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    RDX500 user, but can't solve a problem....

    I'm using RDX500 MP from 6 months, I'm 3.5 baseliner player with a 2HBH and a western FH. I've improved my game with this frame except for my forehand: good for service, good comfort for my arms, very good 2HBH but I've hard problem with my FH that with my old PS Classic 6.1 was my best stroke...
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    Some images from Rome

    The EXIF data are unavailable cause of "saving for web" command in Photoshop CS2. The resize/compression was done in CS2 initially cause I emailed pictures to my friends, than I've shared for you. All the photo was taken by my Canon 10D. The lens was a Tamron 28-75mm, ISO between 200-400 and...
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    Some images from Rome

    Sure, diegaa! I try with my english... Acasuso played a good game and Ferrer was defeated by his nerves nothing more; 1° set the macht was head to head, with acasuso going a lot to the net taking many 15. Ferrer was very disappointed with the people looking at the macth (a lot laughing José...
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    Some images from Rome

    Today I was in action! If you are interested have a look at: Regards from Rome, International Masters Series. Francesco. :eek:
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    Spin Racquets

    Monster spin are rdx500 MP, o3 tour, aeropro drive. Rdx is the best cause o3 isn't very stable and solid (fast balls but not heavy), aeropro too powerfull (almost difficult hit on court) and stiff. Still I've noticed rdx is the best for spin as regards as others 2 maybe cause you can hit very...
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    How long will multifilament last?

    It still depends from string pattern and sweetspot size. I'm not a string breaker even if I play with heavy topspin and I mount always tecnifibre multis: on my PS 6.1 95" 16x18 it last 30h, on babolat PD 100" 16x19? it last 20h. But I play always on clay and the strings last more on this surface.
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    Opinions on some multi: power and softness

    Could you tell me the difference you've found in power and softness? Tecnifibre X-One biphase Tecnifibre 515 Babolat Xcel Wilson NXT Yonex 850 pro spin Isospeed Control (is it a multi?) Your power/softness order? The strings are for a Yonex RDX500 MP.
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    RDX 500 MP vs Ncode 6.1 95?

    I've the same doubt as you. Maybe I'll go with rdx500 mp cause of the larger sweetspot and the extra control that are very important for me playing only on clay. I haven't played with ncode 6.1 but I play with old ProStaff Classic 6.1 and demoed the yonex and read others opinions. Imho should...
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    What racquet do you use?

    Wilson PS Classic 6.1 Switching to ncode 6.1 or Yonex Rdx500 MP
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    Prestige MP vs Ncode 6.1 95 vs RDX500 MP for a 3.5?

    FINAL ROUND Yonex RDX500 MP vs Ncode 6.1 16x18 Very sad that I can't demo ncode, so you may help me in my decision. I'd like to know the power/control of ncode as regards as rdx. Ok, it's more powerful frame, but is ncode closer to APD-O3's power or closer to Rdx's power? Rdx MP fits my...
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    what to do . . .

    Demo some models and if you find one that is wonderful for you, then buy it!
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    Prestige MP vs Ncode 6.1 95 vs RDX500 MP for a 3.5?

    I think the problem I've experienced on Prestige is caused by the shop where I've taken the racket for demo: on the head of racquet there was a plastic protection that changed the balance: so it seamed to me it was very headheavy, and the swingweight very very high. FH and Kick Service very...
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    Prestige MP vs Ncode 6.1 95 vs RDX500 MP for a 3.5?

    The RDX500 MP is an awesome racquet! Strung at 57lbs it has incredible control, good feel (I'd say the Classic feel), only a bit underpowered but generate very heavy balls also if is not an heavy racquet, finally is a spin monster! Only service isn't very consistent (maybe lead can help). I'm...
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    Is the O3 an arm friendly racquet?

    I've demo'd O3 Tour, Head FLX Tour, LM Prestige MP, Yonex RDX500 MP, Pure Drive, PS Classic 6.1 and I can say O3 is n#1 in arm comfort (also with hybrid ProHurricane mains syngut crosses @58). It plays like a <60 stiffness.
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    Looking for a MP that plays Bigger

    I think the O3 tour's power is similar to Babolats power like APD and PD. But with an O3 Tour you can go over 58-60 without problem, with stiffer frame like Bab you can't. If an O3 Tour strung 62# is too powerful for you maybe you've to demo the RDX500 MP.
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    O3 Tour real static balance

    Where are all people that purchased an O3 Tour? UP
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    Which racquet in Your opinion has the best combination of spin and arm friendliness?

    I've played with: RDX 500 MP: the best control, low power, stability, comfort AeroPro Drive: good power, still control, stability, lacks comfort, the best for 2hbh due to balance Prince O3 Tour: muted feel, the best comfort, good power, lacks solidity against big hitters and the sw is very low...
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    O3 Tour real static balance

    I've an O3 Tour and the balance is 31,1cm strung with ProHurricane 17g mains and Iso-speed control 16g, 31,1cm=12.24inches, so it's 9,5-10pts HL without dampners or overgrip or lead tape. Is this a model with construction problems? How are yours? In accord with O3's Tw review the balance point...
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    Pure Storm or Pure Control MP?

    Sorry, I've read Pure storm MP that is 67.
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    Pure Storm or Pure Control MP?

    Pure storm is stiff! If you want control and strung at >58 could have serious elbow problem! I'd go with Pure Control
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    5 grams of lead making a difference

    I've to tell you a question here: Adding 6grams at 3-9 o'clock (3grams +3grams): how many pts change the balance? About 1-2 or 3-4?
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    Prestige MP vs Ncode 6.1 95 vs RDX500 MP for a 3.5?

    I've now the RDX500 on my hands. Tomorrow I'll try this stick on court. I'm happy that the balance is 7pts HL strung (my 2HBH is problematic with racquets>8pts HL or with not enough weight on head). In general how many grams you have to add for change balance from 10 to 7 pts HL (supposed at...
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    5 grams of lead making a difference

    I seem that my 2hbh suffers too HL racquets. Is it true? For example: 2hbh good with: PD, APD, LM Prestige MP cust. 6pts HL, LM Rad MP 2hbh a bit problematic with: PS Classic 6.1 (11pts), O3 tour (mine is 10.5pts HL :( ), Ncode 6.1 95.
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    Anyone have arm problems with Tour o3?

    I'm prone to TE, I've played with O3 Tour last month and I must say this is the most comfortable frame ever (And the stringbed was hybrid Poly mains/Multi crosses @58!). I've experienced TE with PD, FLX Rad Tour and a Prestige MP (maybe for the stiff stringbed 18x20 and for a headheavy...
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    elbow problems w/ babolat's

    I'm prone to TE using some frames with some strings. I'm 27, 3.5 and play on clay with a 6.1 PS Classic (72 stiffness). Some models I've played with: My brother's PD team std multi@58 > give me strong TE PS Classic 6.1 multi@60> don't give me TE Head FX RAD Tour syngut@58 > give me TE...
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    Prestige MP vs Ncode 6.1 95 vs RDX500 MP for a 3.5?

    I've demoed the prestige mp, this is a good frame but very demanding for me, no power and too stiff cause of 18x20 stringbed (now I've pain on arm). Tomorrow I'll go taking the Yonex RDX500 MP. I expect good things about it, seems perfect in the specifications, very similar to O3 tour but I hope...
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    Prestige MP vs Ncode 6.1 95 vs RDX500 MP for a 3.5?

    I've to add some informations: I play mostly red clay courts, baseline player, topspin and some flat winners. (Here in Italy usually in a club you can find 20 courts on clay and 1 on hard, nothing grass). I'll spend only 2 hours to demoing eachone racquets in 1) and in this few time I could not...
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    Prestige MP vs Ncode 6.1 95 vs RDX500 MP for a 3.5?

    My situation: switching from PS Classic 6.1 to a modern racquet, 3.5 semi-western grip, 2HBH. Bought a Prince O3 Tour 2 months ago and broken last week (I was a bit nervous). I like O3 Tour but all my strokes was very difficult to control cause I seem this frame without a minimum of stability...
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    RDX500 MP vs Diablo MP

    I think both are good spin racquets and seems well balanced. Maybe the rilevant difference is in power, a lot more powerfull the RDX500 MP.