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  1. mikeler

    I hate orthodics

    Same shoes or did you try something new? The shoe manufacturers always feel the need to change their models. Every now and then, I'm forced to try a new model shoe that just isn't right for me and causes plantar fasciitis symptoms. Once I decide to ditch the shoe and try something else, then...
  2. mikeler

    Anybody try Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA?

    I liked Solvang (near Santa Barbara) much better for wine tasting than Napa/Sonoma.
  3. mikeler

    Anybody try Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA?

    Darn, I should have posted before I left on the trip not after! Oh well, I'll just have to go out there again.
  4. mikeler

    Playing against ruthless players

    Sometimes a deeper, flatter hard shot is easier for you opponents to deal with than a shorter heavy topspin shot because they use your aggressive pace against you by redirecting. You are a lefty, why not hit a heavy loopy topspin cross court forehand just past the service line to your righty...
  5. mikeler

    Anybody try Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA?

    That is some serious ABV!
  6. mikeler

    Anybody try Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA?

    Thanks for the info on the breweries. I'll probably be making another trip out there this summer as I now have family in the area. With the exception of the Tenderloin district, I found the rest of SF to be pretty nice and safe. Had some gorgeous weather while I was there, great trip all in all.
  7. mikeler

    Anybody try Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA?

    @Kevin T I just got back from a few days in San Francisco. Had some Fort Point Lobos Hazy IPA while out there. Wow, this is a contender for top 10 IPAs in my book. It made me look around for new IPAs when I got home as I have not been drinking much beer the last few years. I decided to try...
  8. mikeler

    Bee attack!

    Dang, sorry to hear about that. Hopefully you are sting free from here on out!
  9. mikeler

    Bee attack!

    1. Honeybee if you leave the stinger in, is not great. Getting multiple stings, I'd be out of there like Alcaraz. 2. Bumblebee is very intense at first but then like a honeybee until it heals. 3. A large wasp sting is as intense as the bumblebee and also causes a lot of redness/swelling for...
  10. mikeler

    NO wide toe box tennis shoes!

    Give Fitville a try.
  11. mikeler

    ACL and Meniscus repair without surgery

    35 for me as well
  12. mikeler

    ACL and Meniscus repair without surgery

    I apparently tore my ACL in college. Never got it checked out back then (stupid I know). It took a year to play sports again and I did so without problems until around age 45. That's when I had a very bad bucket handle meniscus tear in the same knee and an MCL sprain. I couldn't straighten...
  13. mikeler

    @TW Staff - Web connection to Talk Tennis being blocked intermittently (for weeks/months at a time).

    Like @McLovin guessed, the IP on line 2 of what you provided is on the IP blacklist. I recommend following his instructions above and then please report back.
  14. mikeler

    College Football 2023-24

    Fingers crossed they don't take Dabo. He grew up and played at Alabama.
  15. mikeler

    Anybody try Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA?

    Still mostly avoiding beer but caved tonight and had some Pulp Friction grapefruit IPA while out with some friends. Thanks for the thread bump @Kevin T
  16. mikeler

    College Football 2023-24

    I find the worst college football fans to be those that are NOT the alumni or current students at the game.
  17. mikeler

    Most low Powered Multifilaments Compared

    I prefer lower powered strings. This thread has some age on it now but you may want to check out some of the top ranked strings on my list in post #1: Mikeler's Multis
  18. mikeler

    TRU PRO (formerly Tier One Sports)

    Has anyone tried their overgrip yet? I will hopefully try it out in the next few weeks.
  19. mikeler

    Clean water filtration and electrolytes

    1. Just curious, why are you concerned about fluoride? 2. In humid conditions, I use Nuun tablets in my water, salt stick chews or after every few games and I'll eat a gu for energy and electrolytes when I feel like I am crashing in the heat.
  20. mikeler

    Bird hindrance

    We had a few situations at our old club location where people hit doves in mid-flight. They loved to hang out on the clay. That was a true hindrance!
  21. mikeler

    College Football 2023-24

    I'll be curious to see FSU next year if they can sustain their success with a fairly heavy reliance on the transfer portal. That alone could get Dabo to change.
  22. mikeler

    College Football 2023-24

    UGA rounding into championship form...again
  23. mikeler

    Best wide fitting tennis shoes?

    Trying out Fitville Men's Amadeus Tennis and Pickleball shoe 4E. Liking the shoe a lot and the price.
  24. mikeler

    Penn Champions Extra Duty

    Buy from Tennis Warehouse and you'll be just fine.
  25. mikeler

    Penn Champions Extra Duty

    Pro Penn Marathon regular duty were my ball of choice. The last year there have been some QC issues. Seems like 1 out of every 3 cans is dead so I moved to US Open regular duty.
  26. mikeler

    If Penn Extra Duty Balls are good for Clay

    They are one of the better extra duty balls on clay even though that is not what they are designed for.
  27. mikeler

    Paranoid Android

    I've had a personal Apple phone since the original one came out. For the past 8 years, I've had a few Android phones for work. There are some minor annoyances I had with them but for the most part both phones do a lot of the same things. I just find Android a little less user friendly.
  28. mikeler

    Stretchiest strings on the market?

    Mantis Comfort Synthetic/Pro's Pro Hi Tec Multifibre (pretty sure it is the same string) stretch the most for a multifilament but don't last long at all. Tier One Ghost Wire stretches the most for all the polys I've strung.
  29. mikeler

    Which is better place for Tennis Florida vs Texas for 16 year old?

    Florida has over 1,000 people moving here every day but you are from Phoenix so you are used to living around a lot of people.
  30. mikeler

    Most spin-inducing string?

    Tier One Firewire is also very sharp and spinny. It cuts itself as a full bed so I put Tier One Ghostwire with it as a cross string. GW is very smooth and soft for a poly.