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    Not bad for a washed up 30 y.o.

    Huh? I don't think you get the joke dude!
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    Not bad for a washed up 30 y.o.

    I know, just taking a swipe at all the rubbish that's been said time and time again on these boards by the talentless babies who adorn these pages
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    Not bad for a washed up 30 y.o.

    The post says it all, i say eat humble pie all you doubters and haters lol
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    Real reason Federer loses in slams is the undeniable fear of his torturer Nadal

    Yeah, look at how many tournies Fed has won that Rafa couldn't even get to the final lol
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    Hold your horses: Nadal still has Federer's number

    I wonder what the H2H would be if Rafa didn't bomb out in tournaments that Fed won? lol
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    I thought that the ATP Final was 3 out of 5 sets?

    Yeah, i was wondering the same thing!
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    Embarrassing WTF for Roddick

    At the end of the day, he's just not good enough
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    AO curse

    A lot of players in the 70's and 80's eg. mcenroe, didn't even bother to come downunder knowing it would wreck the rest of their year!!!!
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    Comparing Federer and Nadal's First 9 Grand Slams

    And your point is........?
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    Murray: Please stop talking him up!!

    By the way, where is "spider" and his "start of the Murray era" ??
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    Murray: Please stop talking him up!!

    Sorry dude, but no-one remembers 2nd place. So yes, compared to the hype he gets, he's nowhere.
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    Murray: Please stop talking him up!!

    I'm getting sick of people talikng him up, favourite this, best player that, blah blah blah, and yet when it comes to Slams he's nowhere!! Please, cut it out!! Get a reality check guys!!
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    Zvonereva swears at box after match point!!

    Sorry dude, but she definitely says it, i replayed it many times. She was definitely aiming her outburst at someone female in her box, who could it have been?
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    Zvonereva swears at box after match point!!

    Zvonereva looked up at her box after match point and clearly said ''f*ck you b*tch. I have replayed it many times and she definitely says it. Did anyone else see her say it, i was absolutely astounded, i wonder who she said it to? Comments?
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    Luxilon Adrenaline: Anyone using it?

    I tried it the other night in my recently purchased nPro Open, it played great, good control and mid power level which is perfect for me, i like it!! Also, the nPro Open is a great stick, much better than the Babolat's i had in the past. The Wilson has no tinny, hollow feel like the Pure...
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    Luxilon Adrenaline: Anyone using it?

    I've just switched to Adrenaline, anyone on these boards using it? Feedback would be appreciated, thanks.
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    Luxilon Adrenaline 16 String >>

    Yes, Adrenaline is a great string, and Luxilon is the best string period. If Luxilon was cheaper, everyone would use it.
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    Andy Murrays real raquet

    Write RACQUET 1000 times and don't forget it, sheesh!
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    The start of the Murray era

    He may be the favourite, on paper, but he'll choke in the Slams as usual.
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    Close-up vids of the new dunlop frames

    Wow, how exciting..........:(
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    Federer photoshopped!!

    Lighten up dude! Creepy!
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    What happened to Gulbis at FO and Wimby?

    Americans seem to have a lot of hate goin'on?
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    What happened to Gulbis at FO and Wimby?

    I'll reserve my opinion of him till after USO.
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    What happened to Gulbis at FO and Wimby?

    Did he play? There was so much hype about him?
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    Rate my serve!!

    Get rid of the Prestige for a start, someone of your skill level should use a more forgiving stick, try a Pure Drive or an Aero Drive. And yes, you need to bend your knees.
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    Update on my last post - DIII College Tennis Video

    You've got some serious racquet spinning goin' on there.....
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    They are called GSF, not GOAT!!!

    Do you realise what samboy is a derogatory term for?
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    Can Nadal ever be GOAT if he doesn't win USO?

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    Federer must make the switch or he will descend even more

    So true, most people on these boards can't play, so they talk this crap instead.