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  1. xFedal

    Well it was a great run Nadal. 2nd greatest career of all time

    Sinner and Alcaraz are great to watch, Sinner is having a an amazing season right now, also Sinner is matching Peak Nole and Peak Fed with 55.8% total points won for the season so far CRAZY numbers.
  2. xFedal

    Clay to expose Sinner false dawn? (Sinner 2024 vs Fed 2004)

    So Carlos will surpass Noles Clay career by end of Carlos Career?
  3. xFedal

    It's Been 9 Years. But Our Djoker Is On A Mission To Win Monte Carlo!

    He doesn't look determined or really motivated, he's far from his best.
  4. xFedal

    Clay to expose Sinner false dawn? (Sinner 2024 vs Fed 2004)

    Sinner is playing as if he's a level above ATGs he's playing as if he's the GOAT, 94.1% hold and 31.4% break. 94% HOLD impossible for Federer, Sampras, Novak to reach.
  5. xFedal

    Sinner holding serve like peak KARLOVIC and returning serve like peak FEDERER

    SINNER STATS FOR 2024; TOTALS Match Tiebreak Ace% 1stIn 1st% 2nd% Hld% SPW Brk% RPW TPW DR [x] Time Span: 2024 25-1 (96%) 3-2 (60%) 8.1% 61.5% 79.9% 60.0% 94.1% 72.2% 31.4% 41.6% 56.2% 1.50 What are your thoughts on this? I think Sinner should have a special year this year and I would...
  6. xFedal

    Djokovic News

    while Novak is currently converting 40.2% break points (saving 65.1%), Sinner is at super strong 44.8% (tour leading), Sinner is saving an EXTRAORDINARY 80.5% break points (tour leading), this makes it extremely hard to break his serve. Nobody has shown such clutchness and firmness simultaneously .
  7. xFedal

    Clay to expose Sinner false dawn? (Sinner 2024 vs Fed 2004)

    TOTALS Match Tiebreak Ace% 1stIn 1st% 2nd% Hld% SPW Brk% RPW TPW DR [x] Time Span: 2024 24-1 (96%) 3-1 (75%) 8.2% 61.7% 79.5% 59.6% 93.8% 71.9% 32.4% 42.0% 56.2% 1.49 sinners stats for 2024, superior to Any of Peak Feds or Peak Nole yearly stats. Just look at the serving numbers and return...
  8. xFedal

    Djokovic News

    Mac has 3, Djokovic won 7 YECs. Fed has 6, Pete 5, Lendl 5. .
  9. xFedal

    Djokovic News

    Macs won 3 WTFs Novak has 7 man. Connors how many WTFs does he have? Exactly. Not even close.
  10. xFedal

    Jim Courier and Nick Kyrgios - Novak is THE BEST athlete in the world

    Correct, he is the best athlete alive.
  11. xFedal

    Djokovic News

    Djokovic might be the greatest Indoor player ever, 7 YEC and 7 paris masters.
  12. xFedal

    Who will have a better 2024 Season?

  13. xFedal

    What do you want to be your legacy?

    Nothing can stop Sinner from lifting the trophy on Sunday, slight chance to Carlos.
  14. xFedal

    Jannik Sinner is the first man to reach the final of the ATP Finals undefeated before the age of 23 since 2003.

    The last man to do it? Roger Federer. Walking a legendary path.
  15. xFedal

    Novak Djokovic's players' association gains momentum three years after creation

    If PTPA Novak and Pospisil get the Saudis involved ATP will start to bend over to demands.
  16. xFedal

    Alcaraz won’t win a USO summer series event in ‘23

    how did u know though? What sign did u see in Alcaraz that he won't win Rogers/Cincy/USO?
  17. xFedal

    Sampras+Agassi vs. Djokovic

    Djokovic does the best in any era, 90s he crushes everyone or any other era. Just like he did 2010-2019.
  18. xFedal

    Sampras+Agassi vs. Djokovic

    Djokovic is better than Aggasi + Pete . 24 > 22......
  19. xFedal

    Majoring at minors meme... Backfired so badly...

    Gary whats the read on Novaks games/won loss, how is he winning 3 slams a year? 60% games won ?
  20. xFedal

    2004-2009, 2011-2016, and 2018-2023 Competition Compared Purely with Data

    Might have to do bigger numbers if Novak continues winning slams in 2024, then Fed 04-10 Novak 11-16 and 2018-2024? Is Djokovic 2023-2024 competiton getting tougher ? playing Carlos in multiple slams, avenging 2021 USO final defeat to Med at USO23?
  21. xFedal

    Can Alcaraz achieve 10 YE No 1 ?

    Wait what? Roddicks owns whom? Are you talking about 5-4? surely your not taking about that cos there was a retirement, retirement aided h2h.
  22. xFedal

    Can Alcaraz achieve 10 YE No 1 ?

    More dominant than Federer and Djokovic? 237 weeks at no.1 6 slams in 2years, 8 slams in 3 years? 23 consecutive semis? 36 consecutive quarters? 18/19 finals? I haven't even got to Djokovic yet.
  23. xFedal

    Agassi USO 2005 vs Djokovic USO 2023

    It was a very good Federer no doubt, but I saw Djokovic put in a very determined effort to get the win in 2023 USO!! He has shown this 3 others previously.
  24. xFedal

    Agassi USO 2005 vs Djokovic USO 2023

    I say Djokovic in 5, though I do think 36 old Nole would play a little differently to the 28 year old Nole but I think Djokovic outlasts federer IMO
  25. xFedal

    Agassi USO 2005 vs Djokovic USO 2023

    No I think the 36 year old Djokovic can hang with the 33 year old Federer of 2015 in my opinion.
  26. xFedal

    Agassi USO 2005 vs Djokovic USO 2023

    what do u base this on? That Fed was in great from in 2015 that’s why he beats Novak? I don’t think he would IMO.
  27. xFedal

    Top 5 all time if we assume that the YE #1 matters more than Slams

    Some of Gonzales years are disputed, where as Djokovic doesn’t have any disputed years as No.1?