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  1. daggerman

    When did Djokovic's prime end?

    He won 3 slams last year. He's obviously still in his prime. He'll have exited his prime when he's no longer a top contender at slams.
  2. daggerman

    Defensive baseliners

    This can't possibly be true about a sport where every point begins with one player having the opportunity to serve the ball in a way that their opponent can't return. It's pretty clear that not allowing your opponent to return your serve is closer to optimal than allowing them to return your serve.
  3. daggerman

    Federer gen vs current gen

    Every player in column B obliterates every player in column A. It's a bit like comparing pros to NCAA players.
  4. daggerman

    Zina Garrison really messed with the GOAT debate

    OK, but Serena was better at tennis than every other player you named. So there's that.
  5. daggerman

    Alcaraz 2023 vs Bill Tilden 1921

    2015 Alcaraz beats 1921 Tilden
  6. daggerman

    Which slams would prime Andy Murray have won from 2017-2023?

    Depends. If he stayed healthy and kept improving to keep pace with an improving field, he could've won several, probably. If he played exactly like he played during his prime, maybe 1.
  7. daggerman

    The Big 3 at and after age 30: Revisited

    "Higher peak" just means "more forehand winners"
  8. daggerman

    Has Novak declined?

    The 2015 match was a sound victory, and I think that's representative of how most of the matches between 2023 Novak and 2019 Fed would go. There's nothing "sloppy" about that. You either agree or disagree.
  9. daggerman

    Has Novak declined?

    Whether being 1.05x better than somebody "counts" or doesn't count as "soundly beating them" is irrelevant, man. The point: tennis is a game of slim margins, Djokovic and Federer in general are basically evenly matched, Djokovic is probably a little better, the 2015 Wimbledon final is probably...
  10. daggerman

    Has Novak declined?

    Who said anything about being 2x better? This is professional tennis. Come on, now. By saying he'd beat him soundly most of the time, I'm saying he's something like 1.05x better.
  11. daggerman

    Has Novak declined?

    He's better at tennis to my eye in 2023. Simple as that. I think 2023 Djokovic beats 2019 Federer at Wimbledon soundly most of the time, but I also think 2023 Djokovic beats 2023 Alcaraz at Wimbledon soundly most of the time. I think 2019 Djokovic loses to 2019 Federer at Wimbledon at least half...
  12. daggerman

    Has Novak declined?

    I think whether he's better than the 2015 version is debatable, and I understand why somebody would think the younger version was better. However, I don't think there's a credible case to be made that the 2019 version was better than the current one. FWIW, my eye tells me he's better than...
  13. daggerman

    The Big 3 at and after age 30: Revisited

    That settles it! Fed's the best! Congrats to him.
  14. daggerman

    Will Djokovic his dominance over youngsters in 2024 as well?

    Your guess is as good as mine, but I think Novak will still be Novak next year. We might even see further (marginal) improvements in the areas in which he's improved over the last few years: serve, forehand, volleys, footwork. Whether he dominates will mostly be a question of how much his young...
  15. daggerman

    Djokovic: "The Novak of today is stronger than 10 years ago"

    Exactly. One of the reasons Stan fared well against Novak in slams was that Stan returned and defended just well enough to blunt Novak's offense. He didn't fare as well against the other Big 3 members because he couldn't touch Federer's serve, and he couldn't stay in points once Nadal started...
  16. daggerman

    Sinner has ascended to World #2

    I can assure you Arpad Elo was not a Djokovic stan.
  17. daggerman

    Djokovic: Competition much stronger now than five years ago

    There's a disconnect between fans and players on this topic. Fans look at it in terms of how resumes compare or what their eyes tell them when they watch on TV, whereas the players look at it from a perspective of how difficult it is to play against opponents. Novak says as much in that quote...
  18. daggerman

    Bold prediction: Djokovic will not lose any set in SF and F

    "Sinner couldn't beat the best player in the world twice in a 5-day span! What a joke!"
  19. daggerman

    Holger is looking good!

    I agree that Novak generally hasn't played his best tennis against Rune, but perhaps it's the best tennis he's capable of playing against Rune. For whatever reason, Rune has tended to serve much better than his usual level against Novak, and when he's serving like that, particularly on an indoor...
  20. daggerman

    Would Federer have been so dominant from 2003 to 2006 if more players had served and volleyed during that time?!

    He'd have been even more dominant. If SnV were a comparatively viable strategy against Fed during that time, more players would've done it.
  21. daggerman

    If the Federer era was weak, what was missing to make it strong?!..

    My point is that you can always warp the language about era strength to suit your purposes. In this scenario there's nothing stopping somebody from saying, for example, "Safin, Nalbandian, and Federer are winning all the titles now, but Federer and Nalbandian couldn't reach their prime until...
  22. daggerman

    If the Federer era was weak, what was missing to make it strong?!..

    The next generation being better than the previous one doesn't make the previous one "weak." The game is supposed to evolve in this way. The reality is Fed was awesome and ahead of his time.
  23. daggerman

    If the Federer era was weak, what was missing to make it strong?!..

    The era would've been stronger if Federer were a little worse at tennis
  24. daggerman

    Who has the better serve - Djokovic or Federer -and why

    Federer, because it's more precise, he disguised his toss better, and his kick second kicked more.
  25. daggerman

    Open Era Top 10 Ranking at Roland Garros

    Srdjan would put Novak over Nadal. I think you're right about Novak himself, though.