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  1. Bertie B

    Why is Britain so bad at Tennis?

    It's a Zombie society. They lost that war! The second one, both actually. Since they came out on the winning side, no changes needed to be made and life/business can go on as it always had. Losers reflect, losers go back to the drawing board. Britain did not lose! This is why the British...
  2. Bertie B

    Ronnie O'Sullivan on Novak Djokovic

    Censorship in the West has reached epidemic proportions.
  3. Bertie B

    At what point did Federer enter a higher tier than Sampras for you, if he indeed did?

    I never liked Sampras. However, for me it was at the end of 2006. Pete never had a season like that, yet Roger just did it for a second time.
  4. Bertie B

    Matches you feel that the better player lost?

    1999 FO final. Steffi was an error machine. Hingis had her beat, wasn't tired or anything but lost anyway.
  5. Bertie B

    The tournament that got robbed - Hamburg

    ^^Its spiritual. Apollo, Son of Zeus, is the Christ in the West. Ares, Son of Zeus, is Christ in the East. While misunderstood his actions are always just...and um, you can't punish the Savior.
  6. Bertie B

    Novak is done

  7. Bertie B

    Wimbledon Highlights, What Gives...

    Where are the highlight videos?
  8. Bertie B

    Wimbledon Highlights, What Gives...

    What the hell is going on on utube??
  9. Bertie B

    The United States Open Is Done With Celebrating Men's Tennis

    I know this. I guess after it's completion I expected the Freedom Tower to play a leading role as a city landmark, being the tallest in the nation. Instead all I hear is ... with views of Empire State Building.
  10. Bertie B

    The United States Open Is Done With Celebrating Men's Tennis

    Interesting how the Empire State Building is now THE skyscraper of NYC.
  11. Bertie B

    Will anyone care about Fedalovic's popularity in 30... 50 years from now?

    She didn't become Queen, but people still remember Diana, and it's been almost 30 years
  12. Bertie B

    Carlos will never be able to escape that loss yesterday

    Lleyton Hewitt. That was the opponent Federer had to overcome.
  13. Bertie B

    Carlos will never be able to escape that loss yesterday

    This was a bad omen for his future. It's what happened to FAA in 2022 - failed to seal the deal twice. It's also what happened to Martina Hingis - dominated in absence of Graf, when Steffi appeared for the official passing of the torch ceremony, Martina failed to take it from her. Like...
  14. Bertie B

    Ruud has history on his side to win Roland Garros 2023

    Is he playing better than Tsitsipas in 2021?
  15. Bertie B

    Not playing each other in over a year hurt Alcaraz

    No!! Alcacraz does not have the astrology to be a threat to Djokovic - the way Rafa was to Fed, Djoko to Rafa, Stan to Djoko, Seles to Graf, etc. He doesn't have it. The players who have it are lazy little girls, poodles in tutus - Stefanos Tsitsipas, Daniil Medvedev. Djokovic is a Gemini...
  16. Bertie B

    Happy Birthday Rafa

    Happy birthday, Rafa.
  17. Bertie B

    You know what really should P you off about Nadal's game and GOAT status?

    Rafa underachieved for sure. Fed had a few missed opportunities.
  18. Bertie B

    Why isn’t Agassi’s backhand considered better than Djokovic’s?

    Incorrect!! Djokovic had more ambition than Agassi, but Andre is the better player.
  19. Bertie B

    Simona Halep Unleashed - Breaks her silence on her ban

    She was rude to me at a local tournament here in, um, meh
  20. Bertie B

    Has Jim Courier come out of the closet yet?

  21. Bertie B

    Do you want to buy sunglasses branded by tennis pros?

    Where can I purchase Rublev Clothing?
  22. Bertie B

    Has Jim Courier come out of the closet yet?

    Still cringe the way he used to sing to Roddick
  23. Bertie B

    Where is Peng Shuai?

    So this wasn't a jilted ex lashing out?
  24. Bertie B

    Juan Martin Del Potro: "I will soon resume training"

    A Libra will always need the next paycheck badly.