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    Head G360 Radical Oversize NITE Limited Edition

    I've been playing this for the last few months and can confirm that, for me, this is a superb racquet. I previously played the bumblebee and the Twintube. Loved them both but felt the feel was a little muted for me - and i think that made me feel like i wasn't quite getting the pop i wanted...
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    The Official Angell Users Club

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    Racquet after DR98 ...?

    For me the Ezone 98 lacks the feel that the DR98 provides, and plays much stiffer. The Vcore 98 is somewhere in between the two. It may take a few goes to get the string and tension combination right on these. For me YY PTP 1.25 at 48 worked well in the VC98.
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    Moving on from my Wilson Ultra Tour, looking for suggestions

    I have gut-poly in my UT, plus a little lead at 3 and 9, and it works.
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    Prestige Pro vs Phantom Pro 100p

    Prestige P vs P100P. Both are thin beamed players racquets with an open string pattern. For me the Prestige offers more pinpoint control but with a smaller sweetspot and less spin. It has a relatively "modern" feel - so feels stiffer than the specs suggest. The P100P has quite a large sweetspot...
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    From a prince tour 100t to a yonex racquet i need help

    +1 for this analysis
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    Heavy racquets

    I've recent picked up a Head Radical Twin Tube OS - the "zebra". Despite being such a large head i'm finding that the stability offered combined with 18/19 pattern and 58RA gives me a very high level of consistency without losing control. For example it allows me to play a "block" defensive shot...
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    Need ideas to replace 350g Yonex DR98, striving for more connected feel.

    Ok. Well there are too many racquet options to go over, but it makes sense to mention the newer Ezone 98 305. This has a generally stiffer lay-up so perhaps demo that and see if you prefer the feel?
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    Need ideas to replace 350g Yonex DR98, striving for more connected feel.

    Feel is such a subjective concept that it's difficult to give advice. If the racquet si simply too dampened for you then steps such as a skin feel grip, or a stiffer string, might help you. On the other hand if you mean that you can't get the "touch" shots right (e.g drop shots) then gut mains...
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    Head LiquidMetal Radical OS

    Thanks! Can you tell me if the mold changed for the LM? More particularly was it the same as the TiRadical (and i understand the "new" anniversary OS), or different?
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    Head Radical OS Ltd users

    I've recently invested in the Zebra. It has a plush feel which reflects the combination of twaron and stiffness of 58RA. I am interested in how the new 25 anniversary version plays at 64RA so if any more people have comments on that do respond here. Also: was the original TiRadical OS 320g -...
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    Wilson Ultra Tour (Monfils)

    UT for me is an excellent racquet. With a little lead at 3 and 9, and a gut-poly set up, you get a highly predictable response with a plush feel and uniform flex across the frame. I have very high levels of control but also the ability to flatten out for faster court penetration. It’s not a...
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    Head LiquidMetal Radical OS

    How can you tell if they are MIA or China?
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    Prince Phantom 93P 14x18 vs 18x20... let's discuss.

    I think the problem may be that when a player misses with a tweener they accept it as a bad shot, but when a player misses with a mid, they decide they wouldn't have missed with a tweener, and the racquet must go. Difficult to get the Tweener Devil off the shoulder.
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    Similar rackets to the Dunlop Aerogel 300 4D

    I loved that Dunlop. Fantastic stick. Try the Angell K7 Red. Not the same, but there is heritage there. The Angell reminds me of the Dunlop but makes the game easier.
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    Prince 93P 14x18 on TW

    I wish i hadn't opened this thread and watched that video review. This really looks like a frame that is unique in the market right now. I'm not sure i've seen a playtest where all the players seemed to hit such high quality shots consistently in terms of arc, depth and spin. Really seems to be...
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    Comparison Ezone DR 98 - Phantom Pro 100P

    I didn’t
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    Comparison Ezone DR 98 - Phantom Pro 100P

    Very different frames. You need to try both to really appreciate the difference. 100P has that box beam feel which gives the impression of being more solid even at lower flex. Produces a very spinny ball but the control and pop are there if you put the right strings in it. DR98 is more modern...
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    Angell K7 Lime - ergonomic butt cap?

    Quite surprised to see that Angell have put silicone in the handle. I din't think they did that.
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    Yonex VCORE series 2018

    This is interesting. I am demo'ing the VC98 at the moment and would be interested to know how the Ezone 98 compares. Also the Ezone 100 should any of you have played it.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    We look forward to the update. Have you played the Ezone line (98/100)? I'd be interested in a comparison between those and the ASL, if you can.
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Good! Now this begs the question: when is the ASL out again? :-)
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    This is an outrage. :-)
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    Did you hit tonight? How did it go?
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    The Official Angell Users Club

    When on court?
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    New Angell: ASL3!

    The SW will be c315 strung which is not far off the "norm" for most tweeners. The idea is that you gain the power and spin by swinging faster and combining that with the stiffer frame. Having enquired i've ascertained that the ASL has more in common with the TC100 line than the K7 line. That...
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    Yonex Vcore SV 98+ Reviews please

    If you look at the TW Uni "hitting weight" stats these 2 are almost identical:
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    VCore 98 vs VCore Pro 97 vs DR 98 vs ...

    For me the VCore 98 is more of an all round racquet than the VCore Pro 97. I actually prefer the DG 97 to the VCP 97 which is something of a disappointment for me. The VC98 on the other hand seems to sit nicely between the lines, and does everything well. And that's a problem as i recently...
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    Technifibre Tfight 305 XTC

    I have done that, thanks. Often these are very early playing impressions, so i was swondering if anyone had a longer test to report on.
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    Technifibre Tfight 305 XTC

    I have seen the "2018" thread on the new TFs but there are not many reviews on it on this racquet. Can anyone provide some insight into how it plays for them, and what it compares and contrasts to? Many thanks.