's forehand. He varies the depth masterfully, places it well even from tough positions. Short swing is cutting the biggest Isner serves and in addition he's hitting some top tier passing shots (room for improvement in that area). He's barely making an unforced...
  13. Stefan Dimov

    Weird and funny celebrations

    I'm always laughing at some of these, can't help it. Had to make a video.
  14. Stefan Dimov

    Federer's worst performance ever?

    Vs Montañés, Estoril 2010... It was a real horror. Federer was an out of shape top 300 or at least you'd think so if you hadn't watched him. What's even worse is that he was trying.
  15. Stefan Dimov

    Cheong-Eui Kim has two forehands and serves (lefty and righty)

    One of the very few ambidextrous players on the pro tour. Are going to see some more of this in the future? I've always wanted to see it.
  16. Stefan Dimov

    Have you ever enjoyed a match where your Favorite player got destroyed?

    Nadal vs Melzer Shanghai 2010. One of my personal faves.
  17. Stefan Dimov

    The next legend? Felix Auger-Aliassime's road to the title in Lyon.

    Felix Auger-Alissime became the 7th youngest player to win a challenger title (right in-between Nadal and Djokovic in that stat). He also shares a birth date with Roger Federer. Watch carefully and discuss.
  18. Stefan Dimov

    Does Nadal break the top 5 all time ranking with his La Decima ?

    30 Masters titles and counting, 15 slams and counting, 81 consecutive matches won on clay, 2 gold medals, 10 titles in 3 different tournaments, highest winning percentage of 82.19%... simply impossible. We have the grace to be witnessing a living legend who's absolutely responsible for trying to...
  19. Stefan Dimov

    Zverev News

    Rename this thread to "Alexander Zverev news" since he would've never been so mature and great as a tennis player if it wasn't for his older brother.
  20. Stefan Dimov

    Federer 1999 Rotterdam Interview and rare match

    Wow what a great collection of rare matches you have on your channel! Very surprised Federer's not reading books thou, i hope he's changed his mind since then. Do you give me permission to make highlights?
  21. Stefan Dimov

    Best return of serve performances?

    Yep, i'm buying this match on DVD very soon.
  22. Stefan Dimov

    Worst call in tennis history, Brown vs Coric

    You're right. He does play some marvelous tennis, some of his shots are beyond imagination and it's very soothing and satisfying to have him around here, talent from a different league. I do watch quite a lot of challenger matches and it's also true that some of the shots he produces in a single...
  23. Stefan Dimov

    Worst call in tennis history, Brown vs Coric

    Dustin Brown proved to be a bigger moron than he looks. Coric squandered 15 break point chances, still struggling to win back to back matches in 2017...
  24. Stefan Dimov

    The best thing for tennis in 2017

    The best thing for tennis in general would be if Federer, Nadal and Djokovic all end up with 18 majors somehow so we can have peace.