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    What to eat before 5 hours of play in the evening?

    Funny story, I ate about 3-4 dunkin donuts and played some of the best tennis of my entire life a few hours later. Not sure if there was correlation but I don't really want to be eating that all the time. I usually go for protein a few hours before hand and piece of fruit as I get closer...
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    Most cushioned shoes or good insoles for sore knees

    I spent a ton of money on all different kinds of tennis shoes and spent hours reading about and performing exercises/stretches. My advice, switch to clay/har tru and never look back to knee pain. Knee pain is now a thing of the past. And shoes last FOREVER.
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    Is there anything better than the Gel Resolutions?

    I absolutely hated my GR8s. Switched to diadora blusheild 5s and have been pretty happy. Just wish the toebox was a touch wider. I also have a couple pair of fly 2s and loved them but I pulled my calf terribly wearing them and I'm scared to go back. The mizunos would be absolute fav if I could...
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    Tight calf leading to problems

    I fought terrible PF for years. It was clearly due to a tight calf muscle but nothing seemed to help. Stretching only made me need to stretch more often to keep the pain at bay. I bought a boot that keeps your feet dorsiflexed while you sleep and my PF is like 80% better. It'd probably be 100%...
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    Wrist Pain

    Babolats have ALWAYS given me arm pain, perhaps they can also cause wrist pain? Also I highly recommend switching to a soft multifilament as you heal and probably stay away from polys in the future. My wife had intense pain in her wrist that didn't seem to heal even after 6 months of not picking...
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    Low compression balls?

    Does anyone ever train with low compression balls? A few days ago I was hitting on the court the pro had all the teaching baskets on. While taking a break I decided to mess around and have fun with those foam red balls used for kids. I found that unless I engaged all my muscles properly, the...
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    Spinfire Pro (v2) 2 Review

    Not sure about the cover. I store mine in either my basement or my car depending on temperatures. I'm not sure I would feel comfortable leaving something so expensive out in the elements, even with a cover.
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    Spinfire Pro (v2) 2 Review

    I wouldn't worry about a fast charger. I've had my pro 2 v2 for almost a year and have never worried about charging speed. The battery seems to last a few sessions. Every once in a while I plug the external battery in overnight.
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    Moving from VCORE Pro 97HD to VCORE 98.

    While I didn't make this exact switch, I dropped down in weight and increased headsize about 6-8 months ago. I went from dunlop 200 series to yonex vcp 310. I loved the classic feel of the racquet and hit well with it, but eventually my game suffered. Turns out I was using too much arm and not...
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    Overgrip for sweaty hands

    I usually use Wilson pro and am happy until temps start hitting 85+ at which point I switch to tournagrip. I got tired of tournagrip's poor durability and bought a few other highly recommended 3 packs to sample. They were all terrible in extreme heat and humidity compared to tournagrip. My most...
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    Need new sunglasses

    Just wanted to update anyone who is interested. I accidentally wore my Oakley prizm casual sunglasses for warmup one day and was shocked that it was actually easier to see the ball. Traditionally, I HATE sunglasses for tennis as it makes it harder to track the ball. But these lenses really make...
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    Spinfire Pro Jamming Negative Review Has Me Confused

    My spinfire has only ever jammed once in 6 months and the ball was soaking wet. I honestly felt like an idiot putting that ball in after it rolled in a deep puddle. I have zero issues so far and I've been using it at least once a week for the past 6 months. My only complaint is I now break my...
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    Should I use dampeners?

    Please use a dampener. I can't stand hearing all the high pitched pinging sounds of dampenerless racquets.
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    Diadora Speed Blushield 5 AG

    I definitely ordered some stuff from them to USA a few months ago. Shipped via DHL.
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    What are the lighter tennis shoes for wide feet?

    Im a big fan of diadora lately. The toe box seems to be the most comfortable for my wider foot. Although I haven't tried it, it might be worth it to try the speed competition.
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    Yonex VCORE 95 (2021) vs VCORE Pro 97 (2020)

    Although I don't have a vcore 95 , I have a 98 and Vcore pro 310. I've heard the 95 is quite a bit different than 98 but I can give a comparison of the 2 I have. Demoing both, I liked them so much, I couldn't decided between the 2 so I just bought them both. After a few months the vcore pro just...
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    Diadora Speed Blushield 5 AG

    I'm a huge fan of the fly 2s. I was going to try the fly 3s but was hesitant because I wasn't crazy about the styling and the lone review wasn't too good. I went with the Speed 5 but haven't tried it yet. I'm pleased with the fit at least. I think Diadora is on FIRE with their shoes. I have a...
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    Opinions on Babolat Jet Tere/Mach II shoes?

    I just bought a pair of mach 2s for clay. I too was interested in lighter shoes as I usually buy the heavy ones for support and cushion. I haven't actually used them yet cause I injured my calf pretty bad but I can comment on the sizing. The consensus is they run small/narrow. I will say that...
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    Worth it to learn sliding on clay?

    When I was in my teens I played on red clay a handful of times. I learned to slide very quickly, within a day or 2. I'm now playing on har tru after a number of years off from tennis, in my 30s and much less fit but still decent shape. I cannot for the life of me slide on har tru. It may be...
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    Hydrogen Sports PROTON

    Looks like the tsx has similar trunk dimensions to the tlx. The is350 is considerably smaller.
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    Hydrogen Sports PROTON

    If I had to guess, I would say no to those cars. But it completely depends on trunk height. I had a civic when I was in high school and felt like the trunk was pretty big and it could potentially fit. The IS would be like 50/50. I have not seen a rsx in many years but I would assume no chance...
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    Hydrogen Sports PROTON

    I can confirm that the spinfire v2 fits upright no problem in the trunk of my Acura Tlx sedan.
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    Why are these ball machines so obscenely expensive?

    I completely agree with this. I could NEVER imagine training with a phone in my pocket. It's just way too cumbersome. Also, it's impossible to stop the machine quickly when needed. I tend to stick to rallies no longer than 15-20 shots and really appreciate a remote that I don't even really need...
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    New ELSO Double Sock System

    I bought a pair of these and definitely like them. I'm not sure I'll buy more because it is a pain that one layer goes in my white laundry and the other goes in the darks. I should probably just get over it and throw the white sock in with the colors.
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    Rude to say "Match Point"?

    Next time say championship point
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    Differences between different brands of synthetic gut?

    Prince synthetic is one of my favorite strings of all time. The only reason I don't use it is because my local shop doesn't carry due to TW exclusivity. It has an amazing feel and is very gentle in the arm. An added bonus is it's pretty darn cheap.
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    Best ever of the Dunlop 200 series

    HM was da bomb! I've got a pair that I haven't used in a while because I keep reading about how unforgiving they are compared to modern racquets but I don't recall them being difficult to use. They had such amazing pop to em as I recall. I might have to revisit those beasts.
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    Best Pressureless balls for ball machines

    I've tried a bunch. Tretorns are the best. They have a realistic bounce (regardless of temperature) and similar enough feel to a new can off balls after months of almost daily use. I did get a sample of spinfire balls with my machine and they're pretty much equivalent in quality to tretorns...
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    Babolat & Yonex bags. Opinions?

    I loathe babolat racquets but some some reason I bought an 8 racquet bag about 10 years ago. It's still in phenomenal shape despite frequent use.