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    Nadal is now fluent in English

    Well obviously this means he must be juicing.
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    2013 Indian Wells Final: (5) Rafael Nadal vs (7) Juan Martin Del Potro

    Yep. I feel for the guy...but he's not down and out quite yet
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    Which Single Slam Win was the Greatest Achievement?

    Yep, I have to go with this as well.
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    Nadal withdraws from Miami

    Smart move by Nadal that we all saw coming. I'm sorry I can't add any extreme comments lauding or deriding this withdrawal, I just am not that devoted to or against Nadal (or Federer). Apologies.
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    2013 Indian Wells SF: [1] Novak DJOKOVIC vs. [7] Juan Martin DEL POTRO

    While Djokovic wasn't playing like he was at the AO, some people on here are exaggerating how "bad" he played. He played fairly well and was beaten.
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    How good are the klippermate

    I love my klippermate. Better string jobs right off the bat than any I had ever paid for. Stringing poly is easy. I think the notion that it is difficult on a klippermate is more hype than substance (just my opinion, of course).
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    2013 Indian Wells SF: [1] Novak DJOKOVIC vs. [7] Juan Martin DEL POTRO

    Woot! So happy DelPo won this. Excellent match.
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    Adidas Barricade II replacement?

    Wow. That is exactly the answer I was looking/hoping for. Thanks!
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    Adidas Barricade II replacement?

    I just ordered some barricade 7s to replace my barricade 2s. Interestingly, I found that the barricade 7 fit best in a 9.5 while my old barricade 2s are size 10. Has anyone experienced something similar? I have lower will be interesting to see how these new shoes work.
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    San Francisco Tennis Club Tourney's

    Thank goodness I go to a grad school in the bay area with superb courts/access. The private clubs around here sound terrible.
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    Stanford Men

    Yeah I'm also not seeing this. Lin needs to work on his consistency.
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    Cal Bears

    I should have reiterated I was talking about the Stanford team. I assume you're talking about the Cal team in the quote above.
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    Strung first racket (Klippermate/full bed BHBR) - one question

    If you think it would help, i can probably send you better pictures of the knot tying directions. But maybe it's not so much the directions as the execution during your first stringing?
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    Strung first racket (Klippermate/full bed BHBR) - one question

    Did you buy a used klipper w/o the manual?
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    Strung first racket (Klippermate/full bed BHBR) - one question

    Your second time stringing will be way easier, if I had to guess. I'm surprised you hated the knot tying. I'm seriously abysmal with knots, but I was thrilled with how easy the klippermate's suggested knots were, and I was using poly. What issues were you having with the knots? Directions? Stiff...
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    Strung first racket (Klippermate/full bed BHBR) - one question

    Played hard for a good amount of time with bhbr at 50/48. My shoulder feels great. Crazy to think the 55lb was so much harsher. I'm very happy that lowering the tension seemed to solve my biggest concern.
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    Has anybody used a shoulder compress after playing?

    Thanks for the feedback man. I too use the ice packs under the shirt approach. I think I might try a simple re-useable ace bandage to put a bit more pressure on it, provided your experience is typical.
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    Has anybody used a shoulder compress after playing?

    I'm curious whether or not anybody has used something like this: If so, what were your experiences? Do you have a model you prefer? I ice my shoulder after hitting, but I'm trying to add the...
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    Strung first racket (Klippermate/full bed BHBR) - one question

    Strung up bhbr at 50/48. String bed still feels surprisingly taut. I'll probably try 45/43 soon too. Playtesting the 50/48 tomorrow.
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    Cal Bears

    Stanford girls played well today. Outplayed Cal top to (almost) bottom. I wonder how many seasons the mens' team can disappoint before changes are made.
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    Is Berdych the least likeable player on Tour

    Truth be told I give the "least likeable" distinction to Djokovic. But we're all entitled to our own opinion, of course.
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    Strung first racket (Klippermate/full bed BHBR) - one question

    My shoulder hurt a bit today, which is really too bad because I absolutely loved hitting with bhbr. I have an unusual pain almost on the tip of my clavicle, which I noticed after icing. This particular pain may have been caused by overzealous icing (I massage with ice cups). First thing I...
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    Contest : Who is going to post the picture of the most amazing/exotic tennis court ?!

    Another in Dubrovnik: (temporary, and I'm sure you've seen it): There are also some red clay courts in Bačvice (neighborhood in Split) that are right by the sea. I'll try to see if I can find a better picture than google maps. Dalmacijooooooo!
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    Should Rafa turn into a 90's Spaniard ?

    This is what I would do if I were him. Strictly clay and grass.
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    Recommendations needed for a low powered, non-poly string

    I actually would steer clear of prince original syn gut. That stuff is way too springy for me.
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    Cal Bears

    Ugh. Why are we so terrible this year? Those who are more connected to the recruiting scene - is there hope for next year?
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    No-brand Tennis bags - would you buy one?

    Absolutely. Nope.
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    Strung first racket (Klippermate/full bed BHBR) - one question

    You know, a lot of posts say something to the effect of "the klippermate's string jaws can kink poly string." I actually didn't experience this to any concerning degree. It might put a mild bend in the string, but this disappears on the next pull, and I have a hard time believing the string is...