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    Tabilo - in the nextgen mix

    Man, I am loving this guy's game. Great feel, fundamentals, great mover. To me he seems like a threat to reach the quarters on any surface. This guy has broken through. <popcorn>
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    Wilson Blade V9 18x20 - strings and tension

    OP I will give you some data points. I am 4.5 - 5.0 NTRP for your reference. I strung my v9 18x20 blade at 50 lbs with ALU power 1.25 for high 40s - low 50s T temps. Still felt good in 70s F temps. Also strung it with prince nylon 15L at 55 lbs. It felt good too. Better touch than with poly but...
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    Wilson Blade V9 - Vibrations? tennis elbow and shoulder? Lead tape solutions?

    In my v9 18x20 play test I used ALU power 1.25 strung at 50 lbs and this was for around high 40's F. I could have have strung it tighter but it was a good middling tension. No pain no discomfort. For your case OP it is probably bad technique. Rest up and try again? One of my playing partners has...
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    Looking for a new frame

    For more control generall go with a softer frame and/or tighter string pattern (or string bed). I posted this in a few other threads for people asking similar questions... General algorithm: 1. Demo frames of various stiffness while trying to stick to one head size. 2. Try to use the same syn...
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Nice hitting Kevin.... your opponent has legs of stone lol....
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    Wilson Ultra v4 vs Ezone 100?

    Multi your main or poly your main string? maybe switch to multi as your main/poly as a cross for a bit more power. You can also add a bit more weight to the frame. Generally, it is best to have at least 2 of the same frame. I posted this in another thread: General algorithm: 1. Demo frames of...
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    I need help on finding my new racket

    demo frames 64ra and softer
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    Wilson Blade V9 2024

    sam - did you add weight to the butt cap area too? makes a big difference. I found that the v8 and v9 were the best returning frames I've used, though I suspect that 58 and 59ra frames may be even better if enough weight is added. Soft and very controlled. I never hit with a v5 but it is the...
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Richard, I am not a long time blade user, but I certainly put the line up there among the top 3. I play with the v8 and v9 but I also have a few v6s with cv. I don't use dampeners anymore and though v6 and v9 feel most muted they are fine. Now to me the v6s are like "power" frames lol. The v8...
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    Wilson Blade V9 2024

    ALU 1.25 at 52 lbs in the 70s-80s F works well. If you have 5.0 racquet head speed I recommend 54 or 55 lbs. From my play test I found the v8 to be roughly similar to the v9 but thought the v9 to be very, very slightly more muted. I don't use dampeners anymore. Power level is about the same...
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    Help with grip/overgrip size

    OP, just try and see if you can play with the various set-ups. The optimal one should have you slipping/twisting the least. Wrist turn is easier with a smaller grip but you also will give up stability. A squishy thick grip may also make your shots imprecise. I generally aim for 3-4 mm gap...
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Gave a lesson but played again today. I forgot to change my prince OG on my cx 200 tour 18x20 and it was getting slippery. I think I've had this on since January. Yeah my hands don't really emit much sweat lol. After an hour of hard hitting and becoming a bit tired, my usual partner and I begin...
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    Weight in relation to Grip size

    Target specs are just that. Due to manufacturing tolerances the bigger the grip the heavier (albeit slightly) the frame. But generally, don't sweat it. If you like a frame get the size that fits you. TW frame matching services are pretty good. Having said that Wilson (ok, some china contract...
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    How did you know your racquet was the one?

    General algorithm: 1. Demo frames of various stiffness while trying to stick to one head size. 2. Try to use the same syn gut string since cheap strung at mid tension. If not, realize that different strings at different tensions make a big difference. 3. Identify the most powerful frame that you...
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Went 1-2 in 10 point tie breaks today in an abbreviated session. Started with my usual junk baller high/low game and was ahead 9-6 but frickin' lost 14-12. Such a bummer. Then made an effort to hit out more and be more prepared for my opponent's great lobs (he does this half the time I come to...
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    Maximum number of frames of same model you have ever had at one time?

    disagree guttersnipe... well, depending on where one plays. I think a lot of us play in locales with temperature variation year round. Maybe if you live near the equator (and it is balls hot just about every day or even every night!), then maybe you only need 2 or maybe 3 frames in case 1 or 2...
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    250g. tennis racquet for 9yo boy? Please advise if it is the right choice.

    Your kid can use the longest frame that doesn't touch the ground when swung AND for the swing not to be late. I think for junior frames the RA is 60-64 but swing weight is more relevant. This is effected by the length. Your kid might even be able to use 26" junior frame. Have him swing both 25...
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Split sets in dubs a few days ago. One of my opponents hit an overhead and hit me in the eye after the bounce and ricocheting off my frame. I guess he hit with some slice argh...Feared for my eyesight, but after a minute laying on the ground my eye was ok but teary. My partner served out the set...
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    Maximum number of frames of same model you have ever had at one time?

    I feel like 10 should be a good number to have if one is going to play them for at least 4-5 years. Else 3 or 4 is the minimum. I have more than 10 of UT/UP in varying grip sizes and 10 cx 200 tour 18x20.
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    Dunlop/Srixon 95" official player's frame thread

    High 70s today and the string job still plays well. I don't detect any super bounciness or erratic string pattern with the 50/53/56 custom tension I have deployed. I get loads of spin and lots of control and pretty excellent slice. I lost all three tie breaks today in singles however. I need to...
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Had a mixed session today with instances of carelessness and nervousness. Swapped between the Blade v8 and the cx 200 tour both 18x20. The Dunlop was strung at a higher tension relatively speaking and today is 16F colder. 48F when we started so I switched to the Blade mid-set down 2-4. Came back...
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    Dunlop/Srixon 95" official player's frame thread

    Nice Modal... 53F today and the CX 200 Tour 18x20 strung at 50/53/56 still plays well. I do think that the slipperiness of poly is optimal for Spring, Summer, Autumn play.
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    Diary of a Racketaholic

    Fed Kennedy - I lived in Hollywood Hills years ago. I'll hit you up next time I am in town. As for play lately I got trashed by my main playing partner. Lost all 5 tie-breaks the other night and it wasn't even close. I was fatigued and had many lapses of focus.... ugh. Played with both cx 200...
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    How high can a kick serve kick if a kick serve could kick high?

    I would venture to guess higher than one is tall lol... But equipment matters a lot Sampras only served with an 85 head size. Meanwhile Federer used a 97. Unless you were comparing them when Federer was also using an 85. Plus Sampras never had poly to work his magic with.
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    Mother needs a new racquet. Need ideas.

    I would suggest some 100 frame like the Ultra 100L with medium flex. Prince ATS 100, Blade 100, Yonex vcore 100 maybe the Dunlop CX 200. Maybe try a hybrid syn gut/poly for more control or full syn gut or multi. She sounds like she can actually play (well).
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    The Frame Game

    Funny thread! I think what would be even better is if you force your opponent to use whatever variety of frames that you yourself have brought! As such, the T2000, T5000, and a bunch of wood racquets would come into play. Haha...
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    Dunlop/Srixon 95" official player's frame thread

    Strung up one of my CX 200T 18x20s with kbaum max power 1.20mm at 50/53/56 lbs, and it played well in 64F temps. That is 50 lbs throughout the string bed except 53 lbs for the 6th cross from the top and 56 lbs for crosses 1-5 from the top. I have largely negated the more open pattern towards the...
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    Hardest string material, least notching, different from string stiffness?

    Luxilon 4G is what you may want. Super stiff and holds tension great. I would suggest installing this in a softer frame, however. This string last me a good two months of playing 4x a week after which it became too loose for me to maintain control. 18x20 frame. I prefer the kbaum max power...
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    Dunlop/Srixon 95" official player's frame thread

    I have a Max 200g Hotmelt 95. The feel is unsurpassed. This frame caused me to buy the Revo cx 2.0's ( Kevin Anderson's frame) and the 2021 CX 200 Tour 18x20s which I am still playing with.