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    Junior balls with what racket size

    My kid moved up from 25" a few months ago. But 26" are too light, and he'd move up to 27" soon anyways. So I bought him a 27" and improvised a buttcap (using an extra overgrip) that allows him to grip the racket 1" above the end of the handle. So effectively he has a heavy 26". I'll probably...
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    New players being put off

    Tennis needs a "bridge" sport that that newbs can play with each other, and even intermediates can play with newbs. I propose "base tennis", a pun on baseball. One player "pitches" into a limited target area. The other player tries to hit the ball into the other court for a point. As a...
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    Finding the grip

    The problem might be with how your fingers rest on the handle. You might want to slightly alter your grip for a more secure finger hold. For example, if you're trying to use a "perfect" SW grip (knuckle on bevel 4), your thumb and/or index finger may not have a stable resting point on the...
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    Best pro forehand to study

    Ana Ivanovic, for a non-ATP model.
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    Is there an optimal approach shot error percentage?

    The optimal error percent will depend on how good your opponent's passing shots are (positively correlated), how good your net game is (negatively correlated), and even how good your ground game is (negatively correlated).
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    Backhand slice wrist position

    I think his wrist position is pretty conventional in that it is radial deviation + extension. What makes his slice different from many other players is how much his elbow is bent. This position on the takeback may encourage more extension, however, whatever advantage Fed gets with bite on the...
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    The big 3 have three of the cleanest reputations among all-time great athletes

    Top tennis players make a ton of money through corporate sponsorships. They have a massive incentive to be squeaky clean.
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    One-handed backhand: index finger on strings?

    Finger-on-strings plays a huge functional role, mainly: 1. Spacing -- The fact that the finger cannot bend backwards much will encourage more space between the rackethead and the body. Many youtube videos as of late have been emphasizing the importance of body/racket spacing on the takeback...
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    Opinion on These Training Aids

    I'm thinking of buying at least one of the following for my kid. What's your take on any, or all, of them? Just to be clear, for the last three items, my main goal isn't strength and conditioning, but rather to habituate proper technique: A low stance, weight transfer and use of the legs. Of...
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    Why dont all amateur players have a professional level serve?

    Part of the reason is that most amateurs just want to have fun and play a game with another person. They'd be better off playing golf if they wanted to spend most of their time training alone.
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    One handed backhand ideal wrist position

    I would guess that this is where the flexing comes from, since it will help close the racket face. So I think moving to a more eastern grip would eliminate the flexing. Maybe try knuckle on the 1/2 edge.
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    One handed backhand ideal wrist position

    What kind of grip do you use? Maybe you're flexing as a way to angle the racket face downwards?
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    One handed backhand ideal wrist position

    Found it. It was Fundamental Tennis who made a video advocating extension plus radial deviation on the takeback.
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    One handed backhand ideal wrist position

    I remember one youtuber who advocated for wrist extension combined with radial deviation at the takeback. I can't seem to find that video now, though. Yet another guy said how he changes the amount of extension depending on the type of ball he wanted to hit.
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    What do 12U juniors need to work on?

    Nice. I've seen Ksenia on social media and I like her training videos. But watching her in a match for the first time, I'm disappointed how much noise she makes during, and between points. U12 kids should work on limiting the "come ons!" to 2-3 times per set.
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    What's the Role of Squat and Lift in the Neutral Stance Forehand?

    I see a lot of young players exaggerating the lift on this shot in practice, so I'm wondering about the mechanics about this shot. Why get low then rise up through the shot? (Edit: I'm referring to straightening the front leg through contact, thus elevating the body.) What is it supposed to...
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    Single handed backhand pro players with the LOWEST finish?

    Without checking, I'd say it's the players that rotate out the most that have the lowest finish. So either Wawrinka or Thiem. Based on this theory, Fed or Dimitrov should finish the highest.
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    Stop calling it footwork

    Btw, this debate about the relative importance of recognition vs. footwork could be illuminated by a test. Simply set up stationary targets (ball on traffic cone, Eye Coach, TopSpin Master, etc.), or even just drop feeding a ball. Have the student approach from different distances and...
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    Stop calling it footwork

    I think a lot of newbs would think "footwork" means speed. But anyone with familiarity with tennis knows its more than that. On this forum you're arguing against a strawman. Recognition is necessary, but not sufficient. Coming to a dead stop and planting your feet in the perfect position...
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    Working with multiple coaches?

    If by getting multiple coaches you are increasing your total instruction time, then most likely the benefits will far outweight the costs. Having said that, you should be a little more wary of advice given to an entire class, rather than you as an individual, especially when there's a mix...
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    Underhand serve etiquette in competitive recreational tennis

    Definitely not all underhanded serves are "trick shots", especially if expectations are set. In the past I often underhanded on second serves simply because my serve was unreliable. I would give my opponents forewarning, sometimes by telling them at the start of the match. Or other times, if...
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    Underhand serve etiquette in competitive recreational tennis

    I think that's the main problem. Ambiguity regarding when play commences is problematic, especially if there's no umpire. Granted, it would be funny to see someone toss the ball up, say, "sorry" and catch it, then immediately underhand it. Or perhaps the server makes a show of inspecting two...
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    How to feel the lagging weight of the racket head?

    By "open" I was referring to the racket face being perpendicular to the ground, rather than parallel to the ground.
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    Best pressureless balls

    There's an upside to Penns being rocks. When my kid started hitting with them, he complained that they rattled his racket if he was even slightly off center. His solution? Focus on hitting the ball in the sweet spot. So I got a few more dozen and we're sticking with them for now.
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    Drills for keeping head still and eye on the ball

    How do you communicate this with your students?
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    How to feel the lagging weight of the racket head?

    Maybe New Daddy's 11-year-old kid could use the advice. Long game for the win. As for feeling the lag, I can feel a much more pronounced lag when my racket face is open at the start of the forward swing. So perhaps OP was subconsciously altering his racket face orientation, which would...
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    Drills for keeping head still and eye on the ball

    Intuitive Tennis (youtube coach) argued against emphasizing the "still head." He thinks it can lead to insufficient shoulder turn, or something like that. He's made several videos about the pitfalls of copying Federer.
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    Is one-handed backhand more demanding physically?

    Yes, a more extreme grip will be more demanding. Typically, hitting with a more extreme grip requires getting lower to the ground, and/or turning the torso out more. I recommend an eastern grip where your knuckles are mostly aligned with bevel 1 (the top bevel at ball contact). If you tuck...
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    Is one-handed backhand more demanding physically?

    If it feels more demanding, I suspect there's a problem with your form. Do you use an extreme grip?
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    Racquets with Narrow Throats, Esp. for Juniors

    Anyone know of any current racquets with unusually narrow throats, especially if there's a 26" version? My kid has small hands and ends up holding the racquet low on the throat with his non-dominant hand. I'd like to encourage him to hold it higher, since I think that forms a better unit...